Saturday, May 27, 2017

Learning about past lives can be very disturbing especially dealing with things like being murdered

I just want to caution all of you in regard to wanting to learn about past lives. People often will say things like "I was Queen Elizabeth I of England or I was Napoleon" but the truth of past lives is much more ominous than that. If you have already lived many past lives in the past, present and future like myself I find that I must be extremely careful in tuning into ANY of these lives because they can be overwhelming in a variety of ways.

On top of all this I went through a PHOWA empowerment and Initiation with Lama Ayang in Santa Cruz, California in the mid 1980s. He told me that if this initiation "TOOK" I would begin to remember the past lives of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the ten directions and the three times soon.

This happened but at first I found it very confusing to remember lifetimes of so many bodhisattvas at the same time. However, I can see the usefulness of this now. Later when my family and I were traveling too Dharamshala, India IN Himchal Pradesh in January 1986 he told me I should go to Rewalsar too which I eventually did with my family where I had the most amazing experiences with Padmasambhava when Saint Germain told me Padmasambhava was one of his incarnations then.

So, what I'm saying here is be very very careful how to interact with past lifetimes. Even with God's help this can be difficult at best. I can see I was being trained as a Bodhisattva throughout this lifetime to help mankind in mostly supernatural ways in helping prevent human extinction on planet earth as well as helping human rights increase worldwide as much as is practical in any age.

But, be very very careful in tuning into any past lives at all because it can be very overwhelming especially if you are going to experience things like being burnt at the stake like I experienced as a Cathar who was burnt at the stake in Southern France during the beginning of the Catholic Inquisition.

Though it's true I was a Catholic Monk and even a Muslim in the Middle East likely after this incarnation (even though saying that is sort of ridiculous to me now because I realize all lifetimes are lived at once because souls don't live in time and space to begin with.

But, be kind to yourselves, you don't need to have a nervous breakdown by experiencing being burnt at the stake once again or something like this, do you?

Here is one prayer I have learned to give as a young man regarding all this:

Dear God,

If learning about one or many of my past lives will help me or others please share what I need to know, but also, please don't share things with me that will traumatize me to the point where I become dysfunctional knowing certain things. Let this knowledge always be practical and useful to me and you and the angels always.

By God's Grace


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