Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Our Magnetopshere no longer protects us like it once did before about 2000 AD

There are cracks in the magnetosphere that change sort of with Space weather especially Solar Flares form the sun. But, either way there are places almost always on earth  (usually up into the Polar circles) both north and south where there is only between Zero to 10% of the protection from Cosmic Rays we had before 2000.

Why? you might say.

One of the many theories floating around now is that we are in a Geomagnetic reversal which does this for up to 5000 to 10,000 years. Another theory likely up to 50% likely (like the first one) (in otherwords it is almost certain either a Magnetic reversal or magnetic Excursion is presently going on right now on earth is that we are in a magnetic REversal.

And both these types of events cause massive genetic mutation here on earth for 1000 years (a magnetic excursion) or 5000 to 10,000 years (a Geomagnetic reversal) or a (reversal of the magnetic poles of earth).

So, when this happens (as is happening already within polar circles here on earth) genetic mutation of everything above 30 to 50 feet in the ocean and everything with DNA above ground starts to mutate when exposed to cosmic rays from the sun and other places in the Galaxy or universe around us.

For example, reproductive DNA cannot survive in space at all (unless it is encased in a thick lead shielding to shield the dna from cosmic rays. However, unless it is just sperm and ovum you are protecting, lead surrounding all humans isn't practical in space because of human weight and the weight of the lead combined.

SO, literally all astronauts that go into space are sterilized by doing so because we don't put thick lead shielding around them. So, they are usually told to have any children they plan to because they won't ever be able to have children again once they go into space. However, they can still all have sex they just can't have babies anymore.

So, colonizing other planets isn't an option without lead shielding of sperm and ovum at the very least during the trip to that planet. And if that planet is Mars it has no magnetosphere at all left like any planet humans or human technology have been on in the past. The asteroid belt was discovered to have once been an inhabited planet (likely our ancestors) which was blown up by a nuclear war there. This was discovered by the Soviets in the 1970s but repressed by the western Media especially by Christians and Muslims and Hindus worldwide because it went against what was said in holy books.

So, this problem has never been dealt with in the open by mankind.

IN fact, none of the problems I am outlining here have been dealt with by mankind and aren't likely to be anytime soon for 100 or more different reasons by the governments of Earth.

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