Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Google Computer algorithm: "It became like a God."

"Ke Jhe, the world's top player of Go, the highly complex ancient Chinese board game, after a Google algorithm defeated him in a May 23 match; while an earlier version had beaten another highly ranked player more than a year ago, this victory affirmed artificial intelligence could beat the best human mind at a task thought to rely on intuition and learning." end quote from page 7 of June 5th 2017 Time Magazine.

To me, this is just a logical progression of computer algorithms. Next, you likely will take some algorithm and program it with Sun Tzu's Art of War and whoever has that one will be invincible on earth too if they listen to it.

This is what I call "The first troubling signs of our growing problem with our Technological Singularity. Whether humans can survive these types of aspects of our growing Technological Singularity is very debatable.

What can be unequivocally be said, however, is that humans if they survive all this will NOT be like they are today in how they act and think. This part is for sure. At least the humans who survive this won't be like 90% of the human beings today here on earth.

This is one reason why I started this site because ONLY through a very developed instinct and intuition and common sense are ANY people at all going to survive  this on earth.

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