Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What is enlightenment?

Staying calm when everyone else might be losing their heads or pulling their hair out.
Staying focused on what is actually important rather than what someone else tells you is important.
Staying true to what you believe in at core.
Understanding that the whole world might blow up and you would still be enlightened.
Knowing that your physical body might disappear in a nuclear flash and you still would be enlightened and okay.
Knowing that you honor the souls of all beings in the universe no matter what comes.
Knowing that you owe loyalty to vulnerable souls who might not be as strong or as well educated or as intelligent in this lifetime as you might presently be.
Knowing that you can't teach anyone anything really that all you can really do is to set an example in everything you think, do and say during your lifetime.

By God's Grace

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