Wednesday, March 31, 2010

View of Mt. Shasta 2

It had been raining and snowing every day since we arrived from the California Coast. As we prepared to leave finally the mountain cleared up and I got this picture. It was a happy moment to see the mountain in all it's glory. As mountains go it is a very impressive one as it is a Volcano that is still active. When I climbed it to the top in 1970 I found the sulphur steam vent near the Summit. During the Viet Nam War a protester lived there at the Steam vents as a protest to the war where he could keep warm for several years and survived his protest. However, having been at that altitude I wouldn't recommend anyone live at 13,000 feet  in elevation but that is everyone's personal choice.

It is good to have a sunny day to see the snow with the sun glinting off it and the mountain and all the surrounding alpine beauty.

View of Mt. Shasta

Actual Castle Lake part 2

This photo was taken with light snow flurries that show up as white spots in the flash but I thought it might be interesting for those of you who only go to Castle Lake in the summer and Kayak, Fish or swim there then. It gives Castle Lake a whole new meaning to see it like this in the wild snowy time of year which can last until April, May or June depending upon the year. Remember, it's 6000 feet in elevation.

Note added April 27th 2020 Monday: The photo I put here in 2010 is gone obviously for some reason but the comments I believe are why people are visiting this site still. I translated the comments. I believe it is Chinese or Mandarin (I didn't check which language it was in when I ran it through Google Translate).

Also, I have a google Translate app built into this site if you want to translate the whole site to another language by the way.

actual Castle Lake with snow falling March 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Castle Lake part 2

My son took this shot when we visited Castle Lake in late March 2010. As you can see it is sort of a joke shot to display how high the snow was that day. I first remember going to this lake on a dirt road in 1953 with my father. The lake is across the valley from Mt. Shasta with Mt. Shasta city being in the base of the valley interstate 5 travels north to Orecon on. The day in 1953 I was 5 years old and the rocks tore out the complete muffler system of a friends brand new 1953 Chevrolet. There was no on there then. Now the road is paved and it is still a glacier created alpine lake with the rocks traveling up on the West side I believe. In August you can swim out into the middle of the lake and see Mt. Shasta perfectly framed across the valley. The lake is at 6000 feet and can be reached by heading towards Lake Siskiyou and Lake Siskiyou Dam.

So, in summers when my family stayed in shasta Springs for our Church Conclave from the time I was 5 until age 21 I spent a lot of time swimming and jumping off the cliffs into the pristine alpine snow melt fed waters of Castle Lake. If you want to swim other than August be sure to wear a wet suit or be very hardy. It is usually completely frozen over and I often ski across it from about December to April most years. However, I usually make sure the ice is over 3 to 4 feet thick if I'm going to do that by pushing my ski pole as deep as I can. If I can push it through to water I don't ski.

Castle Lake Forest service rest room 6000 ft. march 2010

Douglas Lift at Mt. Shasta

Skiing Mt. Shasta part 2

If you looked at the previous Mt. Shasta(part 1) you see me at Mt. Shasta Ski Park. As you can see by the picture it was cold on top of  the Douglas Ski lift. (Douglas takes you to black diamond routes for expert skiers 'which I'm not' and then the still just as steep blue something or other that I prefer. Anyway, today was the best the Douglas route I like the best has ever been for me. It wasn't ice which I hate. It wasn't corn snow which wears me out. It was packed snow with about 4 inches of newly fallen snow on top. I have my Balaclava on because on top my buddy and my face felt like they were freezing off and then the wind was blowing through the back of my Balaclava so I put my hood up. Up on top the snow was blowing and it was definitely not a good place to hang out. Just exit the quick ski lift and head down the slopes. Happy days. The only thing that got at all cold because I was so well dressed was my head. Warm feet. Warm gloves. Happy Fred! I live for days like this skiing on Mt. Shasta. It is just so very beautiful here even when it is freezing!

There weren't even enough people brave enough to be worried about running into a 6 foot 5 inch 300 pound football player sized skier. Also, now I'm almost 62 I usually don't ski faster than 25 or 30 miles per hour. My ski Buddy was chasing some 25 something lady down the slopes that was a friend of his and fell and broke his arm and tore his rotator cusp. I was going to go to Thailand with him to get it repaired there with him but his doctor realized it wasn't necessary. So because of this and some pretty bad crashes that I still walked away from in my 50s on skis I have slowed down a lot. I almost never fall now while skiing and didn't at all today. Any day you don't have a bad crash is a good day. But even when I do because I'm built like a football player(both height and weight and am half Scottish I usually don't get injured. The worst injury was a few years ago was when I crashed at about 30 and spun sideways down the slopes with skis flying away. When I came to a stop I thought I had broken my neck. Nope. My neck just hurt for a month or two.

About ten years ago I was skiing with my then 10 year old daughter(she is now 20) in Mt. Shasta and she decided to lead a new trail(literally unskied snow)   in the downhill ski park. Then she crashed of course in front of me leaving me nowhere to go(of course she's 10). To avoid her I had to go off the trail and was soon airborne and landed upside down(helicopter style) head first buried up to my knees. Trying to untangle while head first upside down up to your knees in the snow while your poles are tangled around you and you can't breathe is quite exciting. My daughter finally took pity upon me and took off her skis and helped. Luckily, we both have personalities where we find something like this as very funny as long as we come out of it with no serious injuries.

Skiing Mt. Shasta

Monday, March 29, 2010

Revisiting my past

My son hadn't seen his biological mother in 7 years because he lives in southern California going to one of the California Universities with a Nursing School. Since this is his last Easter Vacation before he  gets his RN next December and she lives in Sisikiyou County at the Oregon Border. I said, "You need to go see your mother, son, because I don't know how much longer she will be on earth. She lives in her motor home with her boyfriend through temperatures outside as low as zero. I'm not sure how long she can go just with the thin walls of a motor home. Weekend Warriors is one thing but winter after winter takes a lot out of people in their late 50s and early 60s in those low temperatures.

So, he agreed with me because the last time he saw his Bio-Mom was when he married his first wife 7 years ago in the SF Bay Area.

Have you ever been in the position where you financially could help someone in your life but having no useful practical way to do it? Well. This is what this is like for me. It really brings home the addage, "Money isn't everything!"

So, helping my son get to see  his mother(possibly one last time) is the most practical thing I can do in real life in real time.

His mother and I were together from Easter 1973 until the 4th of July 1977. We married in April 1974 one month before our son was born. We broke up while we were living in Mt. Shasta, California in the summer of 1977 and she gave me full custody of our 3 year old son. She was 22 when we first got together and 26 when we broke up. She has always told me that she thought breaking up with me was the worst single mistake of her life.  We had three very difficult years (1977 to 1980) before we became friends again. When I married a lady my age (32 in 1980) my first wife became my friend again. She had been married to a very famous artist who had gotten his start in Mt. Shasta. After that she met a Musician from France and moved there with him and didn't return to the U.S. until her father was dying. After he died she sort of lost it for a while and I was very worried about her surviving for several years. But always my first wife (after 1980) was like a sister to me that I tried to help take care of (so my son wouldn't have to worry about her so much).

I think it was hard for my son after is first marriage disintegrated 3 years ago as I think he felt he failed his birth mother and step mother who both attended his wedding as did I.  He just got married  again last year to a lady becoming a nurse like him that is 12 years younger than he. (he is 35 now).  He is very much of a southern California guy now and used to the speediness of life and talking of people who live there now.  Since I grew up mostly in Los Angeles County in Glendale from 1956 until 1969(when I was 8 to 21 years of age) I was really happy to get away from all the smog and traffic in late 1969. My parents had moved to Poway in San Diego County so I moved to that area and went to several colleges in the area over the next 7 years. My first wife and I got together there in 1973 around Easter and my son was conceived that summer. I was 25 and I think she was 21 or 22 but had been on her own since she was 16 in Berkeley, Los Angeles and Hilo, Hawaii with her first boyfriend(He is remarried and now lives in Beijing as a businessman with his wife and two daughters).

I find it interesting that my first wife and my son can still be happy like a family and still get along much like we always did when things were good. It amazes me sometimes just how unusual life can be.

We visited yesterday a lake where we took my son when he was a baby. And today we visited Bunny Flats (me on metal edged Mountaineering skis and they on my snowshoes and my present wife's snowshoes) as there was 6 to 10 feet of snow there at around 7000 to 8000 feet on Mt. Shasta. It was snowing and turning into a whiteout that reminded me of 1970 when I almost froze to death and died there on Christmas vacation 1970. My two college buddies and I only survived because we dug a snow cave and sealed the entrance so we could keep the air into the 40s and 50s. (If you round the top of the cave and build a slight platform the moisture runs down the walls and doesn't wet your sleeping gear. At that time we didn't know this trick about staying dry or the candle you light to lift the air temperature. However, don't seal off all the air unless you want to go to sleep and not wake up.

Anyway, today we took some pictures of each other because the whiteout allowed us to still see about 10 feet in all directions. We navigated by following the ski tracks of other skiers. I finally located the site of an amazing ufo experience there in 1974 that three of us adults and my baby all witnessed. But that is an entirely different story. Today I'm just trying to make sense of my life in the 1970s. But, of course today it is 2010 and I will be 62 in April.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Riding into the Sunset

Because I live within a mile of the Pacific Ocean on the Northern California coast one of my favorite things to do is to ride "into the sunset" so to speak on my Kawasaki KLR 650 Dualsport Motorcycle. There is just something about riding along wearing an "open Helmet" with only sunglasses with the wind on your face around 30+ miles per hour on a country road along the ocean. Everyone is there waiting for the sunset and the waves crashing "golden" in the light upon the shore. Today was a particularly nice day for this as the weather is getting warmer where I live and I didn't feel cold at all today because of the sunlight as it began to set into the ocean.

I used to live in the Mountains in Mount Shasta, California and then I rode my Honda XL 250 1974 through the many mountain roads mostly dirt or gravel then that encircle Mount Shasta. But I found as I grew older that the really cold winters that one gets in the mountains were not for me except on vacations skiing there and visiting old friends. I found that I loved from when there was enough snow to ski there starting about January and I loved it there until about Halloween but from then until January when there was enough snow to ski and sled in was very difficult when I was in my 20s and 30s but as I moved into my 40s I found  that my muscles started to hurt a lot in the colder winter weather  there than on the California coast. Where I live now( on the Nothern California coast)  the temperature range is from about the high 30s (only once or twice a year) on the coast where I live and about 85 or 90 Fahrenheit during the summer. So most of the year the daytime temperature is between about 55 and 80 with an average of about 60 year around in the daytime. Whereas in Mt. Shasta it can be zero in the winter and 115 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. I like living on the ocean more now I'm older. (I'll be 62 in April). So now riding along the coast on my dualsport motorcycle during a sunset and driving up in my car a few times a year to ski with my best friend in Mt. Shasta I'm pretty happy. I miss feeling like I did in my 30s when I finally felt I had the world by the tail and still had the amazing health and feeling on top of the world like one can in their 30s if they are happily physically active and eating right. But by the Grace of God I'm still pretty happy with my life now I'm almost 62. Who would know that 30 to 37 and 50 to 62 could be the happiest times of one's life? I guess I wouldn't have believed that as a younger person under 30.

To Be or Not to Be 3-27-10

This saying is one of the most important questions that every intelligent person on earth must sooner or later face. I think every high school or college student should see  "Hamlet"  at least once along with "Romeo and Juliet".

The basic absurdity of living as a human on earth might bite into one in a very difficult way. But without this bite one cannot ever hope to aspire to logical rational pragmatic human thought and survival long term. Only by facing "To Be or Not Be" very personally does one ever actually become a full fledged adult. It is a "Trial by Fire" that all truly successful adults face sooner or later.

There are two basic responses to the complete absurdity of living in a human body on earth: one is to cry and one is to laugh. No one sane on earth takes anyone seriously who either just laughs or just cries because one like that is considered to be damaged or outright insane or dysfunctional. Sane functional adults travel between laughing and crying because both responses are necessary for ongoing living in a human body.

I often think that suicide terrorists have become so despondent that killing themselves and as many as possible is their response to just how absurd their lives really are. By the way this has absolutely nothing to do with Islam but simply an aberrant psychological response to stimuli. I think it culturally it has more to do with the ancient tribal history of the Middle East and how when nations used to conquer each other it was very common to kill every man, woman and child of the conquered lest one of them grow up and seek revenge. I think suicide terrorism is a cultural evolution of this kind of thinking and actually has nothing at all to do with any religion.

Strangely enough, in the world of enlightened people it is widely known that "One cannot attain enlightenment until one can laugh at one's own existence". I must admit this was one of the most difficult and terrible things for me to accomplish as well. The basic taking oneself so seriously in the world of secular Christianity in the United States when I was a child during the 1950s made laughing at my own existence almost impossible until I got into my twenties and considered suicide as the proper response to the basic absurdities of my life and all lives in general. But having reached a point where I could actually laugh at my own existence I found I could then embrace God and the universe completely and then experience personally the whole universe as myself and I found that this actually is the key to complete enlightenment that begins to take everyone around you into enlightenment and bliss. So you understand the basic dynamics it works like this:

First you get to the point where your life and every life is completely absurd. Then you think "I'm going to end my life because this is just too ridiculous and meaningless." Then you bottom out and think, "I can't take my own life because of what it would do to my family and friends. One of them might follow me into my suicide and I could never live with that outcome." So you stay alive for your family and friends just like I did. It does not take away the basic desire to not exist anymore. It just is the only honorable thing that you can do. However, then you become more and more interested in how you can reduce the suffering of others. Then you find the amazing joy in making other people happy. And finally you find yourself becoming happy beyond your wildest dreams in making others happy you start to find what is important to your happiness too. You begin to have compassion for yourself and allow yourself to have what YOU want. And so having learned to make everyone around you happy and having learned to make yourself happy you move closer and closer to permanent states of bliss and bring all with you in various ways into these temporary or permanent states of Bliss!

The Spirit of Maitreya

As I was waking up this morning I had a wonderful dream. It was about the spirit of Maitreya. I saw clearly that this spirit is amazingly efficient which is one of the hallmarks of a Buddha. So in this dream I saw the Maitreya Buddha as ultimately efficient right mindful compassion. It is said in Mahayana Buddhism that one goes to enlightenment to become a Buddha very quickly like in a Boeing 747 across the ocean rather than across the ocean alone in a rowboat. In this dream I watched the spirit of the Maitreya move as fast as ideas do across the internet through multimedia or through CNN or through various other combined media. I watched as it happens. It reminded me of stories I heard from my father about my Uncle Tommy. For example, one day he was watching a man land his plane at the airport. After the man landed the plane my Uncle Tommy was asked, "Would you like to fly my plane?" (the man assumed incorectly that my Uncle had a pilot's license). My uncle took the man's plane up and when he landed he made a perfect three point landing. The man whose plane it was said, "Where did you learn to fly? That was a perfect three point landing?" My Uncle Tom said, "I've never been in a plane before."

Many beings have already become enlightened in previous lifetimes. Some beings only need hear of something like a plane and can automatically fly even without a license. You do understand I'm speaking metaphorically. I'm not advocating flying without a license. I'm simply saying all some beings need is to hear about something like Soul Traveling and they can automatically do it because it is something they did in previous lifetimes. All some people need is to hear about levitation and they can do it. All some people need is to hear about healing others at a distance and they can do it. All some people need is to hear about how to help mankind and they can do it themselves. All mankind needs is enough of these self starters manifesting together on earth and the world changes. it is like having thousands and millions of secret Buddhas and many beings like Jesus manifesting all over earth.

And when a certain critical mass is reached the whole world changes into something else. And actually it is times like these right now where there aren't enough jobs worldwide that many people automatically become fully enlightened. It's times just like these that make the most enlightened people.
Times like these!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Useful Ethics for Potential Soul Travelers

First of all, as in anything there is always someone somewhere who is bigger and stronger than you and who will gladly kick your ass if you get out of line even among soul travelers. So, as in all aspects of life motivation is everything. So if your attitude is kindness towards all beings then normally the whole  "Live and let Live" attitude that most people have applies in the soul traveling world just like it does in everyday life.

However, if you are soul traveling you tend to be "potentially" more vulnerable. So you really don't want to be soul traveling unless your motivations are pure and kind to all beings unless of course you want to be terrified out of your mind and possibly die.

However, if your motivations and kind and good there is a natural protection that you will naturally generate that will keep you safe and alive wherever you go in the universe or dimensions(generally speaking). There are exceptions to this rule as in all rules in some places.

Just like on earth in a physical body if you choose to go somewhere stupid and do stupid things you might die. The same is true with soul traveling.

Phase 2-

So now I've gone through the caveats and dangers here are some of the good things. As one becomes proficient at soul traveling over the years one learns to help people in all sorts of amazing ways. So, for me, I'm always looking for ways that I can constructively help people. However, when one is a novice one always must be respectful of people who don't believe that anyone has souls. If you demonstrate to someone like this forcibly that souls actually exist you might mentally, emotionally, or even physically damage them and you would get karma or responsibility for harming a being who wasn't ready to recognize who they are fully yet.
For example, should you while traveling out in your soul body come upon someone who is doing bad things you could scare the living hell out of them by manifesting to them in a soul body so they would "See you as a ghost" and be very scared or even die of fright. However, no matter your motivations, that kind of "Fear of God" kind of thing is best left to Archangels like Michael. Of everyone I've met no one can put the fear of God into a wayward soul like Archangel Michael and his sword of Blue flame or fire.

Souls have the freedom to be wise or stupid and since the creator made us all that way, we really don't have the right to force people to change until they are ready. In the end we are not God with a big G. We are gods with a little g created in the God of the universe's image like it says in the Bible. So, it is important to understand one's place in the scheme of things if one wants to continue to exist at all, anywhere.

So, for me, I just watch all the time how I can help all beings in supernatural ways to make their lives better. I find it now sort of like conducting music, like some sort of scientific artform or wonderful creativity. But it wasn't always like this. Most of what I have learned was hard won knowledge and I had to suffer a lot to gain this knowledge through years of many different kinds of experiences. and even when I share knowledge with you, generally I'm only sharing intellectually because it is sort of like talking about flying a plane, driving a car or riding a motorcycle in the dirt. Until you actually do it, it is all sort of like intellectual masturbation until you actually do it and become proficient.

However, this primer of basic soul traveler ethics might help you  to survive the first pitfalls you might encounter on this amazing path.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Muse for Writers

I'm told by writers that I tend to be a muse for writers. I have a friend who has published many books and said to me, "Fred, I could take almost any two pages you have written and write about 5 books just by developing the ideas you put on two typewritten pages.

I think this works out just fine because I don't need to make money on my ideas because I'm already semi retired and okay. However, I believe that my very varied life experiences all over the world  allow me to have something useful to say. Also, I have led a very rich interior life as well and family and friends have always enriched me in every way throughout my life as well.  Even though I was born in Seattle, Washington(which made me a very polite almost Canadian person) my parents moved to San Diego when I was 4 so most of my life except for one year in Santa Fe, New Mexico at a private School in my senior year of high school and a few years in Hawaii on the big island and Maui I have lived mostly in California except for another 4 months in India and Nepal(2 months each). So all these many experiences have greatly enriched my life and allow me to have a very expansive world view. All these things help me to come up with really great ideas that are likely to help mankind in multiple ways both now and in the future. Add to that I tend to be an intuitive and a precognitive psychic(someone who often knows things before they happen) helps what I write to either be relevant or prescient and usually both.

So, since 1999 (the year of my first geocities website) often writers who are inspired by my writing and ideas indirectly give me credit for ideas they got that they developed from my writings by putting my birthday, my location or even my name, Fred, in the movie or book to denote part of the inspiration for the book or movie or some other recognizable code. This is fine with me because what is the most important thing to me is that all mankind become enlightened in every way.  So it gives me great joy to see my ideas used in a way to lift people's spirits and to enlighten them in various contexts. If you are a writer then you too are lifting the potential of mankind by what you write. You never know what people will learn and do with what you write. So try to inspire mankind to enlightenment and excellence in every way through your writing. Every person we touch in any way during our lives we can do something positive for and thereby help lift all mankind.

My archive site for most everything large I have written (short story or complete book) since around 1980 is at my other website. However, the most recent writings of mine start at this blog (intuitivefred888) which can been googled  easily as long as you remember my blog name and spelling. Just remember as you visit my archive site that I love to write and hate to edit. So since I'm not getting paid for it and just do it for the pure joy of it much of my writings have at most been edited only about once if that. The "Memories" series is an exception and I have made at least 10 passes through the about 125 page book. This does not include all the shorter character based sequels on many of the Characters you will find in "Memories". To reach these they are under the name of the character at the top of the page at as a word button.  There is also a lot of stuff (probably equal to what I have already put online) that I haven't published just because it is on  handwritten or printed pages difficult to convert. These are many things I wrote from 1980 to 1999 that are not a part of the "Memories" series. Some day I might convert some of this stuff too. 

We are already there

The average person on earth is like someone asleep at the beach on the ocean. They hear the crashing of the waves. They feel the warmth of the sun. But until they open their eyes they cannot see the wonder of the ocean stretching out forever in front of them. And when they open their eyes it will take their breath away. Yes. The sun is bright and takes some getting used to. But until each being opens his or her eyes they don't see the fullness of everything. All of us are already there at the beach sleeping. All we need do is open our eyes to the fullness. It isn't really hard at all. We just have to do it. We are already there. All of us.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

40 years in 2 or more places at once

Since my very first paradigm shift into scientifically realizing that souls actually exist(not theoretical, actual) and that I could consciously soul travel anywhere and and years later any when I wanted to I went through several different ways of perceiving all this.

The first stage was a continuation from my childhood which was sort of: "I want to be like the Saints and soul travel and to help all beings especially the souls of Earth."

The second stage was: "I want to visit God in the center of the Galaxy and ask him to save earth from nuclear annihilation." So this is what I did. However, it wasn't God exactly that I found there but beings that almost never die and have millions of IQ points. So, millions of IQ points for millions and millions of years. Kind of scary, Huh? However, they look at humans about the way you look at deer or ants. Don't worry they are not carnivorous. They don't breathe air. They don't drink water. The don't eat food(at least the kind you and I eat. They eat energy as it moves from matter to antimatter states and from antimatter states to matter energy states.

The third stage was being terrified out of my mind by going beyond the edge of the galaxy and not knowing what to expect and it not being at all what I thought.  And then 6 years later meeting several Tibetan Lamas and being initiated by them and speaking and meditating with them and coming to understand that beyond the Galaxy is the "Void" which it turns out is an actual physical place that is completely different than any place inside the galaxy anywhere.

The fourth stage was coming to the realization that there really is no point A or point B in soul travel. It is only in the end about different states of consciousness. To be anywhere in time and space on only need (once one is very very experienced) to think and feel that they are there because one realizes mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically that there is only one being one awareness in the universe. Once this is realized one is literally everywhere and everywhen all the time. So at this state of consciousness one need only realize they are in any time space or dimension and one is already there because one is everywhere everywhen all the time.

Though the previous can be intellectually attained by anyone until one convinces every neuron and every cell of one's body of this basic truth it isn't completely useful. However, once it is completely useful the sky or (the universe is the limit). In other words literally there is no limit.

It is my present experience that literally "One with God is a majority". So I know that in an emergency you and I can do Anything we need to because of our oneness with God(everything that is, was or will be).

So the strangest thing for me now is that because I am already everywhere I don't need to go anywhere soul traveling. This to me is the funniest thing of all. So sometimes I think of this and just laugh.

Learning to be 2 or more places: Advanced

To make you understand just how terrifying soul traveling can be, let me tell you the following true story. By the time I had made this mistake(mistake?). Better said, "By the time I had made this soul traveling terrifying experiment I had been fine soul traveling for several years. I had gone all over earth soul traveling and had gone to Venus, into the Sun and through the Sun into the Center of the Galaxy and met with Galactic Leaders there. They told me I was a relative of theirs. I actually didn't know what to make of that at the time. But since I was alone with them in the center of the galaxy, "when in Rome do as the Romans". After all I was all alone there likely with more balls than brains of a 20 something by then.

So then I made a mistake? I had the bright idea of going out past the end of the Galaxy out into deep space and when I did I was terrified out of my mind by this experience. It took me about 6 years before I met anyone who understood this and it was a Tibetan Lama. He didn't have to say anything to me I only had to meditate with him in his presence and I understood and was no longer afraid of the void beyond the edge of the galaxy.

From my present point of view it is like the galaxy is one consciousness( maybe something like a jellyfish) (they look somewhat similar to a galaxy). When any being goes out beyond this galaxy they leave the group consciousness of the galaxy and for me because I didn't expect this, it was the single most terrifying experience of my entire life.

I suppose the best example of what this was like for me would be if someone suddenly dropped you in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no boat or land or life preserver or person and you weren't even sure where you were. You only knew you could swim or you would drown. This basically was my experience out passed the edge of the galaxy soul traveling.

However, I have read of experienced soul travelers who actually come to like this state because everything that isn't whole or balanced within you falls off and self destructs. So all useless unbalanced stuff falls off you and is gone. But if you are used to that stuff and it is key to your identity it can be rough. more later.

Learning to be 2 or more places in time and space

In government parlance of the 1970s and after this was called remote viewing. However, this point of view I found completely useless.

I started from a different point in perception that centered around the religion I was raised in. So as a baby growing up I was taught that soul travel was something Saints did regularly. So, since my parents thought this was valuable it became valuable to me as well. So, I guess you could say the seeds of actual scientific soul travel started at birth for me. So, because I had the natural capacity to do this and because I believed from birth on that this was possible there was never a moment where I believed I couldn't. And so I did do it  and kept doing it.

I think if one gets into the right paradigm of reality it is possible for everyone to do this. In fact, everyone does soul travel. It just isn't generally understood by most people. Every time you daydream or night dream you are soul traveling. Because the basis of reality is NOT time and space but rather states of consciousness. In other words living on earth is like a TV station or radio station that we all live in that frequency of rather than actually being a physical place in ultimate reality. If thinking this way freaks you out then don't. You can choose to believe anything you want for comfort.

For example, to think and feel the way one needs to for totally enlightened states sometimes makes me nauseous so then I pretend that everything is material like the average person does so I stop being nauseous. However, at core I still realize that seeing things as material is not actually true but an illusion of the true reality we all are as souls living in human bodies on earth.

The most wonderful thing that happened to me once I had embarked upon conscious soul travel and prayed to God to let me do it, He did. At first I thought I was going to die from a heart attack because the paradigm shift was just to great at first for me to physically survive. In short I woke up in the desert in a cabin of a friend alone and had to go to the toilet. So I half asleep got up and went into the bathroom and flipped on the light switch. (Here's where I almost had a heart attack) My hand and arm went through the bathroom wall instead of turning on the light and I almost died right there because I wasn't trying to soul travel. I was just trying to get to the bathroom to relieve myself while half asleep at about 2 am at night. So I mustered all the courage of my being to not completely fragment and die right there and wondered what I had read that one should do next. So I did what the book said, I walked back to my body and laid down into it. Seeing ones body asleep for the first time while you are awake walking around in your soul( a ghostlike body) was the second time I thought I was going to die. So I laid down into my body and started to wake up shaking violently because of my fear.

So this totally wasn't working for me to go through this alone in a desert cabin away from everyone I knew by about 100 miles or so. So I got into my 1966 VW Seablue Bug and drove back to Rancho Bernardo, California where I lived then while I was going to college in San Diego County. The year was about 1971. As I pulled away from the desert cabin I said to God, "You almost killed me, God. Please give me a good experience now because that last one was awful." God did this about a month or two later. I woke up in Rancho Bernardo and sat up out of my body. I turned and looked at my body but wasn't scared this time because I was still connected from my hips to my toes. Then a really strange thing at the time happened. Another me walked in the door with an angelic look on its face and laid down into me and then we laid down into my physical body.  I said, "Thank you, God. Now I understand." But at this point a paradigm shift had occurred in me. A profound change had occurred. I knew completely and unerringly that a human soul can exist without a body, a human soul can and does walk around at night (and possibly other times as well).

So this was the first time in my life I not only believed I had a soul but I had actually seen my soul firsthand walking back to my body through my bedroom door. And not only that, there were at least 2 to three points of awareness that all interfaced in this being that each of us are.

So, since my perception of everything had permanently changed I started soul traveling as a conscious novice.

At this  point I would say that consciously soul traveling is about as tricky as surfing a 5 to 10 foot wave on the ocean with a surfboard. First you have to have the ability and the nerve to do it  and then you have to learn to do it safely so you don't die. Then the other thing I learned is that unless you have a good reason to be soul traveling it isn't really a good idea at all anytime to be consciously soul traveling.

Luckily, I was and am a soul traveling spiritual pilgrim, and this has always protected me as beings from all planets and dimensions soul travel both physical places and dimensional places all the time and are protected by their motivations. This is my initial experience with being 2 or more places at the same time.

Past Iceland Eruptions and present

Image results for iceland volcanoes

The two buttons above: the first one takes you to the photo I had here before but took down. The second button that starts with "Image" takes you to a page of images of Volcanoes in iceland either erupting or dormant. However, if you want to come back here take note of "intuitivefred888" and remember to Google it to get back here as some of these pictures prevent return to the previous page.

Sci-Fi computer Game or Book idea

When I combine my skills as a technician and as an intuitive sometimes it is quite interesting what comes out. I thought more about my previous blog article and wound up with a computer game or sci fi book idea.

Here it is:

A business jet takes off from Paris or Nice in France. However the manikins who appear to be humans at the controls are only waist high robots that look like people from a distance. The plane is a business jet that has been turned into a drone. The plane takes off and is flown remotely  from Israel. The plane's destination is somewhere in Iran, a normal occurrence from France. However, since the plane is really an Israeli drone EMP generator it explodes above 40,000 feet above Iran or about 8 miles high. This EMP knocks out all electrical devices in Iran long enough for Israel to send in more drones to do away with all nuclear weapons facilities in Iran. The EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) renders all missiles, planes, cars, trains or any other electrical device completely useless and unuseable within the sphere of EMP influence for 24 hours to a week or more. So no electrically based weapons can be used that received this EMP in Iran. Even though this is a Cold War device it would be practical for such a raid to end nuclear weapons capabilities (at least for the present in Iran).
Note: an alternative to this would be real people who bail out with parachutes or para-glider chutes somewhere along the way.

Since I'm both a technician and an intuitive it is really strange what my mind comes up with in a science fiction sense.

The beauty of this idea is it solves the problem and leaves  all casualties on both sides to a bare minimum. However, since the  political ramifications worldwide might be never ending for Israel it is highly unlikely they would ever do something like this.

Israel and the U.S. Distance Themselves

The only reason that makes any sense to me about this new distance between Israel and the U.S. is that Israel has decided to hit Iran at some point and the U.S. cannot afford to directly support this. If the U.S. cannot stop Iran for any reason with sanctions then this distance between Israel and the U.S. implicitly allows Israel to hit Iran with everything it has to "knock it down to size".  I think we are looking "within 5 years" towards another "6 days war" kind of situation brewing. However, it's hard to say how all this would all settle out in actuality. The world is a totally different kind of place now than when the "6 days war" happened before. And Iran is a much different enemy than Egypt and Syria were then for Israel. So we will have to see how all this goes in reality.

However, if it happens expect to see very few Israeli's in Iran. The war likely would be fought with drones in the air, missiles and more drone tank like vehicles on the ground. I doubt any Israeli's would be on the ground in Iran. Obviously, we are dealing with unknown quantities on all sides. I'm just saying that both Israel and the U.S. know that one way or the other Iran must be stopped and Israels solution cannot be condoned by this administration and wasn't by the Bush administration either. However, both countries know that Iran's nuclear military capabilities must be stopped eventually for any country in the middle east to feel safe.

Ocean Rising, island disappears in Bay of Bengal

Island in dispute disappears into the sea    

Please click above word button starting with "Island" to read full yahoo news article.

In case any of you dispute Global Climate change and rising Oceans, you cannot dispute that here is an island once there now gone under the waves.

Legal Challenges to Healthcare

Five Reasons Republicans Should Let Go of Health Care

Are Legal Challenges To Health Reform Credible? 

Please click on the previous two news articles if you want to read them.

Being informed of the actual chances of suits against The Healthcare  bill (now Law) I think is useful for all practical people (that live in the U.S. and beyond).

  Though the states rights issue of individual mandate is an important one for judges and legal scholars to think about, the likelihood is that 5 Supreme court Justices would side with the President and the Bill now signed into law. 

quote from second article with word button at top of this blog article:"Every single major piece of legislation that's ever been passed in this country has engendered lawsuits. That's the nature of our system," senior adviser David Axelrod told Good Morning America. "We're not concerned about these lawsuits." end quote.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Party of No

Even though some of the very best ideas in the present Health Care Bill Signed into Law today were from Republicans from the Nixon and Reagon and Bush Administrations, since not one Republican in the end voted for this Bill the Republican Party is likely to be the Party of "No!" for 2 to 4 years or more. Though the individual Republicans that greatly contributed to a workable bill might take credit among themselves and their famlies and friends this does not help the Republican party at large and likely will harm it in the years to come.

Even the states trying to sue the federal government regarding the implementation of the Health Care Bill likely will lose( the likelyhood being about 95% that they will lose from previous precendents) it will set up a very dangerous Federal Rights and States Rights conflict which never bodes well for the happiness of the people in general. (look at the civil war for an example).

Also, Obama being not only the President but an actual legal scholar(he was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review) knows he likely will win in the end as well because of legal precedents. However, the wounds created by unrealistically suing the government might be pretty difficult to overcome in some states. I think it is awful that uneducated people are being lied to in thinking that they can actually get this bill overturned. Like I said it is about a 5% chance of overturning the bill. And so in the end we have another Social Security, Medicare type of Bill in the Healthcare Bill signed into law today. It's not perfect but it behooves us all to make it better and to refine it as  citizens and lawmakers nationwide so it is actually useful to us. Fighting it is only going to in the end be a complete waste of money for all attempting it. Being pragmatic is one of the real keys to the  beneficial survival of us all.

The metamorphosis of the Vampire Craze

I was thinking lately about the zeitgeist of the people of earth and the Vampire Craze that has been upon us for several years now, the most recent of which is the "Twilight" movie series. As most of us have noticed  the original Bela Lugosi films of Dracula and the Twilight series have almost nothing in common so much has the zeitgeist of the present moviegoer changed from those of the 1930s. Whether this is good or bad or more likely "both" I'm not here to debate.

What is more interesting to me is a thought I have had in the last few days. I'm thinking that as people change more and more the whole new vampire craze has more to do with the uneducated masses coming to terms with the educated, rich and famous living longer and longer and looking like people in their 20s still through proper diet, exercise and plastic surgery. The most famous illustration would be Joan Rivers who I remember being one of the first female comedians to make it really big during the 1950s and 1960s. She was born in 1933 and 77 years old and still looks under 50.  Or Cher who was born in 1946 which makes her 64 on this May 20th and who still looks to be in her 30s.  These kinds of changes work in many people and as the median age of passing goes into the hundreds during the next century it works on the psyche of everyone.

When I grew up most men in their early 40s looked and acted like men in their 60s and 70s today. Lives in general were much harder in the 1950s when I grew up. Most men had been in World War II and had seen so many bad things that almost every man had some form of PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder). It was just accepted that that was how men were then. And this aged the men then quite fast in multiple ways. Though there is still warfare the amounts of men with PTSD are miniscule compared to then so even though society is still affected by these changes they are a much smaller influence.

Another little known fact is that the "Hells Angels" was actually started around Hollister, California by World War II Bomber pilots who could not readjust to society after their crazy lives bombing europe. So todays reality in all ways came from all the strange things that happened then and before.

So sociologically the NEW Vampire craze I actually see as a way for the uneducated masses to cope with all the changes of the educated, rich and famous that trickle down to everyman and everywoman's life eventually.

This whole sociological phenomenon even makes  more sense in a secular Christian society trying to cope with all the various changes in the world.

Do I think that vampires are real? NO. Not at all. I think it is only a metaphor for people trying to cope with unheard of changes in their lives.

Mystery Man leaves inscribed Granite Slabs for Survivors

Mystery man had granite slabs built to instruct survivors of civilization ...

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What caught my eye in this article were the words "R.C. Christian". Now, if you are a Mason, a Rosicrucian or a mystic who has studied these traditions like myself, you know these code words are connected with everything esoteric and mystical Christian and also connected with "Saint Germain" the man who never died of Europe of the 17th and 18th Centuries up to now.

So whether this "mystery man" is the man who never died or whether this is someone who thinks that way is a mystery. Either way the existence of this "Rosetta Stone" of survival slabs is interesting to contemplate.

Another interesting thing for people who are both pragmatic and educated in a multidisciplinary way like myself is that the mention in this article that only about 500 million or "1/2 billion" people can be sustained long term on earth is a scientifically sound concept  if they are all going to live on the surface of the earth. This is the maximum amount of people that can be sustained long term (as in thousands of years) without degrading the ecology of earth further.

However, as I have written before it IS possible for up to 13 to 14 billions of humans to survive on earth without degrading it further IF they live underground and ONLY use the surface for farming and transportation and recreation. Otherwise the limiting factor for the number of humans remains the same which is around 150 million to 500 million humans for thousands of years without seriously degrading all life upon earth. Any person properly educated understands this very basic concept.

Health care companies happy with 32 million new customers

Health care companies pull stock market higher

Click above article to read Yahoo Finance article.

I was listening to Michael Moore on  the Larry King Live Show on CNN. He was saying the Health care companies are ecstatic over having 32 million new customers. Also he said that since the fine is only 100 dollars per day per customer for refusing service that most insurance companies will choose to give the 100 dollars a day to the government in fines rather than to give insurance when they might have to pay 1000 to 10,000 dollars a day to treat something serious. After all, a years fine per insurance customer might be 36, 500 dollars for one years penalties and one big operation could eat that up in one day.

For example, in 1984 my father had an operation in Palm Springs that cost 50,000 dollars and that's over 25 years ago. Imagine what that operation would cost today?

Volcanic activity appears to be increasing in Iceland

Volcanic activity increases gradually in Iceland

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I'm very concerned now as an intuitive that instead of the Yellowstone Caldera going off as I saw in my vision in January that an equal eruption is preparing in Iceland instead. Whenever pressure increases as in the changes in Haiti and the severe changes in Chile the pressure builds up in the magma from all these changes so it has to be released somewhere else. The good news is that if this thing blows there will be a lot less people that die locally to the event directly than if the Yellowstone Caldera went. However, the bad news is that the VOG from the Volcano might cause deaths in places like Scotland, England, Ireland and mainland Europe and change weather patterns in Europe and the U.S. The last time in 1783 when this type of sequence of events occurred the gases killed people in England and it caused a famine in Europe and one of the worst winters in the U.S. and froze the Mississippi river in New Orleans the next winter after that occurred.  So, for now the good news appears to be that the Yellowstone Caldera didn't go off(at least yet). The bad news is that weather patterns from the Mississippi River through all of Europe might be awful if this continues for some time.

Monday, March 22, 2010

More Volcanoes going off in Iceland?

Iceland's eruptions could have global consequences 

click above word button to read the whole Iceland volcano article at yahoo news.

Begin quote from above article
REYKJAVIK, Iceland – Blasts of lava and ash shot out of a volcano in southern Iceland on Monday and small tremors rocked the ground, a surge in activity that raised fears of a larger explosion at the nearby Katla volcano.
Scientists say history has proven that when the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupts, Katla follows — the only question is how soon. And Katla, located under the massive Myrdalsjokull icecap, threatens disastrous flooding and explosive blasts when it blows. end quote.

It is possible that these eruptions are happening instead of the Yellowstone Caldera going off as it did in my January vision. However, it is also possible that both events could happen the same month. However, it doesn't feel like it will be that way. However, anything is possible. In the end the being Earth needs to move her plates around as all humans move around in their sleep. It is just what Earth does.

My thoughts on my Real Life UFO experiences

I realize that you reading this come from all different kinds of backgrounds, native languages and sensibilities. Given that, I can be the most useful to you in being the most honest and straightforward in my dealings with all this.

My belief is that I was born gifted and because of this I have been of interest to my future descendants, especially those born during the next 10,000 years or so. So they make sure that time isn't altered so they all get born. That is the best way I can say it. When I write what you may consider to be Science Fiction, it is not really science fiction at all to me. It is me trying to make sense of all that I know and to present it in a way that is relatively safe for me to share with you. So, what I'm sharing is mostly amazing things that I know(pretty much for sure) about everything I'm sharing. So, to me it doesn't really matter whether you experience what I write as real, historical legend, historical fiction or just science fiction. Just remember the knowledge I share might one day save your life or the lives of your friends and family!

Real Life UFO Experiences

There are many different kinds of what people call (UFO experiences). And to say you have had any UFO experiences might be laughable to many people because the national and world propaganda machine has been so successful in repressing people's credibility when they speak openly about such things. Why would governments do this?

Governments repress UFO information and always have down through recorded history because of such information became totally credible, Governments, religions and whole economic systems might collapse or seriously be modified by the people. So, it is an exercise in maintaining the status quo.

You might say, "Well. Aren't the people better off knowing the truth?" My answer would be "Yes. But only people with the emotional adaptability that wouldn't  be having a psychotic break of some sort." If you have ever looked around at the average person on earth, they are pretty much a mess of one sort or another. Look at all the problems we have of just freedom of speech or democracy. Look at Islamic terrorists freaking out about everyone not following "Sharia Law" or being infidels?

Imagine if the U.S. Government, the United Nations and the European Union for example, just came out and said, "We have all lied to all of you since Roswell and have killed and maimed countless people because they talked about real experiences with UFOs. Do you have any idea of the potential consequences of this? Look at the Catholic Church right now that is having incredible financial problems worldwide because of 2 thousand years of sexual abuse of children (boys and girls) and parishioners and nuns and monks and other priests. Imagine just how crazy it could get if the whole UFO thing wasn't denied anymore by anyone?

This is the real reason people are still killed by governments, religions, and corporations and individuals worldwide because of not shutting up about UFOs. However, because I live in America I have more rights than most people on earth and I am allowed to speak of these things as long as I have no physical evidence that could actually prove anything I say. Even in the U.S. if you have physical evidence of UFOs it is a threat to your physical survival and your families. This is important to realize. No matter where you live on earth it is dangerous to have  actual UFO paraphenalia or alien bodies or even parts of alien bodies. If you have something like this hide it in the walls or floor of your house or if you don't own your own home and plan to stay there bury it somewhere in the wilderness that it is unlikely to be dug up by anything for any reason. Even then remember, Satellites could witness you if you are outside anywhere. Present day satellites can read the year on a dime for example if it is lying flat on the ground anywhere on earth.

Though I have written of this before it appears I cannot easily find it among thousands of online pages online both at this site and at:

dragonofcompassion - Home

Though I feel I have I written a lot about this before let me try one more time in brief.

Though because I have always been an intuitive person and very gifted in this way I could tell you that I have had supernormal experiences my whole life. But that most often might mean nothing to you. So what would mean something (if you can cope with it) is that my first physical experience(that I was allowed to remember) took place in June 1974 after my first son was born(he will be 36 in May).

I drove up to Bunny Flats up Everette Memorial Hwy from the little town of Mt. Shasta City where I was then living to pray on the mountain as a blessing to my new little baby sons life. When I reached Bunny Flats there was a lot of snow that year( there seemed to be more snow later in the year in the 1970s and 1980s than now). So there were drifts of over 12 feet or more of snow in some places but on average it was around 5 to 6 feet deep there then. There was no one else there at the time but me. I would say the elevation is about 7000 to 8000 feet and it is a wide lava dust soil bowl surrounded by Shasta red fir and other pine and fir trees.

Since there had been enough sun to form a good crust I could walk upon the snow without falling into it more than about 4 to 6 inches. Since I had boots above my ankles I could walk in it fairly easily and didn't need snowshoes or skis so I walked up the mountain a mile or two. When I came back down I noticed in the Bowl some new prints. At first I thought it must be from snowmobiles that often drove on that side of the road then but are now illegal on the high side of the road nowadays. However, as I looked closer this is what I saw: a 6 feet deep and 25 to 30 foot diameter crater in the snow. At first I thought it was made by snowmobiles but no tracks came near to this place. Then I noticed that in the bottom of the crater were three 3 foot deep hemispheres like if a flying saucer had three hemispheres as a pod to land upon. If that wasn't impossible enough there was also a ring along the top of the crater of what looked like green antifreeze with black algae looking flecks in it. It was as if an alien had flushed his toilet or something and all this green antifreeze with black algae had come out in a regular pattern along the surface edge of the crater in the snow about 1 foot wide on the circumference of the surface of the hemisphere edge. Since there were no footprints or even snowmobile tracks but my own boot tracks there it would have been impossible to make this print unless someone had come in with a helicopter with a metal bottom this exact shape and then dropped it perfectly into the snow. And then had somehow hung from the helicopter and sprayed a perfect 1 foot or more wide circle of green goo and algae in a circle. since this explanation was impossible and improbable at best I was left with the obvious. This was a saucer landing site and this had happened since I walked up on the mountain.

I then went to town to get my wife and baby and a friend so they could witness this too. We all agreed it could be nothing else logically that what we  saw it was and then we chose to tell only our very closest friends of this.

About ten years after this incident my best friend's mother told her Army Colonel Boyfriend about this incident and wondered why we hadn't shared this with the authorities local and federal?

My answer to this is very easy. First of all anyone we had heard of that had been unwise enough to report REAL things like this often disappeared for years or was never heard from again back then. You must remember that the Cold War was happening back then between the Soviet Block nations and Europe and the U.S. on the other side. So the U.S. Government was very paranoid in the extreme about any sophisticated technology that could tip the balance of power either way. People in those days felt it was more likely that the U.S. and the Soviet Union would nuke the whole Earth out of existence likely any day back then. 

Things were not as safe as they are now on earth that is for sure.

So, my motivation was that I wanted my son to grow up safe and not to be experimented on or disappear along with my wife possibly forever. It was a decision of wanting to stay alive: very simple.

But even more strange this is not the end of my story. The previous event happened in 1974 in June. However, the next true story happened the summer of 1992 also in the little City of Mt. Shasta at a house my family and I lived in then.

I was washing dishes and everyone else was out somewhere that summer day and I heard a terrible racket. It was the kind caused by several big helicopters flying usually in formation and usually military double bladed helicopters. So I went out to see what they were.

There were three CH-47 Chinook helicopters flying in formation and the leading edges of the blades were breaking the sound barrier and creating a really loud racket. However, as I watched them over my house they suddenly stopped moving and became stationary in the air a couple thousand feet above my home. But then I saw what was in formation with them: a flying saucer the same size and shape as the print I saw on Mt. Shasta in the snow in 1974. So this might have been the same saucer 18 years later. The helicopters were painted gray and had no markings even though usually these types of helicopters only are used by the military (at least in the U.S.).

Then the strangest thing of all happened, the saucer vanished without a sound. Then the helicopters seemingly having done their job headed down in the direction of hiway 89 and seemed to head towards Nevada.

note: the Three Double bladed helicopters looked like this one at below site only painted gray with no markings or designations:

Though I could recount to you what I thought about all this I think for now it is better for you to form your own opinion of this real life experience. I experienced all these things myself. So I cannot deny that they happened. What you think or believe about all this is your business.

this reminds me of a UFO experience my family had in 1985.  We were in a house on the ocean in Northern California.   One side of the house was glass for viewing the beautiful ocean there far below. I had Tibetan lama and his translator visiting from India and Dharmsala. The translator and my 11 year old son were in the living room (one wall is almost all glass). The translator( a young man of about 25) came into the bedroom where the family was all talking but his face was very pale. 

Even though I wasn't a direct witness to the following, a 25 year old Tibetan Translator for my Tibetan Lama visiting us on the northern California Coast and my then 12 year old son shared this experience in a living room overlooking the ocean that was mostly all windows towards the ocean:

He said, "Your son and I saw a red glowing object about 3 feet in diameter 'watching' us through the windows." Because the Tibetan translator from Darjeeling didn't believe in UFOs we watched him almost faint to have his beliefs challenged in real life.
My son saw it with him but was just excited because he knew I had already had many such experiences in and around Mt. Shasta.
Later I watched a program on tv about triangular ships visiting europe. They described the 3 foot glowing red objects as camera like devices that came down from the triangular ships to observe people. So I realized that likely that was what they had seen.


The Day After Roswell

The Day after Roswell is a book written by Colonel Phillip Corso of Army Intelligence attached to the  President Eisenhower's National Security Council in Washington DC. He had a pact with his commanding general that one of them would write this book before they died. When asked if the CIA or other U.S. intelligence agency would deny what he had written, he said, "They wouldn't dare!"

This book written by then retired Colonel Corso of the U.S. Army Intelligence and former member of the National Security Council with a forward in the book by Senator Strom Thurmond is likely still the most definitive and useful book on this subject with an impeccable yet thorough visit to this subject written by the man who was put in charge of reverse engineering Roswell alien technology. This book illustrates how Corso almost single handedly would give this technology in small pieces to large U.S. Corporations and Learning institutions for them to reverse engineer it. He told them this technology came from behind the Iron Curtain as a cover. In fact the computers you are now reading this on(the basic chip structures) were reverse engineered from Roswell.

The most definitive book I read previous to this one was "Above Top Secret" by Timothy Good. It was originally published in London and then banned in the U.S. However, over the years it became a cult book for those who study actual(not fictional) ufos and ufo experiences and sightings worldwide. The more that is learned it appears that there was NO original date when people had experiences with UFOS which might mean that todays religions (as in Moses with the burning bush) might have been a "Cargo Cult" kind of experience with a UFO in actuality. Also, that all ufos are from other planets is quite dubious for those who have studied enough. The actual fact likely is that most ufos on earth are from earth from our future mankind. Since they are our descendants mostly, why would they want to harm time? They can't exist without their ancestors. Many now believe that this is why no real harm to mankind other than research (medical and technical) is done to humans or animals or plants by these beings.

Since I am an intuitive and have researched my whole life not only UFOS but have also studied Anthropology, Psychology, Computer Science, Creative Writing and have studied with Native American Medicine men, East Indian Swamis, Tibetan Lamas and Christian Mystics my whole life, I can bring a lot of research from multiple disciplines into focus in a way most other couldn't. So my value to you is as an experiential synthesist.

So, what I write tends to be Historical Legend or Historical fiction of the past, present and future. In other words I try to give my readers the benefit of a lifetime of study in various disciplines that the future of mankind might be better for all beings who live here now and in the future. I do this as a public service as I'm semi retired. This gives me as the "Tibetan Buddhist Lamas and monks say, "The Leisure to Practice". I have found this is probably the most powerful thing one can do(if they have good and kind and proper motivation) to help all life in the universe attain permanent bliss and end all suffering. I cannot even properly convey to you just how wonderful and powerful and helpful to all beings this path is for all beings in the universe  including oneself.

The Healthcare Earthquake of changes

As an intuitive I can usually sense things like big earthquakes coming. However, sometimes when I sense an earthquake coming it is something else that mimics an earthquake of changes. The Healthcare Bill passing for an intuitive can be like this as well. Earlier this week I was telling my wife, "I'm concerned about a big quake hitting this weekend." She said, "Couldn't it be the Healthcare Bill passing?" I said, "Yes. It could be that." So when we went to Las Vegas last Wednesday by car I was sort of relieved to get away from the California Coast. Then I was very relieved Saturday when the Iceland Earthquake went off as I knew a volcano going off could signal the Yellowstone Caldera going off. However, because the volcano was in Iceland rather than in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska or the U.S. Cascade range I felt it greatly lessened the chance of the Yellowstone Caldera going off like it did in my vision in January. So, I was very relieved to hear the Iceland volcano went off so far from civilization and so far from most humans.

However, when I sense an earthquake like this it generally means that everything on earth will be directly or indirectly affected by something this big. So, the health care Bill is a much bigger thing long term than say, for example the Tarp Bill. It is like a hundred year Earthquake in all the changes it will bring to the U.S. and the whole world. Civilized nations will have greater respect for the U.S. after our passing it this year. Before it passed they could just look at us and say, "What a bunch of wild and crazy cowboys those Americans are! They don't even take care of their own!" But now, they can't say that anymore, can they?" So in this the U.S. has gained the increased civilizing respect of the whole world.

The U.S. is far from perfect but getting closer to perfect every day!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Historic Moment: Healthcare Bill Passes

Social Security, Medicare, Health Care Bill. Each of these bills created historic changes to the lives of all citizens of the United States. Though the fight has been long and hard and years in the making Senator Ted Kennedy can rest in peace as his lifelong dream of actual health care for mostly  everyone legally here in the U.S.

Though everyone knows the bill is not perfect it will prevent people from going bankrupt from losing their jobs and dying because they lose their healthcare. Though they still may go bankrupt from losing their jobs and homes they won't have to die because they lost their healthcare insurance too. And it will prevent anyone from losing their insurance for any reason. So no one has to die with no healthcare insurance or treatment or care all alone if they are U.S. Citizen.

The 16% of the economy that is now consumed by healthcare expenses no longer has to grow to 25% by 2025 as long as the government and the people police how this new legislation is brought into actuality. Also, as problems arise it will have to be amended and modified as  new needs and problems arise that need fixing.

Volcano erupts in Iceland

Iceland fears 2nd, even larger volcanic eruption     for full yahoo news article on the volcano click previous multi word button

begin quote from above article:

REYKJAVIK, Iceland – A volcano in southern Iceland has erupted for the first time in almost 200 years, raising concerns that it could trigger a larger and potentially more dangerous eruption at a volatile volcano nearby.
The eruption at the Eyjafjallajokull (AYA-feeyapla-yurkul) volcano, located near a glacier of the same name, shot ash and molten lava into the air but scientists called it mostly peaceful. It occurred just before midnight Saturday (2000 EDT, 8 p.m. EDT) at a fissure on a slope — rather than at the volcano's summit — so scientists said there was no imminent danger that the glacier would melt and flood the area.
TV footage showed lava flowing along the fissure, and many flights were canceled due to the threat of airborne volcanic ash. After an aerial survey Sunday, scientists concluded the eruption struck near the glacier in an area that had no ice.
"This is the best possible place for an eruption," said Tumi Gudmundsson, a geologist at the University of Iceland. end quote.

Obviously, to my way of thinking people have been doing their praying in a well thought out way. It is my thought that having a volcano go off in a relatively unpopulated area is better than taking out 250,000 people or more somewhere else on earth. Your prayers worked!

I think at this point the making of the movie "2012" was a very important occurrance because it shocked people into a new mode of consciousness and this is: "What if any part of this is true? I need to start praying and living my life in a better way and being a kinder more helpful person" and "What if I die in this whole 2012 thing. How is God going to treat me after I'm dead if there really is a God?"

I think in this way in an altruistic sense this movie and others like it tend to put people on their best behavior until at least 2013.

Truth March 21st 2010

Happy Spring Equinox everyone!

Today I woke up thinking about the fact that truth is different for everyone. Some people worship truth. Some people run to escape it before it drives them insane or kills them. Other people just live their lives and could care less about truth either way.

When I grew up the  "Truth" made a lot more sense to me at least. There wasn't any real question in my mind what truth was. It was very white and black, good and bad and all that. And then came adulthood with all the infinite shades of gray and white. And all that sense of initial truth wore away into realizing that compassion for all beings was even more important than truth because unfortunately often "Truth Kills Everyone". So then I began to see that truth was not a "One size fits all" kind of thing after all.

In a sense everyone had to do whatever they could to just stay alive and to keep their loved ones alive. That was a more realistic assessment of life. And that truth was in the end a luxury for the richest humans on earth. And that often even then truth became a plattitude that the rich hide behind in order to keep all their wealth and to increase it and not lose it, so that they don't become poor again.

Rich people and poor people tend to be two sides of the same coin in a way. They are both extremes. Whereas, middle class people are something else again entirely than either rich or poor. And the middle class in every country seems to insure whether or not a government actually works for its people or not.

When I grew up the answers seemed so simple but not now. In the 1960s it was all about not nuking everyone off the whole planet because we all didn't agree. People rail against the Nazis for example in World War II. However, the whole western world had to get just as intense and crazy as the Nazis were in order to win that war. In the end I'm not sure who was scarier. Maybe we were. We won that war.

History is always written by the victors of every conflict, so to take history completely seriously is to be deluded. Only if one can see all the points of view of every battle down through history does one make any sense of history at all. In the end it is just two different groups battling over land and other resources. That is all it really boils down to. There are too many people and not enough resources so let's have a war to reduce population and redistribute resources. In the end that is what wars do. Maybe that is all the truth we need to understand to make sense of history.

However, personal truth is usually based upon one's real experiences every day of their lives. Whether one's personal truth is functional and realistic can be either subjective or objective and hopefully both if the person has a balanced view of what has happened to them.

So, in the end what is truth?

It is different for every person on earth. That is why having a democracy that everyone can participate in helps to prevent wars and to create the common good. I believe that is truth. But not everyone on earth does. That is why there will be more wars. Hopefully, they will be little ones because with Global Climate change a big one would send us all back to the stone age even if some of us survived.


The concept of Microfinance started in Bangladesh where a gentleman arranged for responsible people to be loaned from 25 to 250 dollars approximately. This is enough in many third world nations to start your own business so you don't have to beg. However, even in the U.S.  if someone is loaned somewhere between 5000 dollars and 20,000 dollars a cottage industry business and or delivery business or mail order business of one kind or another can be started even in the U.S.

So, even if you are collecting unemployment if you are starting to think seriously about starting a small business maybe now is the time to try to make a little business that might turn into something big. The thing about businesses is that if you don't succeed at your first business, as long as you actually learn what worked and didn't work, you can then take that knowledge(if you are realistic) and become rich on your second or third business. It doesn't take a million dollars to start a good business. Remember, Stephen Jobs  and Wozniak of Apple computer started in their garage as hippies with long hair and beards. And Bill Gates was a Harvard Drop out and basically started in a Garage too. And look at them now they are all still very rich 30 years later.

Also, in the early 1980s there was 10% unemployment too. And this is basically when they started their businesses around this time.

Dragoneagle Bear

Note: I was in Yellowstone National Park a few years ago with my family in our motorhome that we drove from near San Francisco, California. We had an experience with a Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone that sort of helped inspire this story. He was eating flowers and so I dubbed him "Flower Child Grizzly". and then the Ranger arrested someone we saw from getting too close to him and interfering with his flower eating reverie high. But the Grizzly didn't care, it was a very beautiful summer day and he didn't need to hit or eat that human anyway. Besides, Flowers taste better. end note.

Dragoneagle Bear was living in Yellowstone and had had a happy mother even though he hadn't really met his dad. Sometimes, Mom still visited him and recognized him and they ate flowers together like they did when he was still a bear cub grizzly.

He wasn't looking forward to winter coming because it was always harder to get good food then and he usually went in somewhere to go to sleep after giving up looking for food and then woke up in the spring hungry as heck.

But today as he ate the flowers he noticed the bees and the bumblebees humming and eating all the pollen. And of course you know bears love the honey that bees make from pollen. So he decided to go follow these bees to their bee hive and get him some honey. He had so much hair that they could only sting him around his eyes and on his nose anyway. The stings were worth it to get so much honey!

So he followed the bees up their tree and knocked the hive down to the earth and the bees got real mad and stung him all they could. But you know bees, they just started building another hive up where he knocked it down or near to it, so in a month or two he would have another hive to raid. But the stings today made him feel funny. Maybe he was allergic to this breed of honey bees or something. He began to have strange dreams from all the honey and all the stings. Pretty soon, he was flying through the air as mister Bald Eagle. Eagles didn't seem to like honey like bears do. But Dragoneagle bear had always wanted to fly just like Mr. and Mrs. Bald Eagle and often he dreamed of flying. So today as he flew as Mr. Bald Eagle in his Midsummer nights dream, suddenly Mr. Bald eagle turned into something that  Dragoneagle Bear had never seen before. He turned into a beautiful Golden Dragon. He watched as he kept turning from Eagle to Golden Dragon and back again. Dragoneagle Bear thought this was the best dream he had ever had. So when he woke up his Mom was there looking at him and he said, "Mom. I just had the most amazing dream I ever had. I dreamed I was a Bald Eagle that kept turning back and forth into a great golden Dragon! Isn't that Great?

Mommy Bear said, "What's a Dragon?"
Dragoneagle Bear said, "It's this great snake like thing bigger than a big pine or fir tree that has wings and flies!"
Mommy Bear said, "That scares me, son!"
Dragoneagle Bear said, "For some reason it doesn't scare me because I'm already a Grizzly and most everything is scared of me already!"
Mommy Bear said," Your Daddy was a protector too. He kept the other bears from eating you when you were little."
Dragoneagle Bear said, "I don't know what to do with that information, Mom. But you can be sure I will protect you from anything too."
Mommy Bear said, "I know son. You can be my Dragoneagle Bear. You are a magic Grizzly now!"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

on The California- Nevada Border

note: This was originally titled "Dragon, Eagle, Bear" but after writing "Dragoneagle Bear" story after this I felt it might be too confusing for readers so I changed the name on this one.

My life is always lived in being in the right place at the right time in both consciousness and in physical reality whenever possible, which is more and more these days luckily. So as we returned to the SF Bay Area from seeing Beatles Love Cirque Du Soleil and Jeff Dunham and visiting the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch and watching the waiters and waitresses dance for us and talk to us and sit with us and entertain us with their ideas and listening to rock music videos and looking at all the outfits worn by famous artists like Elvis, Keith Moon,  and others, we finally came on home today. So, we left about noon and somewhere on one side or the other of the Nevada-California border there was a strange looking place on the west side of interstate 15 that just said, "Market". However, I had to take a leak so I stopped there. My wife said, "This place makes me nervous. I'm locking the car. But if you find corn nuts buy them for me. When I returned to the car she said two guys were taking a leak on the chain link fence. Strangely enough, in the other direction was a Vote for Ron Paul large sign. So I felt like I was in the middle of a militia kind of place or something like that. However, I also sort of agree somewhat philosophically with a Libertarian populist point of view as that was where people like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and John Adams were coming from too. I guess that kind of thinking was revolutionary then and now in different ways. So I walked in and there were no corn nuts but there were pistachios grown locally and a small container of milk and coconut candy that I like. And next to the coconut candy I noticed a Buck Knife Clone. (I have a long history with Buck knives ever since I found one on Highway 89 next to where I eventually bought my 2 1/2 acres. I found it open on Hiway 89 around 1976 and kept it until 1985 when someone stole it out of my 1974 International Scout II 4 wheel drive.

So, wearing a  Buck knife "Hunter" on my  jeans belt in a leather case whenever I was living in the country I found very useful as you never know when you will need it as a tool in the country. (Buck's signature knife at 8.63 inches when  locked open and a 3.75 inch blade) When you live far enough out in the mountains or forest you need a tool for protection in emergencies (human or animal), for cutting duct tape, for all sorts of things in maintaining your vehicle. It can even be a small hammer for little nails. It can even pull out small nails or screws in a pinch. It is sort of endless what you can do with a Buck knife with a strong blade in the Country. Even when I visited India I noticed my Tibetan Lama friend carried a Buck knife  similar clone type of folding and locking blade knife for protection. There are just so many extreme religions and religious people in India( and for that matter everywhere on earth) that I think he felt he needed to carry it while traveling in the maroon red robes of a Tibetan Monk.

So anyway, I was paying for my pistachios, my coconut candy and milk and I noticed a really cool knife there. I knew it probably was made in China and was only $14.95 but it was stainless steel and had a dragon on one end of it and on probably white plastic in the center was a carving of a Bald Eagle in the setting of a lake and mountains. Since I like to collect Buck look alikes and Swiss Army knives these days I bought it. As I returned to the car my wife was surprised because I've already got such a collection. You see, when I was young even though I never lacked for a bicycle or a car after I was 16, there still were a lot of things I felt I couldn't afford to buy realistically. And one of them was a good knife. So God had to throw one down to me out on Hiway 89 for me to have my first really good knife.

So, as we traveled along it keyed in my mind once again my vision quest of 1983 in the Bear Wallow next to the North Fork of the Trinity River in Northern California. And I thought to myself-- Dragon, Eagle, Bear. Yes! All three were present in one way or another during my vision quest then. (My vision quest consisted of 4 days and nights with no water or food while praying. After two days without water or food and overseen by a Blackfoot Sioux Medicine man a few miles away I became the dragon in an extremely powerful vision). First, we were in a Bear wallow next to the river. Then a mated pair of Bald Eagles flew over which was a good sign and then I became a 50 foot tall Golden Dragon that breathed out the fire of enlightenment on thousands and thousands of people. But they didn't burn because it was the fire of enlightenment and they smiled as they got it and became enlightened. Just remember I write because I realized as time went on that I actually am in spirit that enlightening dragon breathing out upon everyone that reads what I write that sacred fire of enlightenment. Whether you believe it or not it happens. It's just the nature of things. I didn't invent all this. It just happens and I let God breathe out through me to you.

The other thing interesting is that I have a really interesting astrological configuration. It turns out that sharing spiritual experiences for me increases the blessing not only to me but to all of you as well. I am very fortunate to have that configuration. It is a blessing to all of us. So if I intuitively sense that I have a 51% or better chance of  usefully helping other people in any way and it is practical to do so I usually find  way to help them.

BSA 500 used in North Africa World War II

I found this picture of a motorcycle that I got in 1969 that I kept in my father's garage in the desert. Though it was very heavy compared to todays off road motorcycles it was a tank and almost indestructible. The metal plate protecting the engine was very thick and if I didn't notice a large rock(one foot in diameter it would bounce over it in the desert at that time as long as i didn't hit it with my front wheel first. It was a truly amazing bike. One time I was racing down a dirt road with my cousin on another motorcycle and since I was leading I looked back and laid the bike down in a patch of deeper sand on a dirt road. This could have been very serious because I was doing about 45 mph. However, somehow I climbed up on top of the sliding bike without getting my left leg pinned and stood crouching on the bike until it suddenly stopped and just rolled forward a couple of times acrobat style and outside of a few minor scrapes I just laughed with amazement that I was okay.
If you go to the following site and scroll down to the images it is the second from the left on the top row.

The one I owned for about 10 years or more was maybe the most reliable bike I ever owned in that it started in any weather hot or cold (115 degrees Fahrenheit to 20 degrees Fahrenheit). So literally any time I tried to start it it started either by the kick starter or by pushing it in 2nd gear. It didn't have an electric starter because those weren't common then when it was made. Also, it didn't have a battery that I can remember but only its magneto which generated the spark for the spark plug and the lights. So the lights only worked when the engine was running. Also the rear suspension didn't exist except for the coil springs in the seat so it was very important to stand up if the bump was very deep if you didn't want to fracture your spine. Also, if you looked at the picture the front suspension was very unusual  and there were no shock absorbers present on the bike. So as you rode it you had to protect yourself as bumps could be very unforgiving to a human body if traveling through the bush. So I can imagine the men who rode these through North Africa  in World War II had aching muscles  after driving through the conditions they rode through then.

Jeff Dunham: Comedian

Recently I saw Jeff Dunham who stopped off in Las Vegas on his comedy tour. My daughter and wife liked Walter and I thought achmed the dead terrorist was incredibly funny. If you have never heard of Jeff Dunham you should look him up on     He has had over 3 million playings of his comedy there and has had his own show on the Comedy Channel in the U.S. and other places that receive American Cable or Satellite reception. He pretty much filled a 4000 seat auditorium in Vegas so he has quite a following all over. He told of a funny story of how he was diverted in a private jet to Klamath Falls Airport from Medford in Oregon because it was fogged in. So since there was no night time control tower they were playing by ear and taxied over to a big hanger but it turned out to be a secret military hanger and they were met by the military and loaded weapons pointed at them. The pilot and co-pilot were freaked out but Jeff Dunham took a chance and mentioned Achmed the Dead Terrorist and the Marines had heard of Achmed and everyone lightened up. I thought it was a great story. So if you are a Jeff Dunham fan check to see if he will be near you next. Also, Because of Klamath Falls proximity to Mt. Shasta and almost constant UFO sightings there a secret hanger nearby makes a lot of sense to me, personally.  But that's just me. However, I used to live in Mt. Shasta city.

Jeff Dunham was amazingly creative and innovative at this show tonight and ad libbed a lot. He is amazingly creative and inventive and funny.

I found a site with all of Jeff Dunham's comedy tour dates between now and next fall:

Friday, March 19, 2010

Honda XL 250 1974

This is pretty much exactly what my 1974 Honda 250XL Dualsport looked like then in 1975 when I first bought it. I bought it in Escondido, California and I believe I lived then in Rancho Bernardo, not too far away. The previous owner had had an accident on it and had sold it. It had a little dent in the tank likely caused by a knee hitting it hard. But, since there was no visible damage to the bike I bought it for $750 then I think they were new only about 1200 to 1500, so I got it for a good price. 

I rode this bike all over San Diego County especially on all the dirt roads then and I often put it on my father's pickup truck and hauled it out to the desert where he and I and my Mom and his friends were building a retirement home from 1968 until 1980 there. Eventually, before I was married for a second time I was a single Dad and my father welded up a motorcycle front wheel hitching post for it that fit my trailer ball space on my 1976 Toyota Longbed truck. So, I hauled it up from the desert along with my son to a job building a home  in Mt. Shasta about June 1979. My son was 4. I had a 6 pack cabover camper then in 1979 and I was 31. I lived with my son in my camper that summer while I worked and hired babysitters to stay with my son when I was working. He sometimes rode the backcountry with me on the motorcycle then. At that age I usually rode with him in front of me because he was pretty young yet and I could better protect him that way. So, we would ride and go camping and swim in lakes sometimes then. In the winter I stored it and rented a room in a home from a lady my age and my son and I slept in the camper while using the living room, kitchen and bathroom. We became sort of family with the people that lived in that house then. Through another lady that rented a bedroom there I met my next wife while cross country skiing with the two of them there. It was wonderful to have a wife that skied and liked the back country like I did. We raised my son and her two kids from her first marriage and eventually bought 2 1/2 acres in the back country with a spring and a great view of Mt. Shasta and I built an A-Frame. My father came up to lay the foundation as he had had more experience building than I and was a retired Electrical Contractor from Southern California.
This is what muffin looked like. We had to hogtie her once to remove the porcupine quills from her. Being a girl she let us do that. I'm not sure how many male dogs would let people hogtie them, hold them down and pull out porcupine quills from her face and inside her mouth. But, you can't leave the quills there or the dog usually will die because the quills eventually wind up in the brain because of the way they are designed. So, they have to come out one way or another.

At one point the whole family got on the motorcycle (5 year old son, 6 year old stepdaughter, 8 year old stepson, myself and my wife (and sometimes when she got tired of running alongside at slow speed our Australian Terrier named "Muffin" because she looked like a big muffin with brown hair going every which way. We rode that summer on dirt roads (didn't see a single person we were so remote) about 10 miles round trip up to about 9000 to 10,000 feet up to the Clear Creek Area because the 4wd roads were still open then and hadn't been block by the Forest service then in 1980.

This motorcycle was the best all around off road bike that I ever owned. It had enough power to do a wheelie (lift the front wheel off the ground into the air) and still had enough power for a freeway (60 or 70 mph) as long as you didn't get into a situation where you had to power away from danger at high speed. But it could cruise all day at 60 to 65 miles per hour if you didn't mind a little vibration.

So, I loved it the most off road where it really excelled. It was light enough (and so was I) to throw my hips and change directly quickly in tight spots where not being able to do that might cost your life or at least you might be injured if you couldn't suddenly throw your hips to go another direction in the dirt. You never know when an unexpected object like a rock, a tree limb, a bush (whatever) is going to show itself and you have to be ready for anything or you are going to be hurt.

One time I was riding on a dirt road in San Diego county that I loved to ride then but it had rained really hard the last week. So, as I was approaching the bottom of a valley suddenly I saw the dirt road was completely washed out in a way that was dangerous to my survival. The only way at that speed (about 35 to 45) that I was going to survive this was to lay the bike down so I laid it down at that speed and the left foot peg dug into the ground enough to slow me enough to survive it. Luckily the dirt was loose and I had cowboy flat toed boots on that came up to my knees under my Levi jeans. My bike was hanging over the edge of a 6 foot cliff and chasm where a little stream was now running that hadn't been there the week before because of flash flooding which is very common in southern California because a lot of southern California is either desert or near desert conditions except along the coast.

So, I really was grateful for my fast reflexes and the superb handling of this light 250 XL Honda.