Friday, March 29, 2019

Understanding this site

To the left you have what says "Top 10 Posts". What this REALLY means is that these articles have had more visitors (since the beginning date of this site) than any others.

Next if you look at the Links or word buttons at the very top of this site. These word buttons are the top ten articles read in the last 30 days times from whatever day it is today that you visit the site.

Next to the right are usually all the articles of the last month. For example, today it is still March 2019 so all the articles written this month March are to the right. But, come April 1st you will ONLY see ones in April 2019. I didn't design this part of the page and likely would have done it a little differently because of how hard it might be to find articles you want from previous months and years.

However, there are also two search areas at this site. One at the top left and one just to the right of where you see the date of the last article written near the top of the page.

So far we have had 2,279,527 visits to this site and 100,000 visits in a single month.

Thanks for visiting this site and have a Great Day!

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