Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Is Climate change Caused by Humans the last 15,000 years on earth? Yes. But that's only part of it

There are other things going on beyond that that most people are not addressing because they are just too scary for most people to deal with.

In many of the articles I published or re-published today I am dealing with some but not all of these other problems not usually found in the mainstream media much. Why?

Because it might cause less educated people to panic. It's basically the same reason people have been shielded (sometimes on pain of death) from the truth about UFOs in the U.S.

In other words likely about 25% of the educated level headed people in the U.S. just might be able to deal with UFOs and Geomagnetic excursions and Geomagnetic reversals, and cosmic ray sterilizations of life on earth and genetic mutations that are coming down the pike because we no longer have a useful magnetosphere protecting us especially in the two polar circles.

But, 75% of the people of earth are just going to freak out and run amuck like they did when Orson Wells did a Halloween special presentation on the radio on the East Coast of "War of the Worlds"  and enough people thought it was real and more than 7 people died from panic.

ONly about 1/4 of the people even in the U.S. could deal with any of these facts.

If we took this worldwide it would likely be less than 10% could deal with any of it because of a lack of education and critical thinking required to understand even the beginnings of these things.

So, for this reason the mainstream media just won't talk about it little or at all.

Because it is just too scary for most people to consider to be true even though every bit of it is scientifically true.

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