Saturday, May 27, 2017

Though Trump's reputation at home is in tatters he projected Strength to the world while traveling

Trump's style is very macho and misogynistic always. However, most of the world feels a little more comfortable with this type of projection than a "Many sexual version metrosexual presentation" that you might find in Europe and the U.S.

So, even though we are horrified in a politically correct way regarding Trump here in the U.S. the rest of the world might see this much differently because they are much more traditional and like things were in the 1950s and before more than the U.S.

So, as long as he somehow makes it up to the Europeans by saying he will defend them if Russia attacks them (or anyone else) maybe this trip will be thought of as "Projecting Strength" in a very very confused world that we live in right now worldwide.

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