Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Many Wise enlightened people start out ignorant

So, it could be said that ignorance often is part of the path to enlightenment.

However, you don't see many ignorant people over 30 to 40 years of age.

Why is this?

Because ignorant people often kill themselves or others in their ignorance so they are either dead or in jail or in hiding somewhere.

The human mind often in this state of ignorance is what is called  "Suicidal-Homicidal" which is where many criminals and terrorists live inside their heads. You see, Suicide is the flipside of homicide and they both live together. So, often people who hate themselves enough wind up killing themselves or others through drugs, fights, guns, knives, bombs.

But, this doesn't solve anything at all and just makes things worse.

So, enlightenment comes from realizing one needs to be responsible to oneself and for oneself and has an obligation not to kill oneself or others.

Once this self discipline is attained one can then move forward towards one's own enlightenment which comes from the opposite of the "Suicidal-Homicidal" self hate model of psychology.

The opposite of the Suicidal-Homicidal model leads to enlightenment. Whereas the suicidal homicidal model only leads to death.

Why do many enlightened people including myself go through the suicidal-homicidal phase?

Because this is the nature of growing up and facing the real world instead of a cartoon fantasy.

The real world: both Internally and externally is confusing, maddening and leads to either suicide or homicide.

So, one must make a decision at some point that whatever one needs to do one needs to do to avoid suicide and homicide.

Through this self discipline comes self respect and a state more like a chivalrous knight to begin with.

Then one learns to love oneself and to love all others.

This is not about sex or sexuality by the way it is about compassion and kindness to oneself and others instead.

So, because you respect yourself you learn to respect and value the lives of all others and you learn to love and to respect yourself and all other beings.

This does NOT mean you allow other beings to walk all over you or harm you. Actually, the opposite is true. You allow no one to disrespect or to harm you or anyone else in any way, shape or form.

Because you respect the life within yourself and the life within all others you protect yourself and all others from harm in any way you can think of both physically and supernaturally if you are able to do that.

So, from ignorance often comes enlightenment in this way in all mankind who survive to be 30 or 40 years of age or more.

By God's Grace

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