Wednesday, May 31, 2017

enlightened People often bless all mankind through their auras

The first time I actually witnessed this and actually knew what it was it was because Kriyananda was in the same County as I was.I observed first hand how the weather was changed from his presence in the same county. So, from then on I realized what happened when truly enligthened people come anywhere near to you. 10 years later I saw this with Tibetan Lamas who were Tulkus (in otherwords "Living Buddhas" who reincarnate to help mankind. I also experienced this in a Christian way with Kathryn Kuhlman as she sang " Hallelujah" to the faithful at the Shrine Auditorium and everyone chimed in singing with her. I watched the group aura of the Christian Faithful merge with their conception of Jesus healing everyone there and healings start to manifest throughout the 10,000 people there present.

So, knowing that truly enlightened affect the weather and everyone around them is likely important for you to know.

So, it might be important to know that time, space, the weather, thoughts, feelings all might be affected by truly enlightened people like Jesus or Buddha being around too or the saints both recognized and unrecognized of any religion or philosophy on earth that has kindness as its purpose.

So, often enlightened people pass away when they get old or whenever and then they are reborn as baby saints if they choose once again to help mankind and all life on earth.

This is what I have observed scientifically.

But,when baby enlightened people are born they are protected by Archangels often so they can grow up and help mankind and not be killed on purpose or by accident along the way.

However, if someone realizes they are enlightened at a certain point they need to take responsibility so ignorant souls don't gain negative karma against them.

I'm writing about this because there are just so many many young previously enlightened souls being born and growing up right now around the world partly because of the world crisis we are entering regarding the survival of all mankind.

So, if you know you are enlightened it is likely important as soon as you can manage it to learn to protect people from gaining negative karma against you because that can be extremely serious both for them and eventually for you too.

So, one of the most important things young enlightened people need to learn is how to protect others and themselves from being harmed through ignorance.

How does this protection take place?

If Archangels and other protectors do it they are more like bodyguards to royalty in this sense.So,they are much less concerned with what happens to ignorant offenders.Their charge is to protect you the enlightened.

So, for example, when I was in my 30s the Tibetan lamas I was studying with said I needed to learn to protect ignorant people from gaining really horrific karma by harming me in any way because often this karma is instantaneous and at a certain level people who wished to harm a truly enlightened people might just pass away from thinking bad or harmful thoughts towards me or other enlightened people.

I said at the time, "How do I do that?" and they said, "You'll figure it out." which I did.

So, protecting the ignorant is what you have to learn to do if you are enlightened here on earth as a responsible adult.

How do you actually do this?

Well. If you are enlightened your aura of kindness generation automatically generates an alteration of time and space wherever you are. So, if you see someone thinking bad thoughts or harm to you you change the time and space so other things are going on instead. This protects both the enlightened and the ignorant from karmic harm and benefits all beings in the short and long run.

No matter your religion or philosophy if you are enlightened or moving towards that at some point you have to realize you are a living manifesting prayer 24 hours a day and part of what an enlightened person does is to be helpful to God in helping prayers manifest here on earth. So, understanding this you help God manifest by not allowing people to harm you and gain horrific negative karma against you which could manifest instantly thereby taking their lives.So, in this way you are protecting innocent ignorant people from accidentally committing suicide through extremely bad karma on the spot.

By God's Grace

This is what "Be careful because you could be entertaining angels unaware" comes from.

So, what this means is "Be kind to all beings because some of them really are angels in human form".

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