Saturday, May 27, 2017

Warren Beatty made "Rules Don't Apply" accurate to how things really were then in L.A. in the late 1950s

Warren Beatty's stunning attention to detail in this movie made me feel like I was actually back there in Los Angeles and Hollywood and even in the Hollywood Hills overlooking the Hollywood Bowl where musical acts have played it seems since I was a little child or before. The feeling you get when you watch this movie is as if you really are there. I understand why it didn't play well to people now because it just wasn't flashy and unrealistic enough.

This movie depicts more about what life in Hollywood was actually like, what it felt like to be alive then if you were white in Los Angeles then. So, in watching this movie you feel how constricted people's lives were in various ways especially if they went to a christian church regularly. So, things were very tight then in the world of Howard Hughes.

However, it is also true that many people were not going to churches at all then too so this is just one view of it. But, it is closer to my experience as an 11 year old going to church all the time than anything I have ever seen before in a movie.

So, Kudos to Warren Beatty in someone finally capturing what Los Angeles was like for at least white people in Hollywood then who worked for Howard Hughes.

I got up from the living room where I had paused by Roku for  my flatscreen  to go to the  bathroom and my subconscious was so convinced I was still living back then that I was completely confused on the way to the bathroom so convincing this movie was to my subconscious mind. Kudos!

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