Saturday, May 27, 2017

EVERYONE I walk by or meet is some kind of past life connection of some kind

Realizing this I am always very careful how I approach people on any level. Some karma you have with people is good, some karma is bad and some karma is neutral and everything in between. So, when you realize there is no one you will ever see (even on TV) that you don't have some kind of karmic connection with in some way shape or form it changes how you deal with everything. When you have been married to someone before in a past life or if they were your lover in a past life or a good friend that died then in battle or whatever this is very powerful to re-experience often when this happens. So, I always sort of gird myself for this when meeting new people in this lifetime because one never knows quite what one is going to experience.

Usually, for me I know something about my connection with them within a few moments of meeting them by what I'm feeling at the time. So, I know what kind of past connection I have had with them by the intensity of feelings I experience when I'm near to them.

For me, shutting off my emotions completely like some people often do when I meet a new person isn't useful at all to me. So, I usually want to feel everything naturally so I know what I'm in for or have some kind of warning what kind of person this person has been in my life before.

However, the Tibetans have a great saying about this which is:

"Be kind to all beings always because over time Friends often become enemies and enemies often become friends"

I find this one saying says it all in how very very important it is to be kind and helpful to all beings whether they have been friends or enemies (usually both) at different times in past lifetimes.

But, feeling what you feel when you first see or meet someone for the very first time before they snow you with whatever they want you to feel is very important.

It might be the only warning you are going to get both of either good or bad or neutral experiences to come.

By meeting all people with kindness you increase friendships and good prayerful thoughts toward yourself while you create prayerful and good thoughts towards all others.

By God's Grace

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