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Memories: If you can cut and paste or even if you can't


Memories is an online book I wrote from 1980 until around 2003. I still sometimes write parts of  sequels to this book from time to time as inspired. Below are the urls if you want to read them from intuitivefred 888.  And below that I was able to copy word buttons to all these sites so that likely would be easier than using the URLs.

You might say "What is all this?"  my answer likely would be: "This is not fiction." When I originally wrote it I wrote it starting in the 1980s as therapy for what I had already experienced in my life as a form of therapeutic Science Fiction. However, then when I almost died for 8 months in 1998 and 1999 with a heart virus I realized this wasn't fiction at all but instead past life memories of myself and other souls who have been my friends down through time and many different incarnations through the past, present and future. So, I had to grow enough to see through time that who I am and who you are is much more than you or I tend to presently know. So, I see this now as a Gift "By God's Grace" to us all about our lives as humans both here on earth and on other planets as well as what we all are past, present and future.

However, most of it is more of a rough draft. So maybe the way to see this is it is like you are reading a past, present and future diary more than anything else.

For me it has become a Bible of sorts that God gave to me to share with all of you.

Memories: The Book

I'm putting the web pages(all 11) here for my online book "Memories"

If you wish to see this as Science Fiction or as my experience of my past life memories and some of the memories of my friends and relatives in other lifetimes it is your choice either way as a free being of the universe.

The Galactic Sentience
First Episode of The Protectors
Memories part 1
Memories Part 2
Memories part 3
Memories part 4
Memories part 5
Memories part 6
Memories part 7

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