Thursday, March 28, 2019

Moving North won't necessarily save you from Global Warming

And Global Climate Changes.

If you read the last article about temperatures 40 degrees above normal in Alaska, maybe you will understand this.

The reason moving north won't necessarily save you from cooking to death somewhere outside is that chaos is what we now have worldwide a lot, especially in places like Canada and Alaska and likely Siberia in Russia. So, just moving north by itself and building a farm isn't necessarily going to save you from hotter weather because of chaotic weather various places around the world.

However, if you don't live in a flood plain or a place that could become a flood plain (like we have often now in California) living underground might help some in that you wouldn't have to heat or cool an underground house much, just light it and make sure you have enough fresh air. The time to change air likely would be a night when it is the least hot out by the way during summers or the reverse during winters you would change air in the underground house during the hottest parts of the day so you have enough oxygen to breathe ongoing as close to the temperature you want it to be ongoing.

Most places underground stay around 55 to 65 degrees once you are about 2 to 3 feet underground year around. So then, the air is what you have to change periodically so you have enough oxygen to breathe at a temperature you are happy with.

The happiest people with "underground" homes seem to build into the side of hills so they can have one wall that is mostly glass and they can see out from the room nearest the glass. Then the other 3 main walls are surrounded by earth and rocks which insulates the home from both heat and cold year around. Or another solution is to build a cement house and then put dirt 1 to 3 or more feet deep all over the roof and side walls. If you do this then often you have windows on your front of your home and windows on the back of your home and the rest is covered by cement, rebar and dirt and sometimes people have a lawn on top of their home when they build like this.

So, there actually are many many creative ways to keep your home a temperature you want it to be year around in pretty much any climate on earth by building underground (if you aren't in a flood plain). But, it should be said that doing this is more expensive usually than ordinary ways of building homes around the world. But, over time it will save you money in heating and air conditioning too over the years.

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