Wednesday, March 27, 2019

I started to notice electronic signals being a problem in the 1960s and 1970s

I have always been sensitive to electronic signals likely because I also often receive information from the earth regarding earthquakes directly into my senses. For example, the Loma Prieta Earthquake i knew one month before it happened was coming. I also knew one month before it happened the 2004 Indonesian earthquake and tsunami. But, I didn't know the location of the 2nd one. But, the Loma Prieta Quake when I first got it was coming within a month I knew it was going to hit really hard and I had trouble separating an earthquake from a nuclear blast at first because I knew it was going to hit really hard and people were going to die and houses would be thrown off their foundations one month before it hit.

Also, in reports about Atlantis it is said that one reason Atlantis sunk was electric waves running through the air made people crazy. Recently, we had this sort of problem here at my house. Someone likely crazy tried to break into our house and this scared my wife and so she got a high tech response security wise in our home. However, I told her immediately when I returned from skiing in Mt. Shasta that the added electronic signals from all this was making me sick but she didn't believe me. Then she got into an argument with her friend and they stopped talking to each other completely. I realized last night it was mostly because of this new added layer of electronic signals running through our bodies here. So, I just unplugged everything and today we both are calm from just unplugging all the security equipment.

So, when you add electronics and your family starts arguing you might just unplug security stuff or even your wifi if it isn't set up properly or look on your telephone poles near your home or business for Microwave cell phone nodes because that could be your problem and why you are so irritated. It could all be just too many electronic signals going through your body for you to be able to cope with.

For example, at night your cell phone should be more than 6 feet away from you if you are trying to be safe. Otherwise, it is pinging through your body all night long from the nearest cell tower or node because they do this 24 hours a day as long as your phone is on. Some will continue to do this for 24 to 36 hours even if they are off depending upon the manufacturer or country you are in. So, even if you removed the battery completely some cell phones still ping and give your GPS location for a long time after the battery is completely removed.

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