Monday, May 29, 2017

Trump appears to be changing the whole World Order since World War II

Is this good or bad?

Likely in a situation like this there is no one answer simply because of the complexity of what we are actually dealing with. It's sort of like Descartes in his saying: "There is nothing so good that no bad may come of it and nothing so bad that no good may come of it."

So, is Trump very arrogantly changing the world order since World War II good or bad?

It is definitely both.

So, right now it appears like "It's every man for himself both in Europe and in the rest of the world which might mean "Big Countries eat up the little ones over time or the little countries just starve to death without U.S. support one or the other.

You might say this is a bad thing and I might completely agree with you but once again all this remains to be seen because of the complexity of it all.

The arrogance of a Trump to think he can change everything like he seems to is sort of "Beyond Belief" for me personally. But, if somone (anyone) votes for someone like Trump you are going to get change.

But, Change for changes sake often leads to millions of deaths too which is what I presently see coming as an intuitive through starvation, lack of jobs, terrorism and genocide in places around the world starting it seems right now in the Philippines.

In the meantime color the whole world "completely terrified of Trump!"

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