Thursday, March 28, 2019

Who will survive the next 200 years and beyond here on earth?

The Very Lucky and the Very instinctual.

Whether you are intelligent or not might not matter if you aren't given enough useful information to actually survive everything in the first place by the way.

If people aren't speaking actual truth to you then only the lucky, the intuitive and the instinctual actually will survive this.

So, developing your instinctual and intuitive skills might be important. Often people want to learn martial arts and things like this but that is mostly for movies not reality. Conflicts, if you search for them often leave you so PTSD that no one wants to be around you anymore and you die of loneliness in a forest or desert somewhere. So, social skills mostly are important and knowing what to eat and not to eat and how to communicate with people surrounding your area effectively and politely often is the most important thing not being capable of violence.


Walking around like you are capable of violence often is counterproductive in most situations. Walking around unarmed and strong is a whole different thing. Someone walking around confident and strong without weapons often allows effective communication whereas walking around scary and armed is just going to make people feel they have to lie to you and then disappear so you cannot find them.

So, who is going to survive the next 200 years? Those skilled enough to deal effectively with whatever situations they encounter.

For example, one of the many problems I see coming soon is people thinking by moving north that they won't cook from global Warming. This isn't going to work because of fluke situations like the north pole almost regularly now melting out during the winters for awhile and Polar Vortexes moving down and making the Eastern Part of the U.S. or Europe or China like the north pole and then for example, if you have noticed winter weather in Alaska has been 5 to 15 degrees above normal for quite a while and this makes everything weird there too.

So, only by knowing where NOT to be when something bad is about to happen is going to save you or having a building or vehicle to save you from hail the size of your fist or other things like that.

I have only experienced a lot of pain from hail hitting me that was big once in my life and strangely enough this was in August on Mt. Shasta and I and my family had to hide under trees so we wouldn't be injured by the hail. So, California mostly doesn't have hail big enough to kill you like they do often from about Arizona or New Mexico and to the east of there parts of the year. For example, a golf ball sized piece of hail or bigger can kill people, break out your windshields or windows on your car  or break windows and especially skylights in your home. So, you see more skylights in California where you don't get hail that big ever mostly.

So, who will survive the next 200 plus years of crazy weather?

People who are very lucky or intuitive and instinctual. In other words if you are not lucky enough or intuitive and instinctual enough not to be where something bad is going to happen you just won't be around anymore and that's all there is to it.

God Bless us all

By God's Grace

Note: As a lifelong intuitive I'm thinking presently that the amount of people still alive (given all present variables on this timeline) will be about 2 billion people as of 2200 AD almost 200 years form now. The rest likely won't be here because of crazy weather and crazy governments and the inability to grow food because of winds too high and possibly not enough oxygen to breathe because most trees have blown down that make the most oxygen outside of the oceans.

200 years from now (given all present variables) the oceans will be completely dead (at least regarding fish and things people can eat easily).

However, if people get together to re-terraform earth  it could be a whole different story if people band together enough to create something better.

We aren't very efficient here on earth because we have gotten lazy from so many natural resources for so long. Other planets I believe are much more efficient because often they have so many less natural resources than here so they likely had to be much more cooperative and less independent minded than people who live here in the U.S. for example. IF they weren't more cooperative at some point they wouldn't have survived with less resources than we have here in various countries here on earth.

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