Wednesday, March 27, 2019

IF you have an Iphone Smartphone and use Safari for online stuff

If your phone seems sluggish you can delete cookies and other stuff by going into Settings first.
Once you are in "Settting" slide down until you get to "Safari". Now click "Safari and go down until you see in Blue lettering usually "Clear History and Website Data". Now Click on "Clear history and Website Data" This should make your IPhone run faster. I usually do this either once a week or once a month but for people who use their phones for business some of them do this every day. However, it will also make you log into whatever you were in and all your windows likely will disappear too so you will have to bring up new windows for online stuff you are doing in the future.

The primary thing this deletes that I like is "Cookies". They do absolutely nothing useful for me personally so I want them gone yesterday. But, if you prevent them from happening some websites won't let you visit there at all. So, this is a better way to do it than stopping all cookies from entering your phone and still having access to the websites in the first place. Cookies just slow down your computer and smartphone and that's all.

In regard to your computer if you are using Chrome like I am now presently you just go up to "History" at the top of the page and click on "History". A window should drop down and go down to
"Show full history". If you click on that then look down on that window to where it says "Clear Browsing Data". If you click on that it should drop down a smaller window and if you are in the "Advanced mode" at the top then at the bottom it says: "Clear Data". However, unless you are really techie and know what you are doing do NOT click any more boxes to the left than are already clicked or your computer might not work anymore before you click "Clear Data".

I do both these things either once a week for Iphone and Macbook Pro or once a month or whenever I think to do this to keep them running at top speed ongoing and not slowing down because they are choking on cookies.

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