Saturday, May 27, 2017

10 most read articles of all time, of the last month, week, day here at this site

Above the first article you will read in order 10 word buttons which contain the most read articles in the last month (30 days). To your left are the top ten articles read in the history of this site. Then to the right in the column there I put the top ten articles of each day and each week by date.

So, hopefully this will be helpful to you along the way. The articles here are put here intuitively which means they are here to help all of you in the ways that might be helpful to you along the way.

One of my favorite things to do when I was a young man about 21 years of age when I lived in Venice, California for 3 months was to open sacred books like the Bible and others at random to learn what God wanted me to do next. The point of this is synchronicity in that everything is interconnected. So, if you do this at this site too likely you will also find answers to your questions if you are open to these answers.

The hardest thing is being open to the answers the universe provides.

I can remember having a deja Vu during my 2nd marriage where I realized I was going to be married one more time. I was very very upset because I had already been through a divorce when my son was 3 years old and I didn't want to go through this again with children. So, this time when it happened my youngest was 5 years old, a daughter who is now 28 years of age and it was hell this time more than the first time and as a result I almost died of a heart virus from all the stress and strain within 5 years. But, once again the angels came to me and told me I wasn't going to die and my life was going to get better in unison and in the end this was also true 8 months later.

So, as you can see the trick of all this is being open to God and Angels at all points in time, otherwise we are just dead before our time.

By God's Grace may you be open to listening to God and Angels at all times

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