Saturday, March 30, 2019


The migrations of people migrating so they aren't killed by Gangs in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are only going to increase over time leaving Ghost towns behind them. Why?

Because Gangs are the only way for many to survive. Then they make the people who work for a living pay and pay and pay fees or they will kill them. And it doesn't matter if someone is sick or injured there is no reduction of these fees. And if people don't pay these fees they have to either run away from their businesses and jobs or they will be killed on site along with all of their relatives.

That Trump thinks he can stop migrations like this is sort of ridiculous and unrealistic in the extreme.

That people think they can stop the migrations of Sunni Muslims and others from places like Syria and Libya and other North African nations is silly too.

Migrations worldwide are just starting caused by Global Climate change and bad governments just getting worse over time. All this will get 100 times worse this century because of Global Climate change everywhere on earth 3rd world nation by 3rd world nation around the world.

The problem is collapsing 3rd world nations are also places where Terrorist Groups and Drug Lords tend to hang out too which makes all this 10 times or more worse many places on earth and this likely will continue throughout this century too.

Trump is ridiculous and "Showboating" to think closing the border will stop illegals from entering this country. He is only doing this for his base because they often have no idea what is really going on in other countries anyway because they are just too ethnocentric to begin with.

I'm thinking that Trump might direct enough attention to the real problems to begin to help find some sort of solution in the short and long run. However, this "showboating" creates no solutions in the short run and only will make many Americans and Mexicans and other suffer unimaginable harm economically. I'm thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 500,000 jobs and countless businesses   in the U.S. will be harmed if Trump Closes the border with Mexico. Mexico has no control really over Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador by the way. They are independent nations. So, what Trump is doing is counterproductive (at least in the short run) for everyone in North, South and Central America.

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