Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Humans are moving towards symbiosis with Artificial intelligence

Is this a good thing?

I'd say it can be both good and bad depending upon the person.

It's sort of like alcohol. A glass of wine a day helps some people calm down and live longer and others with more addictive personalities it eventually kills.

If you see Artificial intelligence like you see Alcohol or other addictive substances (even like being a love addict) then it is easier to understand that a symbiosis with artificial intelligence through various media can be helpful or harmful but usually both.

It's like being a food addict. Most people in the U.S. are food addicts usually especially because of the addictive nature of everything made with sugar or flour. So, in order to seriously lose weight you have to give up temporarily all sugar and all flour in order to turn off the addictive nature of both in your brains.

Likewise, artificial intelligence is addicting in various ways.

Do, I consider myself to be in symbiosis with artificial intelligence because I'm a blogger?

For me, because I'm retired, blogging is a discipline I do sort of like how some people meditate a certain amount of time every day. It helps order my day and make sense of my life. I'm looking around me at the information available online and thinking: "How can this information help not only me but others survive their lives better?"

Because if people don't find ways to survive successfully they are soon gone.

Having lived already 70 years I understand this very well, especially after all the near death experiences so far in my life.

So, I'm trying to share information that helps people survive their lives.

By God's Grace

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