Monday, March 25, 2019

I write about the Universe the way I actually experience it as an intuitive

I think this is far more honest to write in this way rather than just trying to make things up along the way.

I got this idea of thinking this way when I first started studying the thousands of different religions in native peoples around the world through Cultural Anthropology. When I saw that there literally are thousands of different tribal explanations of how "Everything came to be" I realized just how useful it would be for everyone who can to explain their experiences of the universe.

Often people try to "FIT" themselves into one religion or another. But, I'm not sure how useful that actually is to try to do that.

Instead I think it more useful to have your own personal experience with God, Life and the whole Universe because otherwise you often are trying to force a Square peg into a round hole. In other words your personal experience of the universe is what keeps you alive along with good food and good friends and good air to breathe and good water to drink.

So, if you aren't allowed to think freely about what the universe actually is and go discover it for yourselves then you might easily soon die. Why?

Because otherwise you are living a lie.

And people living a lie often don't live very long.

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