Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Boy Growing up in the 1950s

First of all, there were a lot less people in the 1950s in the United States. Los Angeles County area wise and city wise was similar to now but in San Diego County the area between Escondido and Oceanside and Encinitas was relatively undeveloped except on the ocean.

I was living in Vista at age 5 and then El Cajon both in San Diego County. I finished Kindergarten there and started first grade in Tujunga which is up against the mountains in Los Angeles County near Sunland. Then at age 8 I moved to Glendale, California where I lived until my last year of High School.

Life was very different then than now for a boy. There were no color TV's (that worked well), no cable tv for the most part, no home computers or internet. However, we still had fun with our BB guns, car and airplane models, .22 rifles and pistols, bicycles, hiking, swimming and reading comics.

By age 4 to 6 most boys were expected in many ways to be as responsible as men. Today most boys are infantalized like only girls used to be then. But then, we were trained even as babies to be ready to fight and die for our country. Especially after World War II (I was born 3 years after World War II) this was true.

There was a complete difference in the way boys were raised and girls were raised. It had been pretty much like this for thousands of years. I think the main reason the all began to change in the late 1960s was basically two reasons: The birth Control Pill and nuclear Weapons. This might sound strange to you but nuclear weapons changed everything. First, everyone thought we were all going to die. But instead of all of us dying we stopped having big wars instead because a big war meant the end of all human beings on earth.

The second big change was the birth control pill which came out in public in 1960. It began immediately to change the lives of young women so they could not get pregnant if they had sex. This upset a lot of women who didn't have this freedom before and it totally rocked the social mores as the birth control pill moved around the world. I don't think people anywhere on earth have completely come to terms with these changes yet in a social sense anywhere even now almost 50 years later. The generation about 5 years older than I were 18 in 1960 that saw the most beginnings of this change to America. I was 12 in 1960 and I remember reading about how shocked everyone was about this in the Reader's Digest at that time.

By age 4 to 6 years old boys like me were expected to be basically grown up. If we weren't grown up we would be knocked down until we acted grown up. We were expected to carry our weight and be able to shoot straight with a gun by age 8, so many times my friends and I would compete as to who was the best shot with a .22 rifle, BB gun, Blowgun, Slingshot, Bow and Arrow etc. Being proficient with weapons was what it was about to protect your family and to feed your family in an emergency by shooting deer or rabbits and such. This history and tradition for boys and men goes back through multiple types of weapons thousands of years unbroken.

I believe if this is ever lost that civilization will end. This tradition is the only one that prevents despots like Hitler and others. The civilian population of earth must always be armed in order to prevent chaos and warlords. People who believe otherwise I don't believe have ever studied history or studied what happens to people who can't protect themselves for thousands of years. People must protect themselves. Whenever it is assigned completely to police or armies they become corrupt and turn against the populations eventually. This is a historical fact. The only way to prevent these kinds of problems is with an armed populace. more later.

Don't Make a Sound Like a Dying Rabbit

We were near Poopout Hill which I believe is next to Slushy Meadows near Mt. San Gorgonio in the San Bernadino National Forest in Southern California. It was a several mile hike up from the closest place we found to park our car.

However, my son's wife was from Brazil and had never been in the mountains of California and had never had an Alpine experience. So my son and I were anxious for her to experience the streams and plants and animals and birds above 5000 feet in elevation. Though Mt. San Gorgonio nearby was over 11,000 feet and and the highest of all southern California peaks we were only trying this time to show her he beautiful alpine meadows and streams.

We left late in the day on our hike after having a difficult day getting there on Interstate 10 from the Palm Springs area and then had a hard time finding the right road to meet up with the trail toward Mt. San Gorgonio as neither my son or I had been up it for over 10 years(even though I had climbed Mt. San Gorgonio when I was 22 in the winter in 1970).

So because we didn't reach the Slushy Meadows area I believe it is called near Poopout Hill? until sunset my son's Brazilian wife was just really enjoying the place and all the beauty. However, then it began to get dark and she then realized there was no electricity, buildings or bathrooms for about 5 to 10 miles from our location. At this point she began to get scared because of never having been in the wilderness in the dark so far from civilization before. Since both my son and I had grown up camping weekends in very remote mountain, desert, and beach locations we didn't think anything of it but she started to get hysterical because this was a completely new experience for her. The sound coming out of her sounded like a dying rabbit and I had to tell her this would only bring mountain lions so she needed to be quiet. This upset her even more but my son and I finally understood just how out of her element and afraid she was. It would be like a person who has never scuba dived to be suddenly in the ocean with sharks. Even with experience for me as a life long Scuba diver and snorkeler I get out of the water if the shark or sharks are bigger than I am just as a matter of course. I learned this over the years. However, if you have weapons and divers are in a circle with their backs toward each other it might be different.

Anyway, we gave her her own flashlight to hold as I had brought 3 along and my son had one too. We also brought water and protein bars and warm clothes and hats and gloves as even in the summer it can get very cold very quickly at that altitude(about 4000 feet to 9000 feet). Finally we got back to our car and our drive back to the desert at about 9 pm that evening. We were all tired and grateful to be back where it was warm once again. But there is nothing like the clear aired alpine experience with virgin streams and wilderness untouched by any but hikers and no roads at all there in the wilderness.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Twilight Got me Thinking

Since there are three types of humans beings in Twilight: The humans, the Vampires and the Werewolves I started thinking about all this in terms of both physiological differences, psychological differences and religious differences of two leggeds or humanoids.

Though Twilight is obviously fictitious, it touches powerful chords obviously in fans in much the same way Harry Potter did for a slightly younger crowd, whereas the most avid Twilight fans start with Puberty and go up from there and are mostly but not entirely of the female persuasion.

So, I started thinking about the possibilities of humans designing themselves for different environments, like dusty, humid, underwater, thin air etc. in much the same way that humans have plastic surgery. These types of climate preference or planetary preference type of physiological changes are the next likely set of parameters that humans will attempt to change. First, there will be the military superheroes and I think we are well on our way to that already especially using steroids and other drugs. However, I'm talking about something else. I'm talking about designing things that never were before like gills made of human flesh and cartilage so people wouldn't have to use scuba tanks anymore. Gills could begin to be artificial much like rebreathers are now that don't release any bubbles to the surface. Eventually, from what humans learn they could slowly begin to create humanoid gills so that a person could either breathe air or water.

I think the question here is not if it will happen but when it will happen. I believe people will create adaptations for whatever space or planetary environment they find themselves in or in which they decide to stay. Even if the environment of earth changes significantly from what it is now humans have the potential to redesign ourselves genetically so that even environments today's humans couldn't possibly survive in future genetically modified humans could.

In the past the average temperature at the North Pole was 74 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit. In such an environment most of us would have trouble surviving unless all of us lived near the north or south poles and the equator would likely be mostly abandoned if this happened again. However, we could always genetically adapt ourselves to these new environments.

Most of the time people don't consider this option but remember it is already on the horizon in the arsenal of survival tools that humans are more capable of using every day.

Can a Christian Believe in Reincarnation?

The easy answer is: Of Course! However, if you are a Christian fundamentalist your answer likely would be:No.

However, the basis of my Christianity is this: The spirit of the Law gives life and the letter of the law only Kills Life!

In this sense I am a Christian Mystic which is on a completely different planet than Christian Fundamentalism. For me, my view of a Christian Fundamentalist or for that matter any religious fundamentalist on the planet is that: That kind of dualism only results in the long run in insanity and death of individuals, families, churches and groups. The other thing that I have observed is that fundamentalism of all kinds primary cause is abuse of one kind or another. I have found fundamentalism only exists where there is incest, child abuse, spousal abuse and all the other kinds of abuse swept under the carpet so to speak. Fundamentalism ONLY exists when there are many secrets and lies. It does not thrive anywhere otherwise.

So, can a Christian believe in Reincarnation? That is totally up to you whether this is true or not.

I see all life through both mystical and scientific eyes. As I have grown older I have added shamanic eyes because tribal shamans were the original basis of all science, philosophy and medicine. Even though shamans are frowned upon by the more formal and sophisticated world, it could not even exist at all without them coming first. That is something to think about too.

Solar Wind Strips Venus of Atmosphere

The above image if you can load it is of Venus' atmosphere being blown away from the solar winds. It is mentioned that the reason both Mars and Venus have their atmospheres blown away regularly by solar winds is that they both don't have a magnetosphere like earth does.


No science professional or College physics instructor has answered my question sufficiently of where does the electricity come from that we use everyday that is generated by magnets and coils. For the mechanics of electricity are easy. If you break the magnetic field of a magnet(either natural or manmade) with a coil of copper wire or other useful, usually metal conductor, you create electricity. Virtually all electricity used on earth that is not generated by solar cells is created by breaking the field of a magnet with copper or other coils in a continuous sequence.

So, if the answer to my question is that the magnetically generated electricity that we base all powerful electric motors on is draining the magnetic fields of earth over the long run, then Earth could lose its atmosphere just like Venus and Mars do regularly to the solar winds.

It could be that solar cells to generate electricity might be the only safe way long term to generate electricity on earth. For solar cell electrical generation is in many ways artificial photosynthesis and photosynthesis is the basis of all life on earth. Since Solar Cells imitate photosynthesis they may be long term the only safe way to keep our atmosphere and weather working properly on earth.

Monday, December 29, 2008

An Imaginary conversation with an enlightened Octopus?

Octopus:You are sadder than me even though I am here in the aquarium and not in the ocean like I would prefer.
Fred: You're probably right.
Octopus: Why is that?
Fred: Because even though it is natural for me to be a father which is the primary thing in life that gives me identity, it is not natural for me to be married so it is a discipline.
Octopus:You have the soul of an Octopus.
Fred:That is because I once was one that traveled time and brought humans from Mars and the destroyed Asteroid Belt planet to earth after the larger dinosaurs died form pieces of the Asteroid belt planet hit earth.
Octopus: Maybe you and I are the same spirit?
Fred: Maybe. I don't know for sure.
Octopus: From what you have said maybe it is better for me to be in the aquarium. I think that is better than dying.
Fred: Yes. And you might be an ancestor of Flame, the Octopus that rescues humans from the Asteroid Belt Planet and Mars and brings the survivors to Earth.
Octopus: Yes. I think you may be right.

note: These are the kinds of telepathic conversations that can be experienced with life forms on earth and beyond. All creatures with intelligence enough are at the very least like 2 year old to 12 year old children in communication with them. As long as you are kind and respectful toward them like you would be a family member or child, they will not act to cause you harm. This one thing must be understood. All creatures on earth animal, plant, bird, insect, etc. have defense mechanisms way beyond what scientists now formally recognize. So my advice would be, "If you can't treat all beings with kindness and respect, then your survival may depend upon not communicating in a more formal respectful telepathic way like I am showing here."

Our New Cash Based Debit Card Society

The good news is that those who have chosen to financially survive the times we live in have already paid off their credit card debt and basically stopped using all their credit cards. Or they pay their credit card debt off completely every month on a regular basis.

The bad news is that those who haven't or can't do this may not survive the present economic crisis because who can ever pay off credit card debt at 31% compounded monthly. I can remember the 500 dollar credit card debt that my family incurred in the early 1980s. We paid the minimum payments but put no other charge against the card and wound up owing more than the original 500 dollars after one year of minimum payments. This caused me to get very angry and just pay off the card when I could and to cut it up and throw it away in the trash. Unfortunately, many people now only have credit cards because they are out of cash and are in a catch 22 situation.

We should all be mindful of their predicament. Easy credit is not easy now nor was it ever. To think otherwise is just to live in self delusion.

So we see people using their debit cards(their bank accounts with a visa or mastercard sticker on the plastic card in place of their old credit cards. In this way they know what they can spend and when it is gone every week or month they just stop spending until they get another paycheck. In the long run this is one way to stay financially solvent.

So maybe this financial downturn has some very good things in it to teach us all. Maybe it will increase our savings as well as what we put into our safety deposit boxes or bury in our yards, in our walls, under our mattresses or even as the news reported recently in our cracker boxes with 100 dollar bills.

It sounds to me more like what people did in the 1930s when all the banks failed last time. Only this time most banks haven't failed, they have just stopped loaning us the money we need to run our businesses or buy our cars.

Once again just like the turn of the 20th century in 1900 we are a cash based society once again.

What was interesting to me was that the only retailers that really made a profit this Christmas season were Wal-Mart and This says a lot about how serious the changes have been already in the last couple of years and the really intense changes caused by oil prices spiking at almost $150 dollars a barrel and the subprime debacle.

It is my belief that if our governments had listened to people like myself who all along warned everyone about the danger of subprime loans defaulting we would not be where we are now.

I think our governments were not capable of changing fast enough to survive what we went through because of the interconnectedness of globalization. A whole new system must be devised or we will go through this over and over again every few years. The present system just doesn't work anymore!

Twilight 2

I went to a Sunday night showing of Twilight tonight. It was the second time I have seen it and had a slightly different reaction this time. I was used to a pretty girl falling in love with a vampire that only drinks the blood of wild deer and other animals this time.

And more than ever I could see why young girls and for that matter women of all ages like this movie so much. It is the complete primal nature of this movie. It takes people to what it is like to be a young man or woman and Edward, the vampire, is just a metaphore for all young men in the intensity of primal consciousness caused by extreme testosterone between 13 and 30 for sure and even later for many men. In society we pretend in polite company, at least that all these intensities are not there but all these intensities lie repressed for the most part in all civilized people. So then we wonder when they get loose when a man dies or a woman dies or both die in the tangle of love and the intensity of feelings that one or both can't cope with. And then we say, "Oh that's too bad!" when we here about one or the other or both's deaths. However,at some unspoken level we all know, "There but for the grace of God go all of us."

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Enlightened Octopus

I considered putting my trademark (fiction?) designation before this for those of you who don't believe in telepathic communication between humans or the creatures of Earth and each other or humans.

However, I felt that this was important enough scientifically to not do that. Those of you who have never experienced telepathy or who don't call it that please forgive my 60 years of having telepathy being my most useful tool for survival here on earth. I am alive because of it and I am wealthy because of it and I find all intelligent people who don't die and are wealthy tend to be both very intelligent, very intuitive and very telepathic. These are the big three of wealth I have always found. So not believing in telepathy works to your non survival as a human on earth. It also might prevent you from having the quality life that you deserve.

For me, being truly spiritual (in other words direct communion and communication with God and all his creatures including mankind) is probably the single most important thing one does as a soul anywhere either in a body on earth or before or after living in a body on earth. end of introduction to The Enlightened Octopus.

Communication with Octopi for me began in earnest in 1989 in hotel in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii. We were moving from Hana, Maui to Paia, Hawaii and looking for places to rent in Haiku, and Paia and all around that side of the island. I was sitting in the bathtub and an alien Octopus from the future starting talking to me the way in which shaman of the earth often have communication with unusual beings(at least unusual to humans). This being told me that it was an incarnation of my soul only in this incarnation I was a 10 tall octopi. (If you lifted the Octopi up vertically and let his arms drape it would be 10 feet). So he was very big and he was a time traveling octopus whose race had originated with us. The earliest member was known to him as Prototype or Forerunner. Prototype being the name from human scientists here on earth and Forerunner being the name given this octopus by the geneticaly engineered 10 foot tall octopus originally designed by humans during the next 500 to 1000 years here on earth and designed to colonize water planets alongside of robotic inventions. within 1000 years we send them to colonize one or more worlds and they begin to evolve their own culture after something on one of the planets wipes out humans.(What wipes out the humans is something other than octopi or our robotics.) What kills humans off is an air born disease only found on that planet. However it doesn't affect under sea creatures.

My name for this being that came to me telepathically in a bathtub in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii I call Flame. For when he moves he looks like flame. Later on, his son came and I call him purple flame for that is what he looks like when he moves. If are not a shamanic kind of person please suspend disbelief and take this as a story if you wish at this point.

Flash ahead almost 20 years from this original experience and my studying about the Northern Pacific Octopus from which I believe Flame and Purple Flame are descended. Lately, (In the last 2 years I have found out that Octopi are known to kill sharks by smothering them. (When a shark can't move he drowns). So since Octopi are much smarter than sharks they sometimes kill ones under 5 feet long by smothering them with all parts of their bodies. A shark can't breathe if his gills are completely contained by an octopus. You can see this on youtube if you can find it.

So, I would say the most intelligent creatures in the sea might be sea elephants, dolphins, whales, otters etc. However, these are all sea mammals. But of the water breathers it is the Octopi that I would say are the smartest of todays living creatures. Also, they tend to think more like man than other creatures without hands.

When I was telepathing with an octopus in a public aquarium today I asked him if he knew about Flame and what happens in the past and future. Without batting an eyes so to speak he said "Yes" he knew about this. At first I was shocked but then realized that if an intelligent creature doesn't have to worry about struggling to find food or to worry about being eaten in an aquarium he has "Leisure to Practice". So as a result I met what was the most enlightened Octopus at a 2008 level of enlightenment and very likely in the genetic line of Flame and Blue Flame. I could tell this by the telephathic signature. Just like people have distinct voices and styles of verbal communication, all people and creatures have distinct styles of telepathic communication. Families of a kind of beings share a similar style of telepathic communication. And I could sense the seeds of Flame's and Blue Flame's communication in the one I met today in the aquarium.

However, not to belay the importance of what happened to me today. Tonight when I reached home he said to me since he had created a link with me, "Can you get me out of this aquarium." I said, "You are owned, taken care of by people different then me. I don't have the right to help you in this way. Besides, I'm not sure if he or she could survive in the ocean after being fed and possibly grown up in the aquarium. Just like a domesticated dog might not survive in the wilds with the wolves and coyotes.

However, as both a Shaman and a person who functions most always in life using the Scientific Method: in other words breaking all experiences down into hypotheses, theories and laws and keeping all bits of information I don't understand at present as a question mark inside me waiting for an answer, I'm constantly refining even at age 60 my ideas about reality and the human experience as well as the experiences I have with all beings human or otherwise.

I took a picture with my phone of the octopus and didn't realize at the time he was positioned to watch the people. He or she is a large octopus that looked like his or her arms were at least 4 to 5 feet in length through the glass. When I shot the digital photo to my email address I could see his or her big two eyes looking at me and all the people there watching him. I could see the very intelligent eyes in the photo of the octopus.

This internet address takes you to the archive site of a man who dove with Octopus in Seattle Aquarium and there is video of octopus killing shark indirectly available through this site. Go down to the above picture seen on my article at this man's site. At that point he has word buttons that will take you to where you might see this. Or go to youtube and type "octopus kills shark" or "octopus smothers shark". I think the first one is best at youtube. Good Luck.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Drought, Winds, rain and Snow

Though people are more likely to die of freezing to death in snow or flooding in the short run, in the long run Drought and Winds together ruin the capacity for growing crops which can potentially end smaller civilizations without the wealth to buy foreign food and water.

It is also not useful to say,"Global Warming" because what is actually happening is increasing instability of weather around the world while all the northern polar permafrost and glaciers on earth melt away during the summertime. During the Winter in the Northern Hemisphere the southern polar region melts too. However, since the north pole is over ocean not land like a lot of the Southern polar regions the north pole is expected to be ice free completely for about 4 months a year within 10 years. So "Global Climate Change" and severe uncertainties and instabilities more correctly describe what is happening on most of earth for now. Global warming will begin in earnest only when all or most ice at the north polar ice cap is gone for weeks or months during the year.

Only then will we begin to see some of the more drastic effects of "Global Warming" even though right now groups of peoples like the Eskimos or (native North American continent peoples) who have lived here in North America in Alaska and Canada for 10,000 to 15,000 years or more are seeing their lives drastically change and are now watching their homes slip into the melting permafrost. The tribal elders are having a hard time adapting to so many changes. Probably the younger members of tribes will invent new ways to survive up north.

I have heard a lot less about what is happening in regard to melting in the Southern polar except for major penguin die-off and major ice shelves the size of Rhode Island breaking off into the ocean.

To summarize Drought and winds in many areas of Earth are likely to increase along with unusual weather everywhere caused by the increasing melting of the northern polar regions. Many countries are beginning to plan or are already using the new shipping lanes being created during warmer months north of Alaska and Canada.

Friday, December 26, 2008

What one years worth of family food storage looks like

There are two internet addresses I posted here. The first one is a calculator of how much food per person in your family or group you will need to have one years worth of food per person. I have had experience with this kind only on a month to month basis when I lived very remote (10 miles from the nearest small town) in the early 1980s at about 4000 feet on 2 1/2 acres. My nearest neighbor was about a mile away by car at that time and 7 feet of snow could and did fall at one time during the months of December to April. If we got over about 2 to 3 feet on the ground we moved our cars and trucks about 1 to 3 miles away and skied in and out to our acreage because only we and another neighbor were plowing the roads which can get very expensive in gas and truck repairs very fast from plowing snow off of dirt roads.

The other thing we did we always keep one to two months worth of food in our house in case we were snowed in for a week or more.

I think if you are calculating for a year or more this calculator works fine. However, after you buy all this food, you must then learn how to use it and to rotate it in and out so there isn't an incredible amount of waste. This requires discipline both in what you choose to buy and how you choose to use it.

I'm sure you have been on camping trips like I have and all the best stuff everyone likes is gone the first few days and then there is nothing left but rice, potatoes and little packages of macaroni and cheese the next 5 days to two weeks. Buying one month or one years worth of food can be like this too.

Another experience I have had for several years now is putting canned goods and packaged pasta in my motor home and then like this year forgetting it was there and when I finally checked most of it was outdated which meant I just lost 25 dollars to 50 dollars or more of food that I forgot was still stocked in my motor home. But because of the high cost of Gas this last year I didn't use my motor home except for short trips under 20 miles to walk my dogs and the like and only doing this just to give the motorhome's engine some excercise so the engine keeps healthy as well as all the moving parts on board.

So learning to use and rotate your food stores is half the battle with this kind of thing whether just cans in a motor home or 1 years supply for your whole family. It's great in theory but in practice it is a pain just like most things.

Is it worth learning about and doing? Yes. If you want peace of mind so that if one day there is no food available anywhere for one month or more that you can still feed your family. In the end this is what it is all about: peace of mind.

The second internet address above is an article at Yahoo that inspired the writing of this article.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

2000 to 3000 malls in America to go bankrupt by April

I read about the 2000 to 3000 malls in America that likely will go out of business by april of 2009. This isn't surprising to me. However, I was thinking of a solution for many store operators and owners. One option might be to find a place to live in a house that has dual zoning where it is residential but you also can run a small storefront out of your home. Then either the husband or wife can operate the storefront from home and the other spouse can go out and get another job until the sales climate picks up again for stores. Another option might be to put your items on Ebay or other online sales type of businesses. Another option might be to set up a drop shipment business so your business becomes finding customers and you don't have to store merchandise yourself.

However, to my way of thinking unless you have a lot of cash not credit backing up your Mom and Pop business or have a home dual zoning type of business, right now might not be the time to have a store front in a mall that is going out of business. Even if your business is doing great, if your mall goes under you will have to move your business and that could be very problematic for you.

If we move into a depression it might be important to have a good trade that people need like Doctor, lawyer, nurse, carpenter, electrician, plumber, something like that. In the great depression many people in finance and sales didn't have jobs. In a Depression if that is where we are headed, the people who survive are farmers because people need food, doctors because people always need doctors and nurses to stay alive, carpenters, electricians and plumbers because people always need home and apartment repairs even if nothing new is being built except solar and wind powered electrical generating stations. And that is another business that people will need workers for: Wind and Solar installers, maintainers and people who connect all this to the grid.

Surviving personal income down times

As an adult my personal income down times were around 1980 to 1984 and then 1989 until 1994. Both these periods lasted about 4 or 5 years where I felt like I was financially struggling to keep my family's head above water. However, also during these times I had already decided not to go into debt. During these times I remember one credit card that we had 500 dollars on. We paid the minimum for one year and didn't add any other charges. We owed more after paying the minimum payments after one year than the original 500 dollars. I swore at that time never to use another credit card after that lesson.

Over the years I matured in my understanding and discipline in regard to money and charging and so even though that was true for almost 15 years it was not true during my divorce or after that.

But what I'm writing about here is that ones personal financial down times may or may not coincide with recessions or depressions but the success of ones businesses, jobs, or even the health of a near and dear relative or ones own health. So the important thing here is to take an attitude I talk of often.

"There are no problems only opportunities." This is the attitude of people who recover from adversity. Those who don't take this attitude often never recover. So, most importantly if you don't believe you can recover then you won't. This is unfortunately true.

It may be very important to get angry enough to say to yourself, "I will not let this get me down. I will find a way out of this mess no matter what it takes!" These attitudes help people bounce back from adversity.

It is very important to keep your family, whenever possible off the streets, even if that means taking your family and going camping in a van in an above freezing climate while still looking for work. One way would be to put your furniture in storage, pack everyone in a van and either go visit a friendly relative or friend or find a place to park your van or motor home for a fee or even for free while other members look for work. These days this can work because of cell phones etc.

If there is no work where you are then put your furniture in storage and take your van or motorhome to where there is work. This obviously is not for everyone. But if you are not willing to do whatever it takes to keep your family from living on the streets and as a result becoming very vulnerable both physically and psychologically and medically vulnerable then they likely will wind up on the streets.

Only by being proactive can your family physically, mentally and emotionally prosper. Even without a home or apartment there are many ways to move forward. Don't freeze up so completely that you don't see the obvious options that might save you in all ways.

In these times survival for you and your family means doing whatever it takes to survive. Otherwise, your family might not survive the next few years.

Americans are known throughout the world for their adaptability and creativity and inventiveness. Now is the time for it!

dolphins surf waves together

I found this picture at:

It made me think that ancient hawaiian kings and/or Kahunas who began surfing did so after watching the dolphins surf. I haven't studied this in detail to know for sure but it seems a likely outcome. It likely began with body surfing (surfing without float or boogie board or surfboard) and then later surfing on a floating palm tree and then a board of some kind over the centuries until it slowly evolved into what it is today worldwide.

All Children Are Jesus

Especially, when I have been around a newborn child I experience being in the presence of God. In some ways more than any other time I feel God in a newborn. It is not that God is any less in grownups. It is just all the impossible things we have to think and do to survive and to grow up in this unforgiving world we are born into. So, when I watch a child born (I have delivered two of my three children and I was present at the birth of my third child) and I have been present at several childbirths besides those over the years with friends and relatives. So, for me looking into the eyes of a newborn and in their pure auras I experience God the most powerfully. I experience both the incredible innocense of God and also the absolutely infinite potential of God around newborns.

I was listening to the English Translation of the Midnight mass in Rome by the Pope and of him speaking about how God was born as Jesus. This brought me back to my experience of all children also being God in both innocense and potentiality. For in truth, at all points our children are the future of mankind, the future of God in potentiality. What we will be as humans on earth and beyond we will be through them as they grow up now and in the future.

Literally, All children are Jesus.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Afghan troop surge too much too late?

I agree completely with the above internet article. Because as a precognitive psychic I can clearly see it is too late to accomplish our goals now in Afghanistan because the likelihood now is we will wind up like the old Soviet Union because the Afghans are starving. If we bring them food to live enough they might welcome us but even then after we fed them and prevented further starvation they would still ask us to leave and then make us leave like they did the Soviets.

There is a military truism taught at West Point and other War colleges. It is, "You cannot militarily hold any territory indefinitely if the locals don't want you there."


The above article is called "Spirituality spot Found in Brain" and I found it interesting which also inspired this blog article.

Spirituality came into my life mostly through near death experiences. Expecting to die starting at age 2 over and over again as I lost consciousness as a two year old was terrifying. But I learned after coughing until I couldn't breathe over and over again that actually fighting for breath didn't work and because I learned to pass out in a fatalistic sort of way that I would wake up again. Not fighting for breathe saved my life and took me toward God. It also knocked me down a peg or two and made me a less likely candidate for fights later on in school. This did not mean that I wasn't a very intense person at core. It just meant that my intensity didn't lead toward competition. It took me until my 30s to give this intensity a name. It is a hereditary ruthlessness.

In other words I'm not interested in competition with anyone. I don't attempt anything unless I know I will succeed. This is a quality that I have found all wealthy people have. Also, I don't believe in knocking people out of the way to get where I'm going. I consider this to be a more royal kind of quality of finding ways around people that are problematic. In other words finding a way to reach ones goals no matter what others think, say or do.

This can be infinitely powerful in usefulness in accomplishing spiritual goals as well. By applying this absolute ruthlessness to ones goals tempered with infinite compassion for all life in the universe one naturally moves forward Lion like toward ones goals in a successful way.

For there are no problems, only opportunities in this way of thinking.

Every situation presents opportunities if one only looks for them and is forward thinking enough to do this for not only ones own life but for all the beings around one, human or otherwise. In this compassionate ruthless way we lift up all beings by never giving up no matter what toward our infinitely compassionate march toward enlightenment and the permanent end of suffering of all beings in the universe, past, present and future!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Time Is, Doesn't Pass

Though I was studying around this time with 2 or more Native American Medicine Men I hadn't yet heard the term "Rock People" which is a term refered to by my Karoc Medicine Man friend. So when I was in distress and walked to a cliff near Big Sur thinking things weren't going well one cloudy day in the early 1980s, the rock people decided to break their silence in my life. They talked to me long and deep. At the time what was happening I thought to be a little nuts but I wasn't doing well that day so I listened carefully to what they said. I thought it this is all real then I need to write it down to share with others. Within the next years I heard Charlie talk about the "Rock People". I asked him "Do rock people talk?". He turned to me and said something like, "They have been talking to my people for thousands of years." I felt reassured about my experiences with the cliff rocks near Big Sur after that since this was obviously just another shamanic experience had by Medicine Shamans worldwide for thousands of years.

It also explained why the men in my family can talk to machines like cars or trucks and they will tell them if they are safe or operating right. I think this is the same principle at work. Also, I ask planes before I get on them if they are going to crash and they all seem to know ahead of time somehow so I have learned to ask and they are never wrong. Of course, I don't need to speak with words only my mind to get answers. But I find both rocks and all machines like cars, trucks, planes, boats and likely spaceships would all know what their future was. Therefore, I think you could still call all these machines rock people too. Even though they are made by men they still have consciousness separate from any computer brain or technology. Likely the two kinds of consciousness, rock people consciousness and computer consciousness meld into what we feel when around them.

Just like people and trees I often will get a good or bad feeling about a machine. If it is a plane I'm going to fly on or even a car I'm renting or riding in still the single most important question to ask it is: "Are you safe?" and "Will you be in an accident?" I think this is why I have never been in a bad accident with a vehicle I have talked to first. Also, speaking with a machine like you would a person in a polite way is a form of respect for the being. They feel obligated to respect and to protect you when you mind talk with them. Even if you aren't able to understand their response likely they would be more likely to protect you while using them or riding in them.

Surviving the Future

My other series of articles is "Saving the Future" 1 through 6 I believe. This on the other hand is called Surviving the Future and I haven't decided whether to make this a series of articles too. Time will tell.

When I look into the future (since I'm a lifelong precognitive psychic) and I compare what I see with the 20th Century, I am fairly certain that the 21st Century is much more terrifying in a completely different way than the 20th Century.

Though there likely won't be BIG Wars like World War I or II, there likely will be millions of people dying from bad water, bad air, bad food and no water, no breathable air and no food. However, don't underestimate the death throws of those still alive to throw a rock or Molotov Cocktail (gasoline filled glass bottle with paper or cloth lit fuse) into buildings or vehicles. People if they are still alive and kicking will strike back often with their last breaths on those they consider responsible. It doesn't really matter whether those people in the end are responsible because people close to death are no longer rational especially if they are starving.

So, the biggest issue future humans(next 200 years) will deal with is starving humans and a degrading world ecosystem. It is possible that governments and infrastructure of North America, South America, Europe, India, China, Australia, Maybe Russia and a few other places might be able to keep their ecosystems from degrading into places where nothing can live anymore within 200 years. However, quite likely these areas and nations might be the only few places where governments will protect their ecologies sufficiently to enable renewables: air, water, trees, farmland, some animals, to continue to exist. Most other areas will have to be abandoned as well as areas near to many oceans that become dead zones that burp up air that makes people and animals sick after all ocean life dies that we are accustomed to.

In case you were wondering I'm not making all this up. It is understood by most scientists studying what is presently happening on earth now. There are already many ocean dead zones and all of them are growing quickly. For example, off of Oregon and off of New Orleans in the Gulf of Mexico and various other locations all over earth right now.

The Somalian piracy issue is caused by no real functioning government in Somalia since possibly 1990. The Movie "Blackhawk Down" symbolized how bad it was and is there with Gangs or Islamic Terrorists running most everything there now. It reminds me of Jabba, the Hut's world on Tatoine in the movie Star Wars. In otherwords, Mafia type rules or warlord rules.

This type of breakdown we will see in more and more nations during this present economic downturn worldwide.

So as you can see the problems we faced in the last Century are quite different than the ones we will face now. Of course, there will be many problems I can't foresee and many FUBAR situations. If you don't know what FUBAR means I"ll tell you what UBAR is and you can figure out the rest "Up beyond all recognition" and f is F-----. So if you use your imagination you will figure it out. This was coined during world war II, I believe likely when guys looked at their dead comrades after Pearl harbor in 1941.

I think in the present world economic breakdown there is one good thing about it. All the Madoff ponzi scams likely will collapse and most businesses not functioning right will go out of business. Hopefully, leaving only the strongest, meanest, most efficient businesses on earth left as we move into our next era of life on earth.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Helpful Healing Dreams

I have a friend whose prayer at night is: "Please God may I have Helpful Healing dreams".
This actually works pretty good. Whether your personal belief system is that this is a prayer or self hypnosis or even a post hypnotic suggestion it really doesn't matter because any way you look at it it works.

Another way I have always helped my children's dreams is to always say, "Angels be with you as the last thing I say to them at night, even as adults. In this way it invokes angels to be with my children, my wife or even my friends if they are staying in my house. It is my experience that anytime you invoke God Angels it is a very good thing.

Also, if you want guidance and you actually have time in your life to wait for it then maybe ask for Helpful Healing Dreams and then ask God's angels to join you and then if tomorrow is your day off then don't set your alarm and sleep until you wake up. The most important dreams and visions will be just before you wake up or even as you wake up. These ideas and visions most likely will contain the seeds if the information you need to be aware of and lead to the fullness later in the morning or during the day or the next few days. Remember, the Universe works on God's timing not yours or mine. Realizing this creates patience in ones soul and demeanor and makes one very observant during the wait by observing all things and beings both internal and external in ones consciousness for God and Life is everywhere everywhen.

note to readers

note to readers of blog: Since I am a lifelong precognitive psychic, if I sense a 75% to 90% or higher precognitive vision I will write it down. Often these things are difficult to take so I only leave them up for 1 hour or 12 or 24 hours and then I delete them as I sense the usefulness has ended.

Whatever I write (as a precognitive psychic) is likely to happen but as you may know if you write the likely future then you change it for even thinking about the future you see coming it changes it and telling people about the future you see changes it further. Mostly I write about things I see that I don't want to happen. Things I see that I want to happen I just let happen so that is why most things I write about in this way are negative because they are the ones that need changing to a better outcome, a better future.

My way of doing this I call "The Refinement of Time". This creates a situation where if there is a nuclear blast about to happen I can write about it and change the outcome. If you are a precognitive psychic doing this is like riding in a car with the ability to see miles ahead with friends. So several miles from an accident or bad situation you can tell your friends and save their lives before they accidentally get hurt or killed. This is no different than finding out about something dangerous and calling friends on the phone to warn them of danger. It is exactly the same thing.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jellyfish and Meanings

Though it is sort of esoteric in nature therefore not for everyone I found this concept interesting.

Under the heading "jellyfish totem": I found this concept at
The above address is the address of the jellyfish shown.

"Messages and meanings: inner strength, vulnerability, truth."
from under the heading 'jellyfish Totem'
Truth of the mistake of mankind: overfishing

inner strength: Though jellyfish don't have brains they don't need them to take over the seas. They succeed by eating plankton, stinging little fish to death and absorbing them with their tentacles and drifting on the wind and currents.

vulnerability: though they have no brains and only drift on the wind likely they will be deposited dead or dying on some beach somewhere. Still if there are no living predators it is the same problem as too many rabbits or mice or even lemmings. They are everywhere in the ocean.

Jeremiah Johnson: The movie 1972

I dvr'd this movie last night and watched it with wife and Goddaughter and son today. It seemed quite different to me than when I first saw it. I guess not seeing it the last 20 years would make a difference. When I first saw in in 1972 I would have been 24 and people on the west coast and lots of other places ate up these kinds of movies like candy. It gave a taste of wilderness to anyone who really wanted it. However, my point of view now is just remembering all the times I almost froze to death doing some damn fool thing in the Sierras, the Rockies, the Cascades, Mt. Shasta or even the Himalayas. Mostly watching the movie now makes my body hurt from freezing to death a lot of times while skiing the backcountry, snowshoeing the backcountry or just surviving in the backcountry in a snow cave or cabin or tent during the 60s, 70s, or 80s.

Safe Water?

I live in an affluent community in a forest on the coast of California. Recently, new water pipes about 8 inches to 10 inches in diameter were installed outside under our street. At first my neighbors complained of foul tasting water and said that for Thanksgiving they had had to buy bottled water and thought this a terrible outcome. Now, on their behalf I must say that these are long retired folks from a different era than I when drinking tap water was the norm. However, having been to college in the last 20 years and having studied about water I no longer drink tap water anywhere except maybe in Mt. shasta on the mountain from a well fed by underground springs filtered by lava rocks. Otherwise, I don't drink tap water anywhere without either boiling it or through a reverse osmosis water filtration system installed by companies like Culligan in the U.S.

The reason for this is simple. Giarrdea (protazoa) in water is common at certain times of year in all municipal water sources in the United States during some times of the year. Cryptosys, for example, does not die in Chlorinated or Fluoridated water. IF SOMEONE, FOR EXAMPLE, WITH HIV DRINKS THIS WATER UNFLITERED, THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEM COULD BE FULLY COMPROMISED AND THEY COULD DIE WITHIN 6 MONTHS. Though I don't have HIV or does anyone in my family this gives me pause and causes me to only drink reverse osmosis water or bottled spring water(which is boiled before bottling).

Though there are different contaminants in every tap water on earth (including the U.S) I prefer not to worry about this at all. So as I said I prefer bottled water first, my favorite is Arrowhead Spring Water or if I'm feeling like it once in a while, Fiji Water from Fiji or Glacial Water from Canada. However, these last two I do very rarely for a treat. Mostly I buy 24 bottles at a time in a case. However, my more fanatical friends use only glass bottles over and over. Though I understand this I have been cut on too many glass bottles that have broken over the last 40 years usually getting out of my car. So because of this I gave up on glass bottles. I don't like broken glass in my feet or hands etc. I guess we all choose what we do. For example, I use a microwave for cooking and other of my more purist friends will not use one. To each his own.

Having had giarrdhea for 6 months that I got during my 4 months in India and Nepal in 1985-6 I am sensitive about clean water, safe water, and feces blowing in dust in country or city. Since all these things were going on when I was last in India and Nepal I am very aware when these things are going on. Luckily, I didn't get sick until 2 weeks before I left Asia after being there 4 months. Of the 5 of us, my son and I were the sickest on our return flight and looked so skinny we looked like we were starving since the protozoa in giarrdhea eats your food before you do and you slowly starve. Black spots before my eyes wasn't fun either. So for this reason and more I am religious about washing my hands and pure water the last 20 plus years since then. When I returned home from Asia I saw a foreign diseases specialist and she said it would slowly sluff off over 6 months of exposure to an entirely new ecosystem here in the U.S. She also said that most medicines to kill it quickly would cause liver damage unless my life was at stake in the process which it wasn't. I was just skin and bones but still healthy but I was the skinniest I had ever been during my 20s or 30s at any time in the U.S.

World Climate Change Slowed by World Economic Collapse

Though to almost all people on earth the present economic downturn is abhorrent the fact does remain that serious world climate change will be seriously slowed by less burning of fossil fuels, even though the burning of wild woods will likely increase along with the extinction of many new species by people just trying to eat anything they can under these awful circumstances worldwide.

However, though driving in the United States slowed by 5% to 6% this last summer because of $4 and $5 per gallon gasoline(unheard of for the U.S) driving right now is within 1% of last years norms because gasoline is now mostly between $1.50 and $2.00 a Gallon for gas, at least on the mainland 48 states. This doesn't include Alaska, Hawaii or other island parts of the U.S.

People who have been accurate in the past expect 2.50 to $3 a gallon by Memorial Day and then price lower than now this time next year. However, if we don't quickly start shifting away from oil products to burn as fuel the world will slowly auger in financially over the next 10 or more years. So, the more slowly the world changes away from oil the more incredible suffering there will be for almost everyone.

we are in a completely new dynamic than every before in recorded history on earth.
Although free market capitalism seems to work the best, some way must be found to protect renewable resources like air, water, wood, farmland, lakes, rivers, oceans.

If we don't don't make this kind of change not only Global Climate Change will kill us but the complete and permanent degradation and end to all renewables like clean air, clean water, growable farmland, clean rivers, clean lakes and viable oceans with fish and a friendly ecosystem to humans. Without a friendly ecosystem the only humans left would be in protected buildings, caves homes etc. with air filtration systems or underground with recycled water etc.

Jellyfish: New Denizens of the Deep?

It appears even sharks and whales and ships and ocean cooled nuclear power plants are now in jeapordy worldwide because of the incredible proliferation of all kinds of jellyfish now all over the oceans of earth. There is nothing to bring down their numbers. Most fish have been so overfished that the balance of nature in the oceans may be temporarily or permanently ended. Fishing itself may soon be over within 50 years because there will be nothing at all left to fish.

The tipping point likely has been reached and there may be no known way back for fish except maybe outlawing all ocean fishing on earth for 10 to 20 years worldwide. Otherwise, likely it is the end of all fish species because nothing will live fishwise over about 5 inches long soon because the tenticles of jellyfish are killing so many of them now.

There has to be enough adult fish to eat all the baby jellyfish to keep down their numbers in all areas of the oceans. Any one area with not enough fish creates such a breeding ground for jellyfish that the currents will take them every other place eventually.

The only way I can presently see to bring fish back into most of the oceans of earth is to stop fishing for up to 50 years. However, because of the present world economic calamity I don't see this as realistically enforcible. Therefore, I would have to say that at least for now it is the end of fish in the oceans at least until the end of the present economic downturn!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jellyfish taking over the seas

The jellyfish blooms are much worse than I thought so I thought I would reprint here online articles I found printed in recent years on the increasing problem worldwide.

The following is the internet address for the article I will reprint afterwords,23739,21922334-5007200,00.html

A JELLYFISH plague is threatening shipping and fishing worldwide.
Scientists believe depleted fish stocks have removed competition for jellyfish, allowing them to breed to plague proportions.

Jellyfish blooms – where the creatures multiply rapidly into untold millions – clog water intakes on ships and power stations, ruin fishing nets and can wreck engines.

Kylie Pitt, from the Griffith University School of Environment, said Japan was experiencing plagues of the giant jellyfish nemopilema.

"At more than a metre wide and up to 200kg, they become caught in fishing gear and damage boat engines and mechanical equipment," Dr Pitt said.

The Port of Brisbane was experiencing blooms of catostylus or blue blubber jellyfish.

In 2004, thousands of blue blubbers stopped the P&O cruise ship Pacific Sky from sailing from Brisbane after they were sucked into a water intake.

A jellyfish bloom also shut down a coastal power station in Manila in the Philippines in 2000. A survey of Lake Illawarra, near Wollongong in NSW, found it contained 18,000 tonnes of blue blubbers.

The Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association also had reported problems with jellyfish clogging Brisbane River trawler nets.

"At times they are in absolutely enormous quantities," Dr Pitt said.

Port of Brisbane Authority environment manager Brad Kitchen said blooms were not a major issue for the port.

"It's mainly just the ships with bow thrusters (used to turn ships) that have to be careful," Mr Kitchen said.

"Bow thrusters can get clogged."

Although Australia did not yet have the feared nemopilema blooms, jellyfish could spread quickly world-wide through ballast water.

Mr Kitchen said in an effort to avoid exotic species being transported to Brisbane, all ships entering the port were obliged to dump ballast and take on deep sea water off the continental shelf before entering Moreton Bay. end article reprint

internet address where I found the following article

Jellyfish Bloom and Gloom

Category: Losing Track
Posted on: June 24, 2007 10:35 AM, by Jennifer L. Jacquet

Jeremy Jackson calls it "The Rise of Slime". Daniel Pauly sees a future in jellyfish burgers. And given that this week is the 2nd International Jellyfish Bloom Symposium--where D. Pauly will deliver the keynote address (having not been able to attend the 1st symposium in Alabama in 2002)--it seemed fitting this week should be dedicated to jellyfish bloom and gloom.

Jellyfish, given their lowly position on the marine food chain and their penchant for degraded ecosystems, are, after all, the darlings of shifting baselines. They are the reality of our marine future unless we decide to change.

Jellyfish Blooms: No Bed of Roses
The removal of predatory fish throughout the world's oceans (by commercial fisheries to feed humans and what we eat) combined with nutrient runoff (jargon for 'sewage') have made the perfect ocean petri dish for jellyfish blooms. These 'blooms' are no blossoms, but more like explosions of jellies--a global jellyfish boom.

A 2005 report in Science showed that jellyfish blooms in the Yangtze River are in direct competition with fish for food. Inedible jellyfishes now make up 98.44% of total catches and clog the nets of trawlers in the river's mouth (the same trawlers pehaps responsible for making marine ecosystems amenable to jellyfish).

Last summer, the entire Mediterranean was on jellyfish alert and more than 30,000 people were stung. In some areas off the Spanish coast, scientists with Oceana found more than 10 jellyfish per square meter.

Japan slowed down a nuclear power plant last summer because jellyfish were blocking the water intake, which is easy to imagine given the size of some jellyfish in the area (including the 200-kg jelly in the photo above found off Japan's shores in October 2005).

In the Gulf of Mexico, all species of jellyfish are rapidly increasing and overlapping with prime fishing grounds, such as those for Red snapper. Moon jellyfish are being found in concentrations so dense they're described as gelatinous nets.

This week, I will take a closer look at jellyfish. In the meantime, more bloom and gloom:

A report last week from Australia discusses how jellyfish impeding shipping and fishing worldwide.

end of reprinted article

There was the 2nd international Jellyfish Blooms Symposium in Australia. The first was held in Alabama in 2000.

Oil prices expected to fluctuate over next year

I was listening I believe to CNN on tv this morning to someone(maybe the only one) who had got it right about the changes in oil prices. He had predicted everything that had happened as well as an economic recession caused by high oil prices and the subprime. He did this one year ago. What he said now was that he expected gas prices to go back up to about $2.50 to $3 a gallon by Memorial day then then go even lower next fall than they are now. He said this craziness would continue until we all got smart and did something other than oil in the meantime. Otherwise, it would just get crazier and crazier every year and the world would auger in more and more each year.

Home for the Holidays

We haven't been able to be home for the holidays since the year before I took my kids and rented a condo on Maui for 2 weeks for Christmas 2005. I found it is actually more reasonable (for 2 weeks or more) to rent a condo than pay at big ticket hotels. I like this better because it is more like living there with veranda, beach and swimming pool and the place we stayed we found that Jack Nicolson had stayed there too. I think the little area was called Kahana, north of Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. From there we could see all the sunsets in December and across the ocean we could see from our veranda the Islands of Molokai and Lanai.

So this means we haven't all been here on the ocean on the Northern California Coast since 2004 at least. My wife's father has been too frail since then and so we spent most of those Christmases with him, several hours south by car on the coast. He passed away last summer and my mother this fall. So at least they are out of their misery. There is at least peace in that for them even if we all miss them both.

So to have all my kids in the same place for a week or more is great since one is now 34, one is 19 and one is 12 who lives with us full time still.

My 19 year old is supposed to drive down from Oregon in the next couple of days. Everyone else is here already until at least the 1st of the year. So, as my son demonstrates his latest favorite open source operating system, UBUNTU, which is based upon a linux krnl. The family also loves Firefox too. Anyway, he is showing me a Beyonce-Shakira music video with really great graphics on an UBUNTU system. It is about as high a level of graphics that I have seen yet in a computer anywhere. It will operate PC or an intel based Imac or intel based macbook. He says you can run it in parallel, I believe he called it with a microsoft operating system so you can come up in either windows or ubuntu and decide when you boot up. Though he says you can run World of Warcraft on Ubuntu on a PC, he says you almost need to be a tech to set it up.

But for internet, or text editing or text composing and printing it is one of the best he's seen. So if you have an extra computer try and intstall it off the web and play with it like it was a beta. Also, like Firefox it is being constantly improved and updated and best of all it is free and available in many many international languages.

Visitations by Old Friends Long Gone

I was waking up. My wife came into the room and said, "She came as a hummingbird." Though I and my mother and many other people I know have had these kinds of experiences I was amazed at who was having experiences like this and happy to find out how universal these kinds of experiences really are. When she had passed on in a plane crash years ago now she and her husband had come to me so I could help comfort her relatives still alive so I still see this all as an amazing experience.

When my father passed on the gap was more than I could bear. Within 6 months of his passing I kept seeing him in many forms. I don't know which was more disorienting, losing my father from the physical world or going to India and Nepal for 4 months with my family then in 1985 and 6. The most profound experience of my father coming to me was in an old man with a cane and a purple Nepali mens hat. He was walking into a bank. Except for a darker skin tone he looked almost exactly like my Dad. I remember how eerie it was to be in another country around dusk and seeing a doppleganger of my dead father walking into a bank. I followed him into the bank and the surrealism increased. Many places in India the Bank guards at that time kept a loaded double barreled shotgun resting on the floor or their right thigh pointed upward. This greatly discouraged bank robberies because one usually doesn't survive a shotgun blast. It also demonstrated the extreme disparity between rich and poor, poor in this case meaning, starving and/or begging.

Also, my ex-wife often came to me in the past after we broke up after 15 years of marriage as a flicker, which is a grey bird with spots and a pinkish orange under its wings you only see when it is flying. I believe it is a type of woodpecker. However, I haven't seen any since they sprayed for the Light Brown Apple Moths. However, they stopped spraying now and maybe they will eventually come back from other areas since the die off from the spraying.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Building an emergency Shelter in Snow or Forest on Earth

Note: I tried to connect the above jpeg drawing of how to build a good snow cave but it wouldn't connect using the photo installer provided tonight for some reason.end note.

Both I and my father have had experience with this. So I'm not talking to you only in Theory.

My father built many tree houses sophisticated enough to live in by the time he was 12 to 14 with about 10 friends. From these experiences building things: structures, cabinets, mining tables, rebuilding cars and truck engines etc. became his hobby starting in the 1930s during the depression. My Dad was 18 in 1934. I was 18 in 1966.Also, my Dad and I built about 5 homes together. Two of them were our families homes, one was for my wife and kids and the other his retirement home in the Southern California Desert. Also, my Dad was an Electrical Contractor in Los Angeles County, California. I started working for him summers when I was 12 until I was 17. It was a very good experience for me. Also, since I was 5 foot 10 inches tall when I was 13, most people thought I was a lot older.

First of all, if you are in snow over about 2 feet deep you can consider building a snow cave (IF) your outside temperature is preferably below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and will still work marginally well in temperatures up to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit or so as long as there is no sun beating down on it directly. Obviously, it might be more work if you only have about 2 feet of snow to work with because you will have to shovel a big pile about 4 to 5 feet deep minimum and then pack it down somewhat. If it is Corn snow or powder snow this could be very problematic unless you have a tent. If you have a tent you can throw the snow against the side of your tent(as long as you don't collapse the tent) for added insulation. Also, it is important to consider breathing inside the cave or tent/Cave because fresh air is needed to breathe in small spaces. So if you enclose yourself entirely you really don't want to do this very long unless lives are at stake.(In other words don't seal yourself in and then never wake up from no oxygen 5 or 8 hours later). Also, even though candles are nice and give off enough heat to warm a snow cave and to light it and warming hands and feet, remember they consume oxygen too.

Another thing that is useful with snow caves is to round the ceiling upward toward the center. This does two things. First is keeps the ceiling from dripping constantly upon your sleeping bag and second a dome roof is much structurally stronger than a flat ceiling. So the domed ceiling solves two problems at once. Second, if you have time build a raised area up from the floor for your sleeping area as you will be a little warmer as warm air rises even in a snow cave. Also, you don't really want the inside air temperature much above 45 or 50 degrees Fahrenheit because it will begin to melt in big puddles on the floor and become another problem to deal with. But with proper clothes it can be 20 below zero Fahrenheit out and you can still be at 32 degrees to 45 or 50 degrees inside and be snug and warm until it gets survivable outside again. If you are out in temperatures much below 20 degrees Fahrenheit I would recommend having a thermometer so you don't try to go outside below Zero Fahrenheit except in dire emergencies. If you are not used to these cold temperatures in your home climate this is even more true. Personally, since my average year around temperature is around 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, I don't like going out in below 20 degrees without something to preheat my air I breath like a scarf or muffler of some kind. Just like I prefer not to ride a bicycle below 55 degrees or like I prefer not to ride a motorcycle at 65 mph below about 60 degrees unless I have to.

My personal experience with snow caves went something like this. Two friends and I when I was about 22 went to Mt. Shasta to spend 4 or 5 days in the snow at Horse Camp (a Sierra Club emergency stone cabin built in 1922) at tree line. It was built so hikers had a place to go rather than freeze to death on the way down after climbing. When we arrived no storm had been predicted. However, this was 1970 and weather reporting is at least 90% ahead of the information we had then. So it was lightly snowing when we set off for horse camp. There was already 3 feet of snow on the ground at Bunny Flats and a plowed paved road we drove up on. There was about 8 to 12 inches even on the road as we embarked at sunset up the mountain to Horse Camp. All of us had snowshoes on and a backpack and snow gear. After about 1/2 we got into a full on blizzard with a complete white out. However, since we were experienced summer mountain climbers we thought we were okay. We were not okay. We forged ahead with flashlights but could not longer see any contours of the land because of the blizzard white out. After an hour we came upon our tracks again and realized we were in serious trouble. One of us had just taken a course on emergency snow cave building and said that we had to build a snow cave to survive the night since we could not navigate in a white out.(GPS devices were not around until at least the 1990s for the general public). So we found a likely snow drift about 8 feet deep and began to dig a snow cave with our showshoes as shovels(skis can be used to dig snow caves too).

So we sealed ourselves in which only worked because of the powdery snow at the entrance I believe. If all the snow had been hard we would have had breathing problems. However, instead we had teeth chattering problems and convulsive shaking problems instead. The next morning I was laying in a foot of water which had been snow before it melted. So, luckily, my Levi jeans froze solid except for the knees when we dug out the next morning or I would have frozen to death right then instead.
Also, luckily the storm had abated after dropping about 5 feet total since we had arrived the night before in our car. Even with snowshoes it took about 30 seconds per step to pack down the snow because it was mostly powder. So whoever led the path got exhausted very easily. So we rotated when one of us got exhausted. If we went too fast the lead would fall down and have to be rescued by the other two out of the deep powder snow. When we reached the road we had driven up on we could not recognize it because about 10 feet of snow had drifted their off the severe drops to the road. We finally realized we had to dig down to be sure it was the road. After a painful digging we hit pavement and knew it was the road. If we had gone further down not knowing it was the road we might not be alive today. We then found my VW bug from its very highest tip of its radio aerial. Only about 1 to 2 inches of the aerial was all that showed above the snow. Since we could not drive obviously we were still in a fix and heard far away a snow blower and realized we would still survive this. The snow blower was chewing up the snow to the old Mt. Shasta Ski bowl at the end of Everitt Memorial Highway. Since then, the old ski lifts were knocked out by an avalanche and closed down. There is a new Mt. Shasta Ski Park near Snowman Summit on Highway 89 on the way to McCloud From Mt. Shasta city these days 2008.

Though all my joints hurt for several years because of coming so close to freezing to death I'm basically okay now except for overdressing in any cold weather situation since then. After 4 days in a motel thawing out by taking turns in a hot bath we could function well enough to drive home. We were the people that survived the highest on the mountain that still kept all our fingers and toes. Everyone at higher altitudes lost fingers and toes. We were very lucky. The snow cave had saved out lives. I would not likely be alive today without having built that snow cave then in 1970.

After we dug a sleeping survival place 3 to 4 feet high and 6 feet horizontally in two directions we got in and began to seal off the entrance. We did not think to much about oxygen at the time because we weren't sure we were even going to survive this experience

Building a wood Shelter. A very Temporary wood shelter might consist of nothing more than branches with plastic over them to keep out rain or snow all the way to a full blown log cabin in the woods. So, depending on what you need and for how long many different solutions could be possible depending upon your needs and what tools you have available. With nothing more than a bow saw or axe it is possible to build a log shelter from 10 foot square to 18 foot square. The main problem with only an axe or bow saw is the roof. Another problem with a bow saw is that likely the blade will break sooner or later so an axe is better because even if your handle breaks you can make another one from strong nearby wood. And the metal part of an axe is close to indestructible as long as you don't chop boulders or rocks or other metal and an axe head(the metal part) can even be sharpened on almost any rock as a whetstone in an emergency. You might not get quite as good an edge on just any rock as a whetstone but the edge will be good enough to chop. It will just take a little more work chopping. Also, use good judgment when you are chopping. Make sure the axe head is on good, make sure you know what you are doing, and make sure all adults and children are out of your swing and any danger before chopping anything.

Also, make sure you are focused enough to chop. If you are starving or thirsty or are on the edge of hypothermia this isn't going to work so then just make a temporary shelter and build a fire to regain heat until you can regroup.

If you are building a log cabin and trying to use only what is available on your land this could be a problem. Weight is the biggest issue for roofs. The second issue is keeping it from leaking. An ideal roof that doesn't leak would be built with logs as roof joices covered with 1/2 inch to 3/4 plywood sheets and then felt roofing which come in rolls with the edges at least glued with asphalt roofing cement and tacked down. If you have insulation then you might get away with just a tin roof as long as the joints are either overlapping or cemented to prevent leaking. Also, so it doesn't blow away in a good wind it needs to be tacked down to either the roof joices or the plywood.

One could build entirely with local materials. However, this might take a lot of extra skill and time wise be cost prohibitive. Usually, simple is better. However, if you live where you own the land and have to get it inspected then you must read all the rules and get a homeowners permit (for an owner builder) before you start construction and then follow all the rules of construction in your area on earth.

If you are not building according to code somewhere on earth and just want a shelter and you don't even need a floor it could just be packed dirt. However, if this is a very rainy area I would not recommend it. Only the driest places would be good for a dirt floor. Most places I have been it would be better to build a pier supported floor. What this looks like is a flat stone with a cut off tree stump kind of looking thing on top of it. The stone acts as a moisture barrier and keeps the pier or cut stump sitting on a rock from rotting any time soon. It also discourages termites from coming up through the ground and directly into your house directly from wet dirt into the pier and then into the floor joices.

However, if it isn't practical to do this then one alternative is to put logs together on the dirt and adze them into as flat a flooring as possible. However, unless you get rid of the slivers or put rugs or floor coverings, slivers will be a problem for anyone barefoot in the cabin.

Also, on the square corners where your logs meet at the corner you need to notch them to fit together. One of the ways is to chop or saw half of one away at the corner and to match the other one coming the other direction. In this way all four corners have a piece out that matches the log meeting them so they all stay level. Each new level is stacked on top doing the same thing. Then any holes can be chinked with mud or little rocks or even grass so the wind doesn't blow through. A door can be anything from a hide to a blanket to a hand made door with leather hinges to actual metal hinges all the way up to whatever you want to make or can afford to make.

Also, if you need to find the level it can be done the most simply and easily with water because water naturally finds the level. So even with just a shovel, rock or stick one can dig a thin trench in the shape of a cross so you see the level in all four directions. It could even be in the middle of where you want to build. Fill the area with water and mark all the levels and work from that. If you have money then buy a clear hose about 20 to 50 feet long and fill the hose with water and if you and one other person each hold an end you can find the level between any two points where you are building.

I was watching a movie today called "Jeremiah Johnson" that was made about 1972. If you don't have a job, or place to stay, or food stamps etc. then this movie and what it says might be a last resort for your survival many places on earth. However, I think generally it is better if you are trying to survive for a week or more, if possible, to go into a city where there are public shelters and food or soup kitchens to help the homeless.

Mostly I'm writing this article so less people die of exposure worldwide whether that be too hot or too cold or too windy or too wet. Shelter and warmth in the cold or snow or wet or windy can really make a difference for human survival in these times on earth just like in past centuries.

Saving the Future part 6


And so Ragna and Jonathan went on talking about stuff they were interested in.

"Ragna?" said Jonathan, "What does this ship run on?"

Ragna said, "It runs directly off the earths magnetosphere and electricity generated by the Earth as it spins."

Jonathan thought a moment and said, "The Nicola Tesla was right!"

Ragna said, "Yes. And he was killed for it too."

Jonathan: "So those rumors are true?"

Ragna said, "Afraid so."

Jonathan: "So even though Nicola Tesla tried to give us free electricity with no middlemen this ship doesn't need a power source other than earth?"

Ragna said, "No. That's not entirely true. If I am both time and space traveling at the same time and going instantly say to another time on another planet or dimension then I use the power here to burst out there and then I use the power from that planet or dimension to burst back here."

Jonathan said, "How much power does it take to move to another planet?"

Ragna said, "First of all this ship is designed for extreme efficiency in the use of energy much like a microprocessor of your times. So to travel to most other times and spaces in the Solar system at least takes about the same electricity as your refrigerator at home uses in one days time over 24 hours."

Jonathan said, "Wow. That's efficient."

Ragna smiled and said, "No. Listen to this. It only takes as much electricity as your home refrigerator uses in three 24 hour periods for me to travel to ANY space and time in this galaxy! Now that's efficient!"

Jonathan could see why Ragna was so proud of the Awesome, his ship(otherwise known as the designation KING 5). It really was an amazing ship and probably more valuable than anything on earth in Jonathan's time. But as soon as Jonathan got out of the ship it would likely return to Ragna's home time.

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* US Divorce rate 58% (1)
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