Friday, April 27, 2018

We seem to be moving into an era when partisanship kills more and more

It reminds me a lot of the late 1930s and early 40s in World War II when partisanship and Fascism killed 100 million people in the end worldwide.

This is kind of how it all began that we are witnessing now in partisanship left and right in this country as well as throughout the world. When Fascism rears it's ugly head, human rights end like they are in many countries especially for minorities in those countries.

Putin is laughing his ass off at us. All he has to do is to create enough fake news on both the left and the right on places like Facebook  to keep us from joining together as one nation again.

Right now, for Putin the active words are: "Divide and Conquer".

It is by sowing fake news to both the right and the left that you conquer America. Remember that!

If we let him and other countries do this we are over as a nation.

Fox News and the furthest right and furthest left outlets, including Facebook and Google are being used against our Democracy in a Republic  with Fake news (left and right now) every single day.

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