Monday, April 30, 2018

What do you need to believe to not run screaming off a high cliff right now?

You see, most people ask: "Do I believe that there is a God or not?"

This is actually a really stupid question because most people couldn't definitively find the answer to this question in the first place.

And then if they did they would get all caught up in: "What kind of God is it? How big a God is it? Where is God? Can I meet God? or Am I a son or daughter of God? and Who is everyone else in the universe?

These are simply not the right questions.

Unless you ask a useful question like:

"What do I need to believe in to not run screaming and jumping off a 1000 foot cliff right now?" 

Because unless you stay alive all these questions are only stupid in the beginning in the middle and in the end.

So, unless you make a choice to stay alive and not kill yourself in a fit of peak none of this matters at all!

So, remember this!

"What do I need to believe to stay alive so that if there is a God I can know him, her the Being?"

This is an actually useful question to actually ask.

And if you don't ask this question first you very well might be dead and all the other questions become meaningless and moot in the first, middle and in the end of every concept.

So, first find a way to stay alive and after you find a useful way to stay alive, then ask all the other questions you want. But, if you don't stay alive "What's the point?"

By God's Grace

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