Saturday, May 27, 2017

Being Grateful to all those who died so we could have a country

I found tears streaming down my face today in gratitude for all our boys who died so we could have our country and often all their wives and lovers who died often alone without them. I have personally met many of the women from World War I and II who never could replace the boys they lost ever so they died alone.

So, once again "Thank you all now passed away for giving us a decent country to live in!" and may we honor your memories by defending at all levels the wonderful and beautiful country that you have now passed onto us during these last 400 years especially since the founding of this nation. It will be 400 years in 2020 since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts by the way. So, this is something to be grateful for as well.

Thank you God for our country and bless everyone who died so it could be the wonderful country that it still is today! And by the way also bless all those who are going to die for it or lose their loved ones because of this on into the future as well!

By God's Grace

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