Friday, May 26, 2017

Galaxy Man

A child was born and thought he was just a human being. He grew up on earth in his culture and tried to just be a human being. But, one day people from the Stars came and talked to him. They said, "You are Galaxy man! You cannot fool us!"

And the human child looked at them and didn't know what to make of all this. He listened politely to what they had said and as he became a man as he grew up he thought to himself, "Why would the Star people come and say this to me? This doesn't make any sense that they would come across space from another star and then tell this to me!"

So, the child now a man traveled the world to seek answers from wise men and women wherever he went. He said to them, "What is a Galaxy man?" They didn't know the answer to this question but they knew what a Star man was and they often shared what a Star man was.

So, over time this man asked God to teach him to soul travel so he could find out what a Galaxy man was?

Eventually, God granted his wish and he traveled through the stars to try to find out the answer to this question because he couldn't really find out here on earth.

When he entered the center of the Galaxy in his soul he expected to meet God there. But, instead he met a race of beings who had created the Galaxy they told him. Because he was so attached to finding God not a race of beings that had created the galaxy he asked them to prevent Nuclear annihilation on earth. The leader of the Galaxy beings (Creators of the Galaxy) said "Yes. We will prevent human extinction from nuclear weapons or by anything else either".

The leader then said to the human soul traveler: "Did you know that you are one of the incarnations of my grandfather who created this galaxy?"

Then the Human soul traveling man said, "Star people came and told me that I was Galaxy man. Is this what they meant?"

The leader of the creators of the Galaxy looked at human soul traveler and said, "They saw you for what you really are, my grandfather in human form."

Human soul traveler man didn't know how to make sense of this so after a year with the beings who created this galaxy (which somehow was only one night here on earth) he returned to Earth to his unconscious body where he was bi-locating from in the first place.

He felt relieved earth wouldn't be destroyed now and so life waves of souls could keep coming to earth just like children go to universities here on earth.

He felt at peace that whether he lived or died he had saved earth from destruction which had been his goal anyway. He could now die in peace. But, he didn't die and lived on and on and on instead.

By God's Grace

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