Thursday, March 28, 2019

Don't want to die from spraying Roundup? Try Vinegar

I wanted to stop weeds from growing in my yard so my wife and I paid landscapers to put screening and wood chips in our front and back yard. We expected to have no more weeds, especially Crab Grass. However, that isn't what happened. If you look at our yard in the front and back wildflowers are growing which is okay on top of the Cedar Wood chips now. That's not a problem seeing wildflowers but the crab grass is a problem because it is especially resilient. So, today I went to Ace Hardware and bought two gallons of Vinegar and bought a 1 gallon pressure sprayer container and sprayed my whole front yard with vinegar. In the last 20 years we have chosen never to spray any herbicides or insecticides at all which helps us stay alive and not die or get sick like many people do from Roundup. The primary problem from Roundup is deformities in babies born where roundup is sprayed, especially if they women are pregnant when they or their spouses are spraying it.

Roundup is a variance of the chemicals used in Agent Orange or 24D or Dioxin.

If you study about Dioxin there is NO SAFE LEVEL OF DIOXIN for any living thing including humans. And is a part of what gave women toxic shock syndrome from Feminine hygiene products years ago.

However, what is used presently in Roundup has been so modified you cannot exactly call it 24D or agent orange anymore but it still does the same thing to plants and animals and humans causing deformities especially in pregnant women or animals.

NOTE: Vinegar at Ace Hardware was about 4 to 5 dollars a gallon. I tried using it straight and undiluted on my front yard. However, my wife said our front yard smells like Vinegar now. But, that likely will leave within a few days. I used less than a gallon to do my whole front yard. However, this is my first time doing this so it is still an experiment at this point.

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