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Within this is how the Milky way Galaxy first started

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Arcane's thoughts of Celeste drew her spirit near to him. She appeared like the angel she always was. Arcane was surprised by her warm spirit. He said to her, "You are so beautiful like the first time I met you as Celeste!" She said, "I feel pretty good, too." He said, "Do you remember the first time we met in Atlantis when I was the boy, Darshan?" "Of course Arcane. But that wasn't the first time we met. I guess it isn't really useful to you at present to know about them in your present lifetime." Arcane said, "Yes. This is true. I'm having trouble with all this because I'm having to cope with you dying as Arrayin all over again in addition to losing you as my wife Celeste."
"You must be strong, Arcane. You will need other women in your life over the next several thousand years you are alive!" Arcane frowned. "That's how long I have to live yet?" "It appears so, Arcane. I have a very different perspective from this side. It is not time based at all. Everything on this side is just about Being and not time or space. I can see al our lives not only as humanoids but as all types of manifested beings both physical and spirit."
Arcane felt a little faint. He couldn't deal with any more of this tonight. He said quickly to Celeste, "This is all I can stand for now, Celeste." "It's okay, Arcane. I'll come into your dream tonight and you won't remember my body has passed on. Okay?" Arcane said, "Yes, just as long as I don't have to remember you're gone." "It's a deal, Arcane." With this she drited away.
Arcane shivered and cried by himself that his wife of over 1000 years was gone. He drifted off to sleep in an awkward position on the cabin living room couch. Soon, just as Celeste had promised she showed up in his dream. He was back on the island of Maui, Hawaii. It seemed like both 1987 and every time they had visited there on anniversaries an the last 1000 years or so. However, this time Celeste had angel wings?" Arcane said, "Why are you wearing angel wings?" Celeste said, "I've earned them, Arcane." Arcane said, "Whatever you say." Arcane found he was lifted by her presence and began to feel elated. He said, "Come walk with me in Haleakala Crater." Celeste said, "Let me fly you there." Because it was a dream Arcane said, "Where did you learn to fly with those?" She said, "It'll be safe. Don't worry." Arcane asked, "Do I grab you or do you grab me?" Celeste said, "Let me hold your waist so we can fly side by side."
When they reached the familiar Ney Neys(a variation of Canadian Geese that don't fly found at Haleakala. It is believed they were blown to Hawaii during a storm thousands of years ago.)Arcane spied the now familiar trail down through the cliffs to the first cabin in the crater. Arcane sighed because of all the amazing memories here. However, something was very strange in this dream. He looked up at the sun above them and it had the face of the Galactic Sentience. He was not sure how he knew that was who it was for he had no memory of ever having even met the Galactic Sentience. The Galactic Sentience as the Sun said, "You both need to visit me, Grandpa." Now this was just so strange that Arcane felt faint even in the dream. Arcane thought at the time that this had to be the single most bizzarre thing he had ever experienced. He looked at Celeste. Both her arms embraced him now as they flew. Because he could feel her love and her presence he no longer felt faint. She held him as they flew. Then she kissed him which caused him to wake up very uncomfortable on the couch of his cabin. Once again the shock of Celeste being dead shocked him to the core.
It was now about 3 am. Arcane got up from his living room couch and walked to the window. It was snowing. It was winter. Celeste was gone. His kids were gone, too. He was alone. It was snowing. He laughed to himself as he remembered Jonathan telling him of his death fantasy. Jonathan had told Arcane that when he got to old and decrepit rather than going into a rest home he would walk some wintery snowy day up on Mt. Shasta all alone and let himself freeze to death. He talked of digging a hole in a glacier with a note pinned to his crest in plastic. It would say. "If you can heal me and regenerate me wake me up!" He laughed out loud to himself again as Jonathan was now at least 1000 years old and still looked between 35 and 45 depending on when he was last regenerated. He laughed again as the irony set in.
As tears formed in Arcane's eyes a part of Arcane longed to do this now rather than to go on living without Celeste. He realized if he wanted to stay alive he needed to visit his parents.
Arcane instantly willed himself to New Deva 900,000 years into the future. It was way before he had taken out Tech Noir so he was allowed to visit during this time under an assumed name. The security on New Deva would know he was Galactic Time Guard by his entry soul signature. Also the Time Guard had given Arcane basic Carte Blanche in almost any time and space because of the Galaxy wide respect he had earned by his actions.
Arcane had visited his parents telling them at first he was a long lost brother to his father who had joined the Time Guard and had been modified to look like an ancient earthling. However, in the most recent visit he had told both parents the truth knowing they could keep a secret. They had found it a very strange secret to keep and had had some difficulty not telling 15 year old Arcane. However, the joy of seeing their adult son who now looked like an ancient earth alien was worth keeping the difficult secret.
As he appeared in his parent's living room he saw himself studying there at about age 15. (He would not tell his young sefl at this age who he really was as it would mess up time.) Arcane introduced himself. He said, "Hi, I'm your uncle. All my friends and family call me 'Future'. Young Arcane said, "Hi, Uncle Future. My parents often talk about you. They say you travel the Galaxy. Even though you've been modified, you sure do look a lot like me. Could you take me with you next time you go off planet?" "I'm afraid not Arcane. I work for the Galactic Time Guard." Young Arcane said, "Wow! I've never met one of those. Can I tell me friends?" Arcane frowned, "I'm afraid not, Arcane. I'm just telling you because you are family and I know I can trust you and your parents to keep a secret." Young Arcane was crestfallen at not being able to tell his friends.
Old Arcane had forgotten just how well endowed psychically he had been at this age. He was barely able to keep young Arcane from guessing the truth. At that moment young Arcane said, "You're not me in the future are you?" Old Arcane said, "Probably not, Arcane." From the way Uncle Future answered this he knew it was a possibility but also realized that even if it were true time and space would suffer if he knew for sure. He let it go.
Old Arcane said, "Where are your parents? It's really important that I speak with them." Young Arcane said, "Oh, They're in the next room. They had started to study some ancient earth language. I think it's called Angleish or English or something like that. They said you speak it fluently, Uncle Future. Is that why you don't look like us?" Old Arcane said, "Yes, I was modified to live there as a planetary anthropologist." Old Arcane realized he had been telepathing with young Arcane all this time rather than speaking out loud. This might have been a mistake. Old Arcane asked Biocom. Biocom replied. "It's not a problem because of the way that young Arcane thinks. He hasn't had enough real life adult experiences to know what to do with all this information and by the time he has had enough experience he will have forgotten 90% of it." Old Arcane was very relieved."Thanks Biocom." he said. "Your welcome, Arcane."
Young Arcane seemed pleased to have rattled so sophisticated a relative. He left his studies in the living room and showed Old Arcane to both of their parents. Young Arcane said out loud, "Hey, Mom and Dad. Guess who's here? It's Uncle Future." Old Arcane almost cried out loud in hearing his young self speak his native language again. Old Arcane felt very sad at not being able to speak his New Devan Language again because his tongue had been shortened by 50% to look and operate like an ancient earthling. This made it impossible to speak his native language properly any more. This was one reason his parents were trying to learn English in order to take the sting out of not being able to converse in Native New Devan.
Arcane thought back upon what it had felt like to have the long tongue of a water breather of his native New Deva. He remembered in Water Scouts how he had learned the ancient water breather technique of unrolling his tongue from the roof of his mouth where it was politely kept when not speaking or hunting for fish. The tip of the tongue was used for bait. The Water Scout was supposed to stay very still barely breathing water and wait for fish to come and try to eat their tongue. If the scout was still enough the fish would come and check out the tongue. A mechanical barb had been installed on the tongue to spear the fish when it got close enough. Then all the scout had to do was to grab the fish and rip out the barb and put the fish in a bag at ones waist. He had been one of the few scouts in his troop that had been successful in obtaining a fish in this old water breather way. It was as difficult as rubbing sticks on land to make fire but he had done both. It had been so hard to be so exceptional at everything. Other scouts had been so jealous of his Shark and Whale patches. A whale water Scout was the highest like the Eagle Scout was back on ancient earth. He had encouraged his children to become eagle scouts back in the 20th century when they were children and then young adults in the 21st. Now they were all gone and he longed for Celeste and his young family. A tear formed in his eye. Arcane stood facing his parents and smiling at their joy to see him.
Arcane's parents were delighted to see him. His Dad embraced him and said, "My God, Future, you still look the same. Even after all these years you still look the same. I still can't get used to you looking like an ancient, ancient earthling." Arcane as Uncle Future smiled and embraced his Mom and Dad. His parents looked worried for a moment and said to young Arcane, "We have important business to discuss. It's something too dangerous for you to know, Arcane." Young Arcane said, "I understand, father." Old Arcane knew at that moment that young Arcane knew for sure more than he wanted him to. However, Biocom was right. He would forget most important things before he could process them with truly adult thoughts.
Arcane's father looked at his future son Uncle Future and said, "What brings you here, son?" Arcane as Future said, "Celeste is gone!" His father said, "What happened?" Arcane cringed. "All our children chose to pass on within 500 to 800 years of their births. When the oldest of our children chose to join the other two it was just too much for Celeste and so she refused regeneration. She's gone!"
Arcane's father looked into his sons eyes and said, "Future. You just have to put things into perspective. You are extremely lucky to have had Celeste in your life for over 1000 years, especially after losing Arrayin so young in your life here on New Deva." Future said, "I know that Dad but death is always difficult. Just like the ancient earth Buddhists said, "Birth, Old age, sickness and death" are very difficult and sometimes confusing.
Arcane's Dad said, "Yes. I've studied those texts. I agree. Those times in anyone's life no matter how long they live can be very difficult." Future Arcane said, "Dad. I just knew I needed to be with the two of you and my young self to stabilize so I wouldn't end my life prematurely in grief. His Dad said, "Then coming to see us is very wise indeed. I sense the Galaxy will need you for some time." Future Arcane said, "Yes. Celeste came to me as an angel and told me I have several thousand years of life left." His father looked shocked and said, "Is that a blessing or a curse?" Future Arcane said, "For the Galaxy and Earth that might be good. However, for me it is both." Arcane's father said, "I agree."
Future Arcane said, "I don't need to talk about this anymore. I just need to be with you and pretend everything is okay.If I do this long enough maybe I'll believe it and it will be okay." Arcane's mother said, "Can young Arcane join us. I think he's feeling left out." Future Arcane said, "Yes, Mother. It's time he joined us."
As mother gathered up young Arcane to join them ARcane and his father spoke of Ancient English. Since Arcane could no longer speak his native New Devan language without a severe accent his parents had begun to learn ancient Earth english to soften the psychological blow of Arcane not being able to speak perfect New Devan anymore. Arcane's tongue had been shortened about 50% in length about 1000 years ago to appear to be an ancient earthling in real time in his life. So Future Arcane had to telpath or speak English with his parents. They proudly experimented with their command of English and Future Arcane had to laugh. He said, "It's wonderful that you try to speak earth English as I am now doing but our long native tongues get in the way a little. You both sound as if I were talking while holding the tip of my tonue with my fingers. I can still understand you but you couldn't pass for ancient Earthlings. They all laughed. Just being together was really great and beginning to heal Future Arcane's ancient soul. Future Old Arcane spent several weeks with young Arcane and his parents on New Deva.
New Chapter Celeste Leaves Earth for Good
As Celeste passed away up and out of her body on earth for the last time she saw a bright light. It was an angel she knew. Celeste said, "Mom! What are you doing here?" Celeste's Angel Mom said, "I've come to collect you, Celeste." As they embraced Celeste felt Earth and her children and even her husband drop away completely. She said, "I'm never coming back to earth again am I?" Her mother said, "I wouldn't say never. Never is a long long time. You just won't be reborn there next and you won't visit earth in your next life. Not only that you won't be a woman in your next life. At this point Celeste felt very unsettled and uncomfortable. Her mother took her hand and the two of them travelled through space. Celeste said, "How can I breathe in space?" Her mother said, "You don't have to breathe anymore. You are a spirit now. You no longer have a physical body to protect from death." This made Celeste fee both free and uncomfortable in not having a physical body anymore. Celeste said, "Mom, where are we going? Her Mom gave Celeste a strange look. Mom said, "You have an audience with the Galactic Sentience." Now Celeste thought this was very different. She didn't quite know what to think. At this point she decided her whole experience was becoming completely surreal and unimaginable to her.
Later after this meeting she went back in time and spoke with Arcane after she got her angel wings and after meeting The Galactic Sentience in what appeared to be a heaven like realm in the Center of the Galaxy. Celeste had asked her mother, "Why am I not in an Earth Heaven or a heaven on my birth planet?" Celeste's mother had said, "You will be doing a completely different kind of work for now." For Celeste this was not a complete answer. However, Celeste figured correctly that there was some as yet unknown reason for the ambiguity.

The best place to begin reading about how the Galaxy Began starts about here:
When she promised Arcane that she would visit him in a dream she was simultaneously experiencing what appeared to her to be the Galactic Sentience. She asked this powerful being. "Who are you? Are you God?" The Galactic Sentience laughed and said, "I'm not the God of Gods if there really is such a thing anywhere but I AM the presiding God like Being for this Galaxy. I guess you could say I'm the Guardian of the Galaxy. Actually, You and Arcane together are the true Creators and builders of this Galaxy and the true spiritual heads of this Galaxy. You and Arcane were and are the father and mother of all the creators in this Galaxy and you are grandparents or great grandparents to all the rest.
Celeste, the Angel was stunned. She thought, "I'm the Mother of the Galaxy? What does this mean. Is it true? Is this just a dream?" A chair appeared and she sat down suddenly. Then she laughed because if she was an angel what did she need of a chair. As she laughed she looked at the Galactic Sentience, He said, "The chair is just psychological. It's a place of comfort you grew used to on earth. So the conception of one is provided for your comfort and stability, Grandma."
She finally collected herself and said, "This bit about me being the mother of the galaxy has to be the craziest thing I've ever heard." The Galactic Sentience said, "Call me Joseph, Celeste." Celeste looked hard at him and said, "why should I call you Joseph?" He said, "It's just a name I used once while on vacation on Earth." Celeste said tentatively, "Okay." Celeste still couldn't make any sense of this." Joseph said, "You're my Grandmother Celeste. I need you to remember this Now!"
Celeste looked down at her heart and was shocked and scared at seeing bright lights shining out of her heart. Joseph smiled. Celeste heard the words streaming out along with the light from his heart. Joseph smiled. Celeste began to recognize the words in a language she somehow understood. The words said in a female but unfamiliar voice, "Grandson, it's good to see you. You are looking well. Joseph said, "Thank God you're back, Grandma, I really need your help." The light grew brighter in her heart. Joseph said, "I need you to go to Eridian and tell him for me that the Galactic Sentience needs to see him now."
Note: Remember Eridian is also Meridian (same being).
Celeste looked surprised. No one had actually asked her to do any work since she passed on and got her wings. She instantly thought of Eridian and she was with him. Eridian said, "Arrayin, Celeste. What is it dear?" Celeste, the Angel said, "As you probably know by now I have passed out of Celeste's body for the last time. What you might not know is that the Galactic Sentience has requested me to come and get you."
When Eridian and Celeste arrived in the Galactic Core Celeste became aware of the angels that accompanied Eridian to the Galactic Core from Earth's Heavens. Some of these angels were millions and millions of years old. She could feel it from their demeanor even though none of them looked older than 25.
Joseph greeted them in a bright light human form. Eridian said, "You have summoned me. I have no idea what it is that you want, Your Decisiveness." Joseph said, "Thank you for coming on such short notice. Do you know who your soul is?" Eridian said, "The fullness of that has not been revealed to me for some reason. Obviously, Joseph, you intend to fill in the blanks." Joseph said, "Eridian, you are the senior incarnation of the soul that has recently manifested as Jonathan, in the past Darshan and in the future as ARcane." Eridian answered, "Yes." Joseph went on, "I want you to know now that your group soul is also the father of this Galaxy." Eridian thought a moment and said, "What does that really mean?" Joseph said, "It specifically means that you and your twin who is right now here as Celeste the Angel are twin souls married Billions and billions of years ago if not trillions. I don't really know how long anymore because time is just so relative. You and Celeste created this Galaxy and you and all your descendants have maintained it ever since. You have trillions of children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren living here in this galaxy. A few have even created their own galaxies and dimensions elsewhere and elsewhen." Eridian said, "Trillions?" The Protecting Angels from Earth's Heavens bent down on one knee. They knew they were witnessing important history in the making. Joseph went on,"Most of the souls who take incarnation throughout this galaxy are simply your children, grandchildren,or greatgrandchildren on vacation and the rest tend to be friends and relatives from other dimensions and galaxies." Eridian said, "That's hard to believe." Joseph said, "Look at your heart." Eridian did as he was asked and witnessed something similar to what Celeste had. However, he was not shocked by it as Celeste had been. He simply observed it as a matter of course. Then he said to Joseph. "You're right, Joseph. If it hadn't been you telling me this I never would have believed it. However, what real use is it for me to know this?" Joseph said, "ARcane will ask you what to do when you return to Earth now that Celeste has passed over to the Angelic side of life." Eridian said, "Yes." Joseph said, "I need Arcane and Celeste to both remember and become my Grandparents in earnest."
Eridian said, I can do that." Then Eridian said, "What will happen to me.?" Joseph said, "In order to keep earth and its heavens in order I need you to remain as Eridian. However, I need to awaken the aspect of your soul that is Arcane now that Celeste is an Angel. I need ARcane and Celeste to combine to become enough of my grandparents so they can run the galaxy while I take a vacation. My Grandparents created the galaxy so they know what it will need now. I'm more of a protecting military strategist and diplomat. The galaxy is relatively safe now but it needs the spiritual touch of my grandparents. I can feel the soul of the whole Creator family of this galaxy Calling out for Arcane and Celeste." Eridian looked bemused and said, "Will I remember any of the Grandfather and Grandmothers new experiences?" Joseph said, "Yes, Eridian, for you it will be an amazing awakening to other parts of yourself. Your closests angels will chronicle what is permitted of the experience for posterity in EArth's heavens." Eridian said, "Thank you, Joseph. I'm very grateful to you for filling in some more of the blanks so to speak. It's much different than I had expected." With this farewell Eridian and Earth's protecting Angels left to return to all the many many Earth heavens of all the religions and philosophies as well as the invididual heavens of earth.
Celeste was left alone with Joseph. She asked, "Joseph. What should I do now?" Joseph looked very pleased with himself. He said, "I'm creating a brightness here next to you which contains all the memories of your life as mother and grandmother to all the creators of this galaxy. You see, Grandma, only children creators need a galaxy to feed upon to grow to adulthood. Once a creator is an adult he or she may travel from galaxy to galaxy visiting relatives or friends or just mate and drift in dark matter for trillions of years until they have children. Then if the male wants to protect his new wife and children he creates a galaxy for them to feed on. Otherwise the female must go home to her parents galaxy or die of starvation with her children. It is also possible for a female creator to get her first born sons to begin a galaxy to feed them. Though this is unusual it sometimes happens and they are successful." Celeste asked, "Do pregnant females die often?" Joseph frowned, "Not as often as you might think. It happens most often when children run away from home at an age when they are not mature enough to handle adult responsibilities." Celeste thought a moment and said, "It's a lot like what happens on earth." Joseph said, "Yes and no. The size of a new born creator is the size of you physical sun and an adult creator is bigger than your solar system." Celeste said, "Wow! I guess size matters." As they both watched a fiery light formed from plasma as bright as the sun. Joseph said, "If you were now wearing a human body this plasma stream although quite beautiful would instantly incinerate your body. However, since you are in soul form it is harmless. If you will now put your hands inside the plasma sun stream you will remember all your life as a creator and as a drifter."
Celeste said, "What's a Drifter?" Joseph said, "It's like a teenager." Celeste laughed and said, "Yeah. This reminds me of my children as teenagers on earth. Joseph looked nostalgic and said, "Remember your Grandson, Henry?" Celeste smiled and said, "Oh Yes. He's a real sweety. All the girls loved him so when he was young. I taught him to swim in Fiji on vacation when he was only 4 years old. We used to snorkel together as he got better underwater. Joseph looked into Celeste's eyes. "Henry is me, Grandmother. I was born and lived as Henry simaltaneously while I was being the Galactic Sentience." Celeste said, "That must have been an amazing experience." Joseph said, "You'll never know how amazing and rewarding it was and is to be Henry." Celeste said, "Henry is still alive. Are you still Henry?" Joseph's eyes danced. "Yes! However, it's just not as fun now that you are gone from Earth, Celeste." Celeste looked into Joseph's eyes with new understanding. She said, "We really are family. Aren't we Joseph?" Joseph said, "Eternally, Grandmother."
New Chapter Arcane returns to Earth
Arcane invited Jonathan to his cabin after returning from the two week visit to his parents and his previous young self 900,000 years in the future on New Deva. Jonathan rode up to Arcane's cabin on his rented snowmobile. It was the only way to reach Arcane's cabin this time of year except by helicopter or by cross country skiing several miles uphill. Jonathan prefered skiing downhill. He was in a regenerated young body but in his mind he still was over 1000 years old. He was into efficiency and practicality and regenerative fun But today he was mostly worried about Arcane suriving Celeste's passing.
Jonathan hopped off the snowmobile and hugged Arcane. "Hello old friend." said Jonathan, "How are you?" Arcane looked distant, removed. Arcane said, "I've seen better days, Jonathan." The two of them walked inside the cabin as it was about 35 degrees farenheit outside. Inside it was warm and cozy and a log fire was burning in the fireplace
Later in the conversation Arcane said incisively, "Sometimes, Jonathan, I feel as if I were an actor. It's as if I was the star in a long running TV drama or movie of 1000 years. The problem is that my co-star, my wife just chose to die. She didn't have to die. She just couldn't go on without our kids anymore."
Jonathan looked up at the snow clad mountain out of the cabin window and said, "Let's set my sentient rental snowmobile to automatic and we'll let it tow us both on skis up the mountain." Arcane heard himself saying "Okay, Jonathan." They put on their skiing gear and skis and let themselves be towed up to about 10,000 feet. They told the snowmobile to return to Arcane's cabin. In an emergency it could rescue them but that was a highly unlikely need. They had it's phone number just in case. It was really beautiful. As they were being towed Jonathan could see first hand how sad Arcane was. Jonathan said as they were being towed, "Even though the life that you're now living is one of my past lives and even though in this life we have been friends for over 1000 years, there is a level of understanding that I have trouble reaching. I think this is because we have because I didnt' grow up on your planet 900,000 years into the future in this lifetime. I wasn't exposed in this lifetime to your culture or your languages or your customs or even the way you looked. Nor can I fully comprehend what it would mean to be both a water breather and and air breather. However, what I do know is that if I were raised in one culture on earth and then saved it and then was told to leave my family and never to rturn to that culture I can approximate what you feel. That would be awful.
Now, after living in a new culture and speaking new languages that you did not start with as a child. Then you married on a new planet and your wife has died after 1000 of marriage. I think that would be a very bitter pill to swallow."
"Arcane, whenever one loses someone that close it is always difficult." Arcane said, "Are you saying, Jonathan, that I will always feel this empty hole inside my heart where Celeste once lived." Jonthan said, "Yes, Arcane. That is unfortunately exactly what I'm saying." Arcane said, "Do you know what the last thing she said was?" "No. Tell me." said Jonathan. She said, "You may have too many lives, Arcane, but you can't have too many loves."
Jonathan said, "What did she mean by that, Arcane?" Jonathan really knew but felt it best that Arcane articulated it himself. Arcane said, "I think she meant that I must love again in order to stay alive and that it wouldn't be her this time." Jonathan nodded, "I agree, Arcane. Celeste really was wise wasn't she?" Arcane looked a little stunned as her being gone once again washed over him. He felt a little faint like he was dying. His face went pale. He said to Jonathan, "I talked to her spirit last night. She was in angel form." Jonathan said, "Wow! That's great, Arcane. I forget sometimes just how good you are at that."
Arcane went on, "Sometimes, Jonathan, being good at seeing and communicating with spirits can be more of a curse than a blessing." Jonathan thought a moment and said, "I can agree with that, Arcane. Especially if the spirits tell you things like the projected time and place of death of friends or relatives."
Arcane eyed Jonathan strangely, "You've experienced that, too? I've long been haunted by those kinds of facts. What's really bad is when you want to help the person or person in question live longer and the angel in authority says, "No!" Jonathan said, "Yeah. That's the worst. And then you just have to witness the death or deaths with your hands tied behind your back so to speak." ARcane with moisture in his eyes said, "At least we both know we did all we could." Jonathan said, "There's no blood on our hands then because we know it's God's Will." Arcane said resignedly, "Yep!"
With that Arcane pushed off and skied down off the ridge into glistenin virgin newly fallen powder snow. Jonathan followed on sis knowing that Arcane needed to lead so the pristine experience could begin to heal the loose ends that were now Arcane. Jonathan felt very bad for Arcane, especially because he knew from firsthand experience that the pain might lessen with time but that it would never really ever end.
Jonathan had an idea! When Arcane stopped to rest in a snow covered valley Jonathan quickly skied up and stopped next to him. "Hey, Arcane!" "Yes." said Arcane. "I have an idea." said Jonathan. "Why don't you go back in time and visit her a few times before she passed on?" Arcane looked thoughtful. "Y'know, I might just get permission for that as long as I don't tell her I'm from the future." Jonathan said, "It's just a thought."
New Chapter "God Help me to love myself as much as I do any other"
After skiing back to ARcane's mountain cabin Jonathan said goodbye to Arcane. Jonathan had to get the rental snowmobile back to McCloud and get a ride to his private plane at Mott Airport in Mt. Shasta. From there he would fly himself back to the coast.
Arcane resumed his lonely retreat in his cabin this first year without his Celeste. There were many friends and family that didn't want Arcane to be alone now. But in the end "It's a free country" and no one on earth could tell Arcane what to do.
During Arcane's retreat and meditations and soul travels he came upon the saying "God help me to love myself at least as I do any other." Arcane thought long and hard about this. Arcane had always had an easy time of loving others. Loving himself had always been very hard. He tried to look at this very carefully. Arcane decided he had trouble loving himself because so very much had always been expected of him since the Oracle of New Deva had predicted that he was to be the next world saver while he was only a young child. He had always had a fear of disapointing others. He had always been handsome and tall for his age (at least by New Deva standards) He was 5 foot 11 inches by the time he was 16. By 19 he was almost exactly 6 feet tall. 6 feet was also still a good height in the US and Europe and not so tall that he would stand out too much. As he looked closer at this fear of disapointing others it made sense to Arcane that thinking in this way made him a consummate over achiever. Being an overacheiver did not please him. It only pleased others. Arcane's pleasure had always been in not failing in any of his tasks. Once he had this figured out he was able to start to move forward to please himself. He was wise enough now to know that having lost his wife that if he couldn't love himself enough to take care of himself now that he would die soon either accidentally or directly on purpose.
Arcane had heard of men using women as a drug. Because of his obligations which were in some ways the responsibilities of a Prince or a King he had not allowed this hedonist way of thinking. Everything in his life had always been about duty and responsibility for others. Keeping himself alive even had always been about taking care of others, either family, friends, compatriots, soldiers and then later he was given the responsiblity by the Galactic Time Guard of preventing the extinction of life on earth by any means necessary.
Since Arcane, Celeste and his many descendants had been very wealthy indeed for about 800 years now he ralized he could begin to think more about himself. Arcane thought about what he wanted and needed now. He needed an adventure! If he could combine adventure that would be fun and healing for him and what would be good for other that it would be a winning combination for him. Arcane decided that he should summon Eridian and ask him what to do.
Author's note: I have been a conscious precognitive psychic since about age 3. I have been a conscious soul traveler beginning in my teens in the early 60's and fully in control of my travels by the early 70's when I was in my 20's. When I wrote the next section late Feb. and early March 2003 I was confused and upset by this next section on the next section on the Galactic Sentience and Arcane and Celeste and Eridian when I wrote it. This very likely could mean it's all true. My soul travels within this galaxy are all very clear or relatively clear in my mind. However, soul journeys to other Galaxies and dimensions are less clear because in other galaxies time and space are never the same as in this galaxy if they exist at all. At the very least time and space in other galaxies are not in a form I can usually meaningfully relate to or am familiar with. So very little of the memories of these experiences seem to be available to me. However, it is my belief that some day in the next 10 years I will be allowed to begin to better understand more and begin to write of some of these extragalactic experiences for you.
From my point of view at least the purpose of all of this is to create a roadmap so to speak for others to follow if they wish of the life, stars, and planets and beings within ou galaxy and eventually of outside of our galaxy for those on earth who will follow in my explorations of the last 30 or 40 years. If you consciously soul travel you will have had and will have different experiences than I have had or will have. That is to be expected. However, you and I follow a long lineage of the thousands and maybe now even millions of those who have consciously traveled the galaxy since humans first existed on earth.
Most who still soul travel are now called by us on earth: priests, ministers, shamans, psychics, therapists, healers and some doctors. I myself have sought out these soul travelers in this life who are presently Priests,ministers, therapists, Tibetan Lamas, Native American Medicine Men, Christian mystics, and various healers and doctors. The only real difference between most of them and me is that I feel a personal obligation in my personal covenant with God to write about my experiences for posterity whether that turns out to be the present, the future or through the I believe ever present time travel, the past. I also write for beings for other cultures off of earth within this Galaxy to promote brotherhood and sisterhood and beinghood throughout this galaxy and for friendly beings from all Galaxies. I don't consider myself to be the best writer. I only know for sure that what I write about is priceless and precious and timely and will help prevent the extinction of all life on earth, especially humans.
New Section
> The Galactic Sentience and ARcane
To continue: Arcane decided to ask Eridian what to do next. Eridian faded into the cabin living room like a spirit. For some reason he never fully took physical form. Eridian said perfunctorily. "You must go to visit the Galacti Sentience." Eridian then faded out.
Arcane was amazed. He couldn't figure out why he should go see the Galactic Sentience. For once he was more than a little scared. Only the extremely ignorant or the truly foolish would not be at least a little scared if they had to meet the immortal ruler of the whole galaxy. Arcane knew that even his surviving such a meeting was debatable. Everything he had seen or read on meetings with the Galactic Sentience mentioned a death of the person and a rebirth. One's memories of the events previous to ones meetings with the Galactic Sentience didn't change just everything about how one perceived everything in ones life during and after the meeting. Obviously, meeting the Galactic Sentience caused one to be reborn in consciousness and perception. Some physical beings could not withstand the meeting and simply physically died in the change.
Arcane knew he wouldn't physically die. He had a sense about things like this. However, he also knew he would never be the same again. It was as if the Galaxy had waited for his children and wife to pass on before they changed him into some other type of person or being. Arcane sent one thought to Eridian. He telepathed, "How should I go there?" Eridian said, "See yourself there now! All will be impressed with you at this accomplisment. They will know you are ready for your next step in evolution." Arcane said, "Evolution?" Eridian simply replied, "Be ready for anything like when you first met me out of the blue." Arcane said, "I understand, my friend.
Arcane now realized that to prepare too much for this would create more problems than solutions. So, like jumping off a cliff when it was time, Arcane simply visualized the Galactic Sentience in the Core of the Galaxy and he was there.
All of a sudden Arcane was with what appeared to be an electrical plasma storm which was much bigger than the whole Solar System. Arcane was amazed and shocked by this experience. The huge Electrical plasma storm seemed to be feeding on the energy and mass from the whirpool leading into a black hole. Arcane noticed his physical body was surrounded by the familiar green sentient see through sphere from future earth. Eridian was obviously helping him. Arcane heard laughter in his mind and then his mind was gone. It was very much like being in a dream. In Arcane's 'dream' the Galactic Sentience was communicating with him. He was aware of the immortal intelligence of this God-like being. There was also the 'glee' of this being in meeting with Arcane. The being said, "I have been waiting some time for you, Grandfather, to speak with you again." Arcane said, "Who is Grandfather?" The Galactic Sentience said, "Why you are, Arcane. You've just chosen to forget who you are for awhile. I think you told me that you would take a 2 billion year vacation from yourself while you regenerated your consciousness into something more useful and interesting to you." Arcane decided that this was all nuts. Arcane said to the Galactic Sentience. "Am I nuts or dreaming or what?" The Galactic Sentience just laughed and said, "I think the 'or what' would be the appropriate response."
Arcane's body was starting to tremble as he looked down at his heart. Some call this area of the body the 'Buddha Mind'. He was really scared now. There was no doubt about that. He was watching lights and sounds coming out of his heart in a voice he had never heard before. The lights and the voice said in speaking to the Galactic Sentience, "Grandson, you've done well as the Galactic Sentience of this Galaxy. I made an excellent choice in choosing you as my successor." There was laughter in the form of energy dancing around him and the energy storm and what had ever been real to Arcane was lost forever. When Arcane awoke from this he was aware that a great deal of time had passed. He was sitting alone cross legged floating in the green sphere. He remembered everything now. But he was definitely no longer Arcane, at least not the Arcane he remembered. He could still use the name Arcane but ARcane was entirely different now.
His recent experiences reminded him of an experience in a vision he had had once. In this vision he was in a dimension with no planets anywhere. He had had no physical body in this vision and was just a point of consciousness floating in an eternal sunset of orange, purple, pink and blue. There was no weight or stress and only peace there. The word "heaven" came to mind. Sometimes he had experienced this when he was just drifting off to sleep or just slowly waking up. In this eternal sunset with no up or down or planet or humans he could see in all directions. There was no earth or land or bodies or water anywhere. There was just the thousands of other souls nearby. There was no loneliness only peace and comfort and happiness. It was heaven.
Arcane felt like he had been to heaven and now he was someone else in the same body. It was like reincarnating as someone else in the same body with the old memories and now new ones too. The new Arcane was completely amazed. He was beginning to reintegrate. He became aware of the Galactic Sentience and woke up suddenly.
The Galactic Sentience smiled. He appeared in human form to Arcane. Arcane could see himself as an older man like a grandfather. The Galactic Sentience now appeared to him as a much younger man of about 35 years of age. The Galactic Sentience said once more to Arcane, "Hi Grandpa. I'm your grandson, Joseph." At first the new Arcane laughed and shockingly Joseph laughed along with him. It seemed as if they laughed for days about millions of things telepathically, wordlessly, amazingly. At the end of these seeming 'days' of laughing together Arcane finally got it. He got it all. A very mischievous look came over Joseph. He said, "There is just one more secret for you to remember. Celeste, Arrayin is the other half of your soul and perfectly reintegrated into you now. She's your twin or as some humans call it your split apart. We could only do what is happening now to you because you and she are one being here 'in the flesh' so to speak. You two get to be one in you natural state. I get to speak with my grandfather for a time and you, Arcane and Celeste as one get to experience who and what you really are---The Galactic Sentience who pass the Crown of Light to me--- so to speak."
Arcane? thought about all this. He finally said, "Yes. Celeste and I are one." Arcane thought. "I was the previous Galactic Sentience and Celeste and I created this Galaxy and I remember it all now." He looked out into the eyes of his grandson and said, "This might seem like a small thing but after all I am still a Time Guard Ambassador to Earth." Interjecting and smiling Joseph said, " And you are also a Time Guard Ambassador visiting me by the way." Arcane laughed and then Joseph joined him in the stupendous power of this last thought. For Arcane realized he had not even asked permission of the Time Guard to visit the Galactic Sentience. Joseph, had obviously dealt with this problem already and had made it disapear.
Arcane said, "Joseph, it becomes more clear to me exactly why my incarnations as Jonathan, His Oneness, King Interlaken, Eridian, Darshan etc. are all so well protected each in their own ways. I am literally one of the elder retired statesmen of the Galaxy." Joseph's eyes rolled up in his head. He was so relieved his grandfather was back. He said, "Exactly. This is why everything you do is so closely monitored by so many galactic beings. All wise beings know that you never do anything by accident. And if you are somewhere doing something in whatever form you are in it is always strategic to the whole galaxy. So millions of non-creators watch you as well as the trillions of creators who effortlessly monitor your every thought and move in physical and non physical universes.
Arcane got more serious. "All that is very well and good but why have you summoned me here in fullness at this time?" Joseph looked very sad and serious. "I need to consult with you on certain problems facing the galaxy and the future of the creators."
Arcane looked inside himself and then looked to Joseph and asked, "Am I well integrated enough at present for my comments to be of use to you?" Joseph said, "Actually, as far as objectivity goes you are perfect. I just have to be very careful how I state my problems to you and be sure I make my case as objective and as unemotional as possible." Arcane Celeste said, "It's the boredom factor of the immortal creators isn't it." Joseph looked sad, "Yes." Joseph went on, "We are losing at least one creator to entropy every earth day." Arcane was shocked. "That fast?" "I'm afraid so." Joseph went on,"However, I want to ask your opinion of whether we can afford to let a higher percentage of creators temporarily forget who they are so they can recreate as humans and other types of beings."
Arcane Celeste immediately had the answer. They said as one, "Joseph, if you allow them in 1,000,000 year shifts up to 33% could temporariliy forget who they are in order to recreate themselves at a time. Not only that retroactively doing this to the creators lost to entropy would automatically regenerate them." Joseph looked like a million pound weight had been taken of his shoulders. Joseph said, "Thank God!" Joseph looked like he was going to cry in relief. He said, "This is totally outside my career specialities of diplomatic and military logistics, Grandfather. After all, you always were the sociologist, planetary anthropologist and spiritual leader of this galaxy. Grandfather, I can do this but it's not my favorite thing like it is yours."
Arcane Celeste looked deeply into Joseph's eyes. They said as one, "You are the best at what you do, Joseph. There is a time for everything. You have won all the battles that the Galaxy needed you to and now our people are getting bored. You just need to send them off in new directions of creative endeavor until another Galactic crisis emerges. Then you can train others to quickly wake them up out of forgetfulness for the next battle for the survival of the Galaxy." Joseph said, "You and me Grandpa could rule the whole universe." Arcane Celeste said, "Look at the history of the universe, Joseph. Any creator that has tried to rule even three galaxies has failed miserably and sometimes up to 3 galaxies and the immortality of trillions of creators were permanently lost to the void."
"Is that so bad, Grandfather?" Arcane looked at Joseph and said, "You need a vacation, Joseph!" Joseph said, "I agree." Joseph went on, "I was thinking Grandpa, maybe I could split and go back as Arcane and into Celeste's next incarnation and just forget about ruling a Galaxy for a time so I could get a better perspective on it all." Arcane Celeste looked at Joseph incredulously and said, "If you don' think that would be too incestuous I think that could be arranged for a time. I would still be present like a guardian angel, Joseph,just so you didn't change the work ARcane and Celeste do, okay?" Joseph said, "Thank God you're back, Grandpa. I've done an excellent job for almost 1 billion years now but now I'm just getting tired of it all." Arcane Celeste then said, "Hoave you contacted the council of Creators?" Joseph Said,"Yes, Grandfather." Arcane Celeste said, "What did they say?" Joseph said, "They said I needed a vacation but they didn't want me gone for very long." Arcane Celeste said, "Just take the time you need to heal your soul and recreate yourself." Joseph said, "Okay Grandpa. Also you could implement the training of special creators to help the creators on vacation to forget who they are for a time and for bringing them back to full memory and consciousness as creators in the future." Arcane Celeste looked at Joseph. He was care worn. Arcane Celeste said, "I'd like you to test drive ARcane's life right now." ARcane Celeste put his her thumb on Joseph's forehead and watched as Joseph changed into the appearance and memory of Arcane and "whoosh" he was gone.
New Chapter Joseph Takes a Vacation
Joseph was grateful to finally take a vacation from being the full time Galactic Sentience for so long. However, now that he was installed in ARcane's body he was having second thoughts. He thought despite his second thoughts he would at least try a few days. Joseph still remembered who he was and who he had always been. Joseph was ARcane just like someone you know who is asleep overnight might lucidly control their dream in becoming one kind of being or another as they desired.
As Joseph visited not only Arcane's body but also his cabin on Mt. Shasta he also had to deal with Celeste being passed on. However, since Joseph ARcane was also simaltaneously aware of himself as Joseph he could easily reconcile ideas like Grandpa Arcane and Grandma Celeste are presently together running the Galaxy. Therefore, any feelings that ARcane might be having about missing Celeste are irrelevant because they are actually together and happy at the moment.
However, when he actually started reconciling all this it started to become such a complete joke to him that he started laughing and couldn't stop. Joseph ARcane realized quickly that this was not very healthy psychologically. So Joseph ARcane decided to go outside and go skiing. So he put on ARcane's skiing gear and then went outside and put ARcane's skis on. However, at this precise moment Joseph ARcane realized he could will himself up to 11,000 feet effortlessly.
Now this would have been just perfect except for one thing. There happened to be a satellite that was tracking him since he was a known UN official and it created quite a stir at the US Pentagon. At this point Arcane's biocom said, "Arcane, you've just created a time anomaly that has to be corrected." Joseph Arcane said, "Biocom. Do you know who I am?" Biocom seemed perturbed a little. He said, "YOu should be ARcane. But I can now ascertain that you are a different spirit. Who are you?" Joseph Arcane said, "I need to speak with ARcane's superior at the galactic Core. Tell him this is a level one change." Biocom said, "I'm relieved that at least this will get resolved now." Time General Blue came on and said,"What is the level one emergency, Arcane?" Joseph Arcane said, "I'm Joseph, the Galactic Sentience on vacation as Arcane." General Blue said, "What are you talking about?" Biocom said, "If I may General?" "Go ahead, Biocom Arcane." Biocom went on. "I and the sentient robots of the Galactic Core have ascertained that Joseph ARcane is telling the truth."
General Blue said, "What?" You mean this is really the Galactic Sentience, Biocom?" Biocom said, "Yes, General. I'm afraid so." General Blue said, "Your Decisiveness? If I may be so bold, who's running the galaxy?" Joseph Arcane said, "I'm taking a break but I'm on call. We creators have a chain of command." General Blue said, "Then Arcane, our agent is a creator?" Joseph ARane knew he had to be careful how he answered this. "Arcane didn't know we was a creator until today." General Blue said, "When will he come back to his body?" Joseph Arcane said, "Pretty soon because I"m feeling claustrophobic in human form.
General Blue laughed. He said, "Being a young creator myself I can only imagine how difficult this is for you." Joseph Arcane said, "You're Blue Star aren't you?" General Blue said, "Biocom Arcane, you're right this is Joseph, the Galactic Sentience on Break. I'll take care of any anomaly created there on earth. Biocom Said, "Thank you, General."
Instantly ten minutes back in time the satellite malfunctioned so it didn't see Joseph Arane disappear on skis outside his cabin at 5000 feet and reappear on skis at 11,000 feet.
However, Joseph Arcane was now terribly embarrassed because after all he was the Galactic Sentience and more was always expected of him. He had just majorly screwe up time as Arcane. He decided to try one more thing before he went back to Grandpa Arcane and Grandma Celeste to try something else to recreate himself on the relatively short break he was taking.
Joseph Arcane at this point decided to meet his ongoing alter incarnation that had no memory of his being the Galactic Sentience. He would go meet his other incarnation as Henry, who is ARcane and Celeste's grandson living on Maui, Hawaii. Henry is now living around the year 3000 ad near Lahaina on Maui on an estate that he had inherited from Grandma Celeste. After all, he was her favorite grandchild. By now Henry was well over 400 years old and had married 7 or 8 times because each of his wives had passed on. He found it difficult but not impossible to keep passing on this estate to himself, as he changed identities and regenerated himself. He had many many children and grandchildren and even great great grandchildren the by now seemed to visit him about every other week from all over the world. Having a rich relative with an estate on Maui is always a treat.
However, today Joseph Arcane picked up the phone and said, "Hi Henry. It's Arcane." Henry was amazed. He hadn't had a direct call from Arcane in years even though he saw him at least twice a year at family reunions. Henry said, "Arcane. It's so good to talk to you."
Note: Henry doesn't know he is the Galactic Sentience, only Joseph knows it. The part of Joseph inhabiting Henry has forgotten he is part of the God like being that runs the galaxy.
Joseph Arcane said, "Henry. Care if I come for a visit?" Henry said, "Arcane! You know you don't even have to ask." Arcane said, "Clear the living room I'll be right there." Instantly, Joseph Arcane was in Henry's living room. Henry said, "Wow! Grandpa Arcane. I didn't know it was safe to do that sort of thing on earth anymore?" Joseph said, "It's not safe. I just did it because I was bored." Henry was concerned. "This isn't like you, Grandpa. It must be because Grandma Celeste is gone." Joseph Arcane said, "It's true I'm having some problems." Henry said, "What can I do to help, Grandpa?" Arcane looked at Henry and simply said, "Walk with me on the beach, Henry." Henry naively said, "Sure, Grandpa."
As they walked on the beach Joseph Arcane poured his heart out to Henry. After listening to Joseph Arcane Henry said, "You sould like you might be having a nervous breakdown, Grandpa." Joseph Arcane said, "I've got to go to the Galactic Core on emergency business." Henry said, "I hope everything turns out okay, Grandpa.
As Joseph Arcane disappeared Henry wondered what was going to happen to Grandpa now that Grandma Celeste was gone. For that matter what was going to happen to Himself. What was going to happen to Henry? No one's presence seemed to satisfy Henry for long like just being around Grandma Celeste did. Henry wished his Dad, George, Arcane's oldest son had chosen to stay alive. But his Dad, George, had always been so serious, like Arcane. Henry on the other hand had always been a bit of a playboy adventurer and world traveler. Even settling down on Maui seemed pretty tame compared to the life he used to live climbing mountains and exploring the ocean floor of the world's oceans as well as his escapades on many planets of the solar system and beyond. For Henry was now a retired world famous mountain climber, deep sea marine biologist, and planetary and asteroid explorer. However, he had to have each of these identities be separate for obvious reasons. Each identity had lasted 50 to 100 years each. Henry seriously hoped Grandpa ARcane would be okay. Henry knew ARcane needed his parents or his son but both were gone at least as far as Henry knew.
New Chapter Joseph gives up being Arcane
To Arcane and Celeste it seemed like about 5 minutes after Joseph left to try out being Arcane he was back. Joseph said, "It's just too confining to work for me. I can't be Arcane now." said Joseph.
Arcane Celeste said, "Yes. We agree. You are too stressed to appreciate the full beauty of actually being Arcane." Arcane Celeste pondered a moment and then said, "I'm going to send you back to what we creators were before we created the matter and antimatter galaxy we now live in and on.
Joseph said, "I've heard you talk about htis a lot but it is true I've never personally experienced what it was like before our creator family created this galaxy." Arcane Celeste smiled. This was going to be good and ARcane Celeste said, "Are you willing to temporarily give up all your memories and become a pregalactic. Joseph smiled and got sort of dreamy eyed and said, "Yes. You're right! This is what I need to do to really understand who we are and what we really came from." Arcane Celeste said, "Done." Arcane Celeste put their right thumb on Joseph's forehead and he just faded out of existence. The galactic creator's council was privy to all actions that transpired. ARcane and Celeste communicated. Celeste said, "Arcane, is he going to experience you and I as teenager Creators." Arcane smiled and said to Celeste, "Yes. However, he will put his own twist on things. I personally think it's just the thing to heal his soul. It will be a sort of Creator Outward Bound experience.
New Chapter The PreGalactic Creators
Drifting- Drifting- Drifting- Drifting- The new Joseph said to his long time girlfriend. "How long have we been drifting? His girlfriend, Dawn said, "What do you mean, How Long?" "Now why had he asked that?" she thought to herself. Then Dawn communicated again. "Joseph?" "Yes?" He said. Dawn tried again. "Joseph. See that group of Galaxies over here." Joseph said, "Yes." "Well. We've been drifting since they were over there." Joseph pondered this. A part of him said, "That would have been trillions of years." Now how had he known that? He and Dawn had been drifting blissfuly happy and alone for trillions of years in their so called Dark Matter love nest. After all, what was time to the Drifters as they called themselves. They knew some of their distant relatives as well as their parents had created Galaxies and had gotten all busy with themselves but after all he and Dawn were just teen age lovers. They weren't even married yet. Creating Galaxies and running them was very serious business. If you created a galaxy then you had to run it and then protect it from all comers. What a complete pain in the butt that was. Adult Drifters called themselves Creators. What a bunch of Hooey. You'd think they all thought they were all better than us drifters. After all, what was better than just drifting? Who needs the commitment of making and maintaining a galaxy and having trillions of kids who depend on you. What a bunch of crap that was!
"Oh Joseph! By the way I'm pregnant. You need to create a Galaxy for our kids to grow up in." Joseph was struck dumb. The terrible moment had arrived. He either had to ditch her and the kids which could cause her and the kids to die of starvation or he had to agitate time and space to create a moving flux between matter and antimatter for her and eventually the kids to feed on. His parents had always told him this day would come. They kept telling him about this until he and Dawn had eloped off into the void somewhere into their Dark Matter drifting paradise of love.
Joseph already was feeling agitated. He didn't know whether he was happy or angry. Maybe a little of both. He sensed his children reaching out of Dawn's womb for help, for their survival. He started to jump and vibrate in a way he'd never had as a child or teenager. Dawn said, "Oh, Joseph. You are so amazing." He really got into the act now. The dark matter started to spark in anger and fury as oscillations between matter and antimatter began. The sparks stung his sides. Joseph screamed in pain at first but then he remembered what his father had told him. Dad had said, "Oscillate but then watch so you can avoid the sparks because they can be deadly." So Joseph oscillated and then rested a moment so he could avoid the worst sparks. Later he realized that the sparks didn't hurt Dawn. So Joseph taught Dawn to eat the sparks that rose from the oscillations. She grew bigger and more ominous each time she did this until she was bigger than him. He got a little scared. Then he remembered how his father had said male Drifters when turned into Creator men couldn't eat sparks. They could only eat the smaller even streams of plasma. So Joseph created a small plasma stream and then fed on it. It tasted good like liquid light. He father always had said these streams were magic and were the essence of adult creator life. For some reasons his oscillations took less energy than the energy plasma that resulted. He immediately saw that this was because of the pendulum effect between matter and then antimatter then matter then antimatter before it moved toward subsiding a long time later. So Joseph found by experimenting that he sould swing the doorway once and then feed at least four times along with Dawn and the kids feeding and then if he repeated it before the fourth swing many times in succession he could supercharge the whole arena up into an entirely different space time matter antimatter continuum. As the kids grew the boys started to emulate Dad and took turns "supercharging" and "superchugging" the matter antimatter continuum. Joseph started to notice that dust on the matter side was starting to coalesce into Stars and Nebulae. Dawn said, "Oh, look at all the pretty colors, Joseph. Do that again. Ohhh!" So the boys and Joseph started to become artists to impress Dawn and all the girls. By this time there were about 1/2 million children. Joseph and Dawn were now seen as the Patriarch and Matriarch of this galaxy and of course, Mom and Dad. Sometimes, Mom and Dad and about half of the kids at a time would go out to the edge of their home light show so they could all see their relatives light shows in other galaxies. Sometimes relatives from other Galaxies light shows would come to visit and meet the half million kids and their parents. Millions and millions of real time years had passed now and the kids were growing up.
As Joseph was resting one eon with Dawn he heard a voice. It was his Grandfather ARcane. It was ARcane Celeste. "Joseph, Please come speak with me." Joseph knew he was dreaming. In his dream he met Grandpa and Grandma Arcane Celeste. Arcane Celeste said, "Joseph, how do you like family life?" Joseph said, "I like it Grandpa. Can I stay here?" "Just a little longer, Joseph." said Arcane Celeste.
Note: Author's reference following from Joseph on Vacation file on laptop as of 4-12-04 endnote.
Written April 7th 2004
When the Creators Arcane Celeste returned to the Galactic Core and remembered they were the creators of the Milky Way Galaxy they realized that Joseph had been the Galactic Sentience that they had installed in their place temporarily. (a billion years or so)By this time Joseph had been on the job this one billion years while Arcane and Celeste had chosen to temporarily forget that they were the creators of the galaxy in order to recreate themselves. All Creators can potentially do this because they don't live in time and space at least as we know it. In fact, to their basic time sense the galaxy only exists an instant and looks a lot to them like a large fireworks going off in the air would to us. However, they also have the ability to "bend" time by oscillating between matter and antimatter universes at specific frequencies that cause them to run time at any speed and to literally go to any time and at any size past, present or future that they wish. This is an art like learning to ride a boogy board or surf board in the ocean is for us and their point of view actually doing this is quite similar to the experience of surfing for a human on earth.
I'll recount the Joseph story from the top of my head. Once Joseph decided to forget who he was for a period of recreation of his consciousness he was put into Arcane and Celeste's memories of creating the Galaxy since he is one of their many grandsons who they had chosen to be the Galactic Sentience. Joseph was chosen to be in charge while Arcane and Celeste were manifesting as various kinds of physical and other types of beings over that same period of approximately 1 billion years at least as humans know time.
In this consciously created dream, Joseph becomes a Drifter and Celeste becomes Dawn for this memory recreation. So Joseph and Dawn begin to remember their childhood in the two different Galaxies they were raised in while visiting Joseph's home in the Orion Nebula. When they first got together there was opposition to their relationship within both his family and hers. So they decided to avoid all these family issues by leaving all galaxies since most nearby galaxies were created by relatives. Joseph and Dawn just began to drift out into dark matter away from all galaxies and away from both their families. There is a tradition of doing this form of self exile which sometimes turns into beginning both a family and a galaxy to feed the family. Joseph and Dawn drifted like this for an unimaginable period of time for a human. Since Joseph and Dawn had not become Creators yet they were still Drifters which is a stage of development comparable to unmarried teenagers. To become a full creator one must marry and begin to have children. That is how one becomes a full fledged Creator. The Creators of a galaxy have a special revered status for Creators, however as very few that go away from their home galaxies and into dark matter survive to create Galaxies. Many die of lonelines or isolation from other creators and drifters. Also a Creator in Drifter stage is not really a matter-antimatter being yet. When he or she leaves the galaxy and all contact with other creators or drifters he or she could be refered to as a Dark matter being without form at least as humans know it.
Since I cannot scientifically describe what Dark Matter really is I will simply say that it exists and that one of the pre-creators' stages of development over billions and billions of years is as a dark matter being.
Here I must point out that not all creators choose to create galaxies, most just live within their extended families within galaxies and sometimes create nebulae within those galaxies. Only the most independant leave the galaxy with a girlfriend or alone. Only those with a girlfriend who becomes pregnant even try to create a galaxy for their children to feed on and prosper. Many who go this path fail or die or both so it is not a path for the faint of heart. Joseph and Dawn in this dream recreation are able to survive and live somehow in Dark matter and didn't have to live in galaxies to survive. They didn't need air, nor water, or food at least as we know it. They were able to live marginally somehow drifting and consuming dark matter to maintain life in their pre-creator bodies. They had not yet been forced by a pregnancy to become matter-antimatter beings in order to feed matter energy and antimatte energy to their offspring so they could grow and survive for multi billions of years.
It is my personal belief that the chance of success of such a couple venturing out was and is about the chance of the first settlers in the western United States having to brave weather, the elements, starvation, hostile indians, illness, childbirth without a doctor or even a sanitary environment etc.
When a pre-creator or Drifter which is sort of a teen-age couple decides to be a parent or accidentally becomes a parent the male must care for the female and the children or she will die in childbirth if she cannot be rescued by her family or friends in her home galaxy.
In order to feed his pregnant girlfriend or wife, the male drifter begins to oscillate dark matter between matter and antimatter.
Note:In order to more fully comprehend this process, I am illustrating a type of metamorphosis similar to what a person experiences when they go to sleep and then dream such a prophetic dream that it completely changes their life when they wake up.
Another metaphor is the dragonfly who before he unfurls his or her wings lives underwater crawling usually along under the water in a lake or stream. Then he or she crawls up onto a hopefully dry rock, floating log or dry ground and cracks open his or her shell and unfurls his or her wet wings and lets them dry and then flies away into the sky. Such is the metamorphosis that teenage parent pre-creators go through to survive and become Co-Creators of a galaxy.
These are my real experiences as a mystic, adept and as a precognitive psychic. I see what I am writing much the same as all the shamans and priests, seers and prophets all around the world who can really SEE and who tell creation stories. It is in the same tradition as the tribal shamans who told the creation stories.
It is my hope that you too will write your own creation stories or histories that empower you and your children in your lives and on into the future as well. end note
Dawn is a part being played in this recreating dream of Joseph that is being lived in a living dream by both Joseph and Celeste. Arcane returns to being The Galactic Sentience for a time while Dawn occupies Joseph in this pursuit of the healing of Joseph or better said the Recreation of Joseph. This healing and recreating dream Joseph is now having totaly empowers Joseph in totally new directions. In his physical life when Joseph awakes from his recreating dream he may choose to find an eligible female Creator to mary and have children and therby evolve beyond his role as a monastic or solitary military strategist that has kept the Milky Way safe and secure for over 1 billion years. When Joseph returns from his dream it is likely optional whether he returns to being the Galactic Sentience or whether Arcane will return to his original place or whether some other Galactic Sentience will be chosen. There are always 10 to 20 Creators in training at all times to ensure that there is always a trained Galactic Sentience available to serve in that role. This is to ensure that there will never be a gap in Galactic leadership among the Creators of the Milky Way Galaxy.
Joseph was on of Arcane and Celeste the Creators' exceptional grandchildren. Joseph was then trained by Arcane and Celeste the Creators to run the galaxy in their perceptual absense. Joseph's father was the son of Arcane and Celeste and Joseph's mother was from another nearby galaxy. Joseph's father was inspired by his fathre Arcane Creator and so Joseph's father began creating a nebulae. He created the Orion Nebulae as a personal lifework. Joseph's mother whose name is Cassiopeia and his father created the Orion Nebbulae together. Then when Joseph was born he helped maintain the Orion Nebule. Since a nebulae is in many ways a micro galaxy, Joseph was asked to become the next Galactic Sentience by Arcane Creator and Celeste Creator.
This is why when I as a 21 or 22 year old asked to meet god I met Joseph who appeared to me as the God who had created me while I found myself soul travelling in the Orion Nebulae. All the creators are literally Gods but they function more like the Gods of the Greek Pantheon. There are basic laws of the universe within which all creators function. So they are very much to the physical universe what humans are to earth. The oldest creators tend to be the leaders for they are the ones who have survived the longest and hopefully have become the most wise in the process.
So this takes me back to what is God and what is life? "I think therefore I am." Then I could say. "What am I?" "What is me?" I would then say I am a part of the active consciousness of the Creator of this Galaxy who is recreating himself and herself through thousands and possibly millions of incarnations throughout the galaxy simaltaneously. Because I am a part of the Creators of this galaxy I am Galactic Royalty. And what might that make you? My answer would be look within yourself and around you for the truth. Seek and you shall find!
And so when Joseph came to me in the Orion Nebulae when I was 21 or 22 he told me that he was the God that created me. I believed him as he was not human but pure energy. I knew powerfully in my soul what he told me was true. However, in reality I, as a part of the Creators of this galaxy was actually put to sleep by my grandson the appointed Galactic Sentience and put into thousands to millions of incarnations as humans and other types of beings in order to recreate my awareness for ongoing immortality as a Creator. For Creators are not bound by the laws of time as space as temporary mortal humans are. To know you are the creator manifested in human form gives me the strength to go on and to be compassionate and helpful to all sentient beings.
Another way to say it would be to say that when Joseph came to me he was the God that created me in that he oversaw a part of my consciousnes which pretended to be a human on earth. Arcane, Co-creator of this Galaxy who became Fred, a child on earth but still built in the image of the Creator. In this sense I am created in the image of the God that I am. I was built to temporarily not remember who I really was until it was useful both to Fred and to the Galaxy, to Arcane Co-Creator and to Joseph the present Galactic Sentience.
Joseph was representative of the God that created me. And so my grandson came to me and told me who I was and empowered me to go on living as a human and a godman upon earth and to be kind and helpful to all beings as both Jesus and Buddha taught. And so Joseph even though my grandson was acting as a surrogate parent or uncle in telling me the rules of behavior to go on living as a god in human form on earth. He gave me excellent rules of advice in order to behave properly as a God in human form on Earth. Because what IAM is much more than a human and this encompasses infinite states of awareness. And so if we are all aware of it then we we are all Living Buddhas or Christs if you Will!
Notes on my life as A Ray In by Celeste Weaver
Since it is now November 2005 and I will be alive for another thousand years it is time in my heart to speak to you about A Ray In who was a previous incarnation of myself.
First of all I must tell you that A Ray In was not the mother of His Oneness. I would like to take credit for that but it is mostly Jonathan's doing because of his own issues. Elohar was the real mother of His Oneness. This was an issue for Jonathan because Elohar is the next incarnation of his mother. It is quite understandable that he would feel this way because reincarnation does push a lot of people's buttons when these kind of issues arise.
Second, though it is not a nice subject I caused the fall of Tech Noir and his government on Isfahel. The Oracle of New Deva told me as a young woman that I would have to die horribly to save my planet and people New Deva from extinction. The Oracle told me to go to Tech Noir and to seduce him. Since I was both a Saint and a virgin at the time I could thereby capture his essence and leave him powerless. Though I knew I would die in this process and leave my beloved Arcane alone I gladly gave up my life for my people. For this I became an even more powerful Saint in Death to my people and along with Arcane we became the two Lost Hero Saints most beloved by my people of New Deva.
However, you must realize reading this that I died for real and Arcane was like a walking robot for some time in living on like a ghost without me or his planet or his people. Only by throwing himself physically and spiritually into his work as a member of the Galactic Time Guard and the civilizations of Earth could he stay alive at all. His first wish was to die with me.
I convinced him from coaching him after my death to go on. First, I demanded him to give the Coup De Grace (Death Blow) to Tech Noir and then to leave New Deva never to return in any time after the 6 months of celibrating the demise of Tech Noir and the saving of our planet New Deva.
It could be said that my sacrifice and Arcane's sacrifice saved our civilization. I could also be said that both Arcane and I paid a terrible price for the saving of our planet and civilization.
Arcane and A Ray In Meet as young people
Yes. I remember it well. Remember. I was Fire Crystal just before becoming A Ray In. I took Arcane when he was the boy, Darshan, to Heaven with me. I stayed there with him. Then I left and had him eventually follow me to New Deva. So when Arcane was 11 I was 15.
I met him at the Temple of the Dragons of Compassion. I had been eagerly waiting for him to arrive. After the Teacher Oracle of our Order took over Arcane's body he was still in shock and walked out. Since I was a very gifted Seer I observed all that took place at a distance. As he walked out of the body takeover (which by the way many do not survive!) I was waiting for him. His face paled from the experience he had just had and his consciousness was still in shock.
I walked up to Arcane in the radiantly beautiful form I wore at 15 and enveloped him in my consciousness. He looked at me as if he was in a dream. I called out to him, "Darshan! Do you remember me?" Arcane almost fainted but in his courageous way he stood his ground. He said, "Fire Crystal! Where have you been? I have been looking for you my whole life!" Since I was much taller than he at 15 than he at age 11 I embraced him and we were one. That moment convinced us both that we were each others 'One and Only'. This relationship was sealed and Holy until my death which was caused by Tech Noir. When Tech Noir realized what I had done to destroy him he had his closest officers rape me until I died.
Arcane is too much of a gentleman to tell you any of this. I honor him for that. However, I want you to know what an awful heinous being Tech Noir really was. He really did deserve to die the second death! And not just on my account either!
note: (The Second death is the death of a Soul. As you may know in physics nothing can either be created or destroyed. It only can be transformed into somtthing else. Likewise a soul still remains a soul. However, the second death permanently removes all previous memories of the soul. The soul returns to perfect innocense once again.) end note.
When I was dying I psychicly screamed for Arcane. He then heard me and observed all that was happenning. Arcane and Tech Noir locked for a moment in a long distance psychic battle. Then Arcane saw that I must be saved so he yanked my soul permanently out of my body with Eridian's help. At this moment, Tech Noir was completely terrified and broken in a way you couldn't even imagine. At that moment I realized I had completely destroyed Tech Noir's will to live. I knew that moment that Arcane both could and would take his body and that he would die the Second Death! I knew my heinous death would be revenged by God through Arcane and Eridian and that my culture and world and all I held near and dear would be saved! Though deeply in pain on all levels I still maintained mental clarity while watching the soul death present in Tech Noir's eyes I permanently left my beautiful but now broken body.
You have all heard the saying of:" Behind every great man is a great woman". Well I have another saying: "Behind the fall of every great man is a great woman". Women support men or they destroy them. That is the blunt and honest truth. It cuts both ways.
After I separated from my body as A Ray In I still had a very strong will even stronger than Arcane's. However, I was a spiritual and emotional wreck so I went to Earth's heavens to be healed as New Deva's heavens were not the appropriate place to go just yet. Within 100 years I went to the New Deva Heavens but soon after that I was born as Celeste Weaver on a non religious planet based totally upon humanitarianism with all religions outlawed. It wasn't that people weren't allowed to believe in God. It was that they weren't allowed to organize any religions. As a result when children became adults on my planet sometimes they moved to planets that allowed religions. My planet was not Godless it was just religionless. So people had altars in their homes to pray to whatever God or Gods they believed in but that was as far as it went. People still were allowed to talk about God and even to study about God and religions they just weren't allowed to organze religions.
A Ray In was a turning point for me. Up until my incarnations of Fire Crystal and A Ray In I had been moving toward more and more altruistic goals as a soul. The damage done to my soul as A Ray In turned me another direction away from religions and towards humanism. I still was just a spiritual a person and soul. However, it took on new kinds of meanings in a humanistic based society. The settlers of my homeworld. We called our world Humanity One. (There were eventually founded Humanity One through Ten. So in the end there were 10 worlds that aligned in this type of world government that did not allow religions. However, it must be noted that we eventually had the same problem with Atheists that Earth in your time has with Extremists in Religions.
In other words Atheists, since they were not a religion with a God, organized and said that all people who believed in God should be mindwiped (have their memories scrubbed) and so a civil war began on Humanity One which wiped out half our population about 100 years after I grew up and left there. Since I am older than that now I have already lost almost half my relatives that remained on Humanity One since I left in this awful War. So as you can see even if you eliminate religions, people still find ways of creating havoc whether through atheism, science or even sports. On some planets people are so loyal to their sports teams that they battle for weeks if their team loses. In the end if people aren't happy for any reason at all they find some stupid reason or other to be violent and to wipe out half or more of their species on any given planet.
The Theme of this page is the life of Celeste Weaver which is her third incarnation in the memories series. First she is Fire Crystal with Darshan, the boy in Lord Fire. Then she is Ah Ray in (arayin) a female saint on New Deva. Then she reincarnates as Celeste Weaver on a humanistically based planet with no religions and comes to earth and meets Arcane, her betrothed before she was murdered by Tech Noir on the planet Isfahel. Arcane and Celeste meet (by accident?) on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in 1987.

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