Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Infinite Grace of God

When I was young I was given this concept by my parents who were born Christian Mystic ministers of a Church on Hope Street in Down Town Los Angeles. Then it was only a concept and I had no idea whether what they told me about was completely real or not.

However, now I'm 70 years old and I have proven "The Infinite Grace of God" in action on earth over and over and over again.

People often say things like: "There are people of faith and then there are those with no faith."

I don't think that's useful.

What is useful to say is that all of us are children of God and some of us relate to this in one way and some in another.

What I experience in people is "Infinite Diversity" which means to me that "God is more Infinite and more Creative than anyone gives "Him, Her, the Being" Credit for.

If you have too small a concept of "God's Infinite Grace" just expect your mind to be exploded by God over and over and over again each time "infinity" becomes 100,000 times bigger for you than it was before.

We might just think that "We are structured" but often we are limited in our thinking.

Even I can be guilty of this and then God just gives me a near death experience to explode any limited concepts that I have had and then gives me a Lazarus experience again to bring me up to speed once again.

By God's Infinite Grace

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