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"Memories" Chapter 19: "There's always more to learn"

If you are a being for whom time and space and breathing and water and food (at least food as we know it) is not where humans are at then Life becomes  more like a painting done by a Great and amazing artist which can be changed and modified whenever the artist wants to. And since at any point in time past, present and future, any aspect or big event can be changed, you aren't as worried as we are here on earth about staying alive every moment. Because you are never going to die (unless it is from boredom) basically. Why?

Because your natural state is not even in Time and Space to begin with. Your natural state of being has nothing at all to do with time and space which is ONLY present in a matter universe but not in an anti-matter universe or in Dark or Unknown matter which actually comprises 96% of the known universe. Because Galaxies are likely less then 4% of the known universe to begin with. And even if we are talking about Matter galaxies like the Milky Way, from my way of thinking that would only be 2% at most of the known universe because 2% would have to be the anti-matter galaxies most easily reached by going through the Black Hole in the center of each and every galaxy.

So, Time and space ONLY exists in matter galaxies and that is likely less than 2 % of the known universe to begin with.

So, from this Galactic Sentience and Creator point of view there is peace and there is tranquility because you will create peace and tranquility whenever and wherever you see fit in the Galaxy and to some degree in the whole universe even beyond this galaxy.

So, from this point of view all time and space within this Milky Way Galaxy can be changed past, present or future any any point and for any reason.

This is the perspective of the Creators who see this Galaxy more like a farm they have built in space to better feed all their family's progeny for millions or billions of years into the past, present and future.

So, until you master thinking in this way, you really don't get anything at all about who and what and how the Creators of any galaxy actually are.

And creators don't need to breathe air ever, don't need to drink water ever, and don't need anything but energy to live which might come from separating Dark or unknown matter into matter and anti-matter galaxies in the first place which is why the Milky Way Galaxy was built as a farm for Creator children to be better fed as they grow up in the first place.

So, if you think of this galaxy as like all the farms that settlers first built when coming to the "NEW" lands of America in the 1500s and 1600s, maybe this is the best way to perceive what galaxies actually are from the point of view of those that created them in the first place.

Since a Galactic Sentience doesn't live in any one time and space but can go to any time and space whenever he wants to, it changes how humans must think of everything.

Because whether the Galactic Sentience of this Galaxy or any other is a God or not to be like this is to be a literal God of all life within a Galaxy. Even if this is seen as a military or political being or just a leader of the galaxy. Because he has the power and the authority According to Multi-Galactic Rights and law to change anything at any moment in any time or space within his Galaxy, within our Milky Way Galaxy.

That being said when the Galactic Sentience found the thousands of time lines that Tech Noir had created illegally that were created within Earth's Time Tree because it was possible to do this (unlike within most planets in the Milky Way Galaxy) his thought was: This is interesting!

Humans likely would have a different reaction than this. Because from the perspective of a Real Galactic Sentience (not a fictitious one) is not how a human would think about all this at all.

So, for him, this was interesting because he hadn't seen this sort of thing in his galaxy before and wanted to know "How many other planets have Time Trees this expansive in the Milky Way Galaxy and I want to know now where they are so I can go back to the moment they were created to know what is going on now there and not only now but all nows from the moment of their creation until now and forward in all time lines existing that are authorized to continue?"

His Oneness of Earth:

I was thinking that when many people died on Lemuria because of another Galaxy eliminating Timelines that it didn't want and the waves that occurred from that caused His Oneness to Create a dimension where some of the Lemurians could survive and never die. My thought, my belief is this became known as Shamballa to Tibetans which is one of their heaven realms they most want to got to. So, Tibetan Buddhists, including myself have received the Kalachakra Tantra a lot before they pass on so they can then go to the Shamballa Heaven created by His Oneness during Lemuria to avoid the Time waves which killed most other human life on earth at that time.

Eventually, earth was recolonized by people who were saved in Shamballa who wished to repopulate earth as well as some from other planets who had found ways to survive this time.

Here is what I found regarding all this from:

New Lemuria- New Lemuria was established when a message from another galaxy to this one warped the time space continuum of earth temporarily. It was thought by His Oneness, the last and present ruler of the Lemurians that a dimensional stasis should be established with entry points at places like Mt. Shasta, (a Lemurian library and archive) and Mt. Kailash, an Asian holy mountain and other places in the material world. The purpose of this stasis was to continue to exist and to govern the 500+ planetary colonies of Lemuria and to control the time-space of earth and those colonies on behalf of the Galactic Sentience and the Galactic Government. All the present civilizations on earth are considered the children of Lemuria and are generally treated well by the New Lemurian Stasis. The New Lemurian Stasis is always protected by the Galactic Sentience and the Galactic Governing Council. I personally believe that New Lemuria is Shamballa which is located over the Gobi Desert and Sometimes the Himalayas in another dimension.
end quote:

So, from this point of view, Shamballa is a remnant of Lemuria after the Time Storm (which I suppose also could have been perceived as a "message" from another galaxy at the time. In other words the other galaxy doing this obviously was under some real pressure to do this and so had to give some kind of reason for all the havoc created in this galaxy by so doing.

I'm thinking off the top of my head now that time travel would have been one way to survive this at that time but doing that with thousands or more people even on earth would have been difficult to impossible then. But, on other more developed planets likely they might have just shoved thousands to millions of people either forwards or backwards in time a certain amount to save them (if they understood how long the time waves were going to affect everyone from another galaxy in the first place.

But, also, time travel might have also been difficult to impossible because Earth was also being hit with Time Waves from another galaxy so this likely would be difficult to survive possibly while traveling time as well. So, in regard to earth there likely were many many factors in play including preventing the complete extinction of all humans on earth at that time. It is also possible that the real Noah's Ark was Shamballa in the first place in order to re-introduce animals and species to earth once the Time Waves from another Galaxy ceased. So, Noah's ark could also have been dimensional and took place on Atlantis and Lemuria. So, Atlantis might have been a big boat and the Lemurian Noah's Ark could have been dimensional to preserve human and animals here on earth.

How would the Lemurian one actually have worked?

I'm thinking (and this is just my speculation) However, because I'm an intuitive often I'm right on about stuff like this: The way it could have been done was either to freeze the ovum and sperm of every species presently on earth in Shamballa and then when it was safe to reintroduce it in some way to regain all the necessary species on land and sea and lake and air for Earth to continue a multiplicity of life upon it ongoing.

Or like with Noah's Ark take one to 8 pairs of breeding stock of every needed species into New Lemuria until the Time Waves had all passed and then reintroduce all the breeding pairs onto earth as was practical and useful to everyone and the planet.

Geneticists are doing similar things now here in 2019 with some species just in trying to keep them alive and going when they all lose their natural habitats here on earth one by one.

Because Time Travel is very secret and many many humans have been killed on earth to keep this secret by the way by the most technologically advanced nations on earth, it is also possible to travel back in time and bring breeding pairs of animals from literally any time period forward to the present or any other desired period here on earth as well.

So, though you might grieve for species lost in the last 100 or more years they are not permanently lost, just during this time period and that's all.

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