Saturday, March 30, 2019

What some people call God might be a unknown matter being that doesn't naturally live in time and space

After having spent a year with the Galactic Sentience and other Creators who remind me of Zeus and that pantheon or Odin and that pantheon the most I realized what many people believed in (including myself in 1970) was something else than this since I was raised a Mystical Christian from birth and both my parents were Mystical Christian Ministers, especially from when I was 6 to 12 years of age when they ran their own church in Los Angeles while I was growing up.

So,Soul traveling to the Galactic core for the specific purpose of preventing nuclear war on earth by talking to God there, I was surprised (at the very least) of what I actually found in the Galactic Core and it has taken me about 50 years since then to more completely understand what happened to me.

So, my conclusion is that what many people might call God (and the ancient Greeks called Zeus) and the Nordics called "Odin" is more like what I found there in the core of our galaxy while I visited for about a year there. However, then the next morning (8 to 12 hours later) I woke up back on earth after spending a year there with them all after soul traveling there.

Soul travel is a really strange thing if you do it like i did. At the time I would say in some ways I had more balls than brains simply because I really didn't care if I lived or died. I only cared about one thing then which was I was going to prevent human extinction through nukes so I did by asking help from the Galactic Sentience who agreed to prevent human extinction. His reason at the time I didn't fully understand but he told me that I was one of the incarnations of his Grandfather who along with his Grandmother had created the Galaxy. This was way over my head at the time and I had no idea what to do with this information and it has taken me a lifetime to make full sense of it. Even now 50 years later almost it is a bit much to fathom.

By God's Grace

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