Sunday, May 28, 2017

What's real for you is what you believe is real

Whether you believe it yourself or whether you have been conditioned growing up to believe what you believe at core. So, reality is what you believe underneath your conscious mind down into your subconscious and most of this is from conditioning. Conditioning can come from parents or it can come from siblings, friends or teachers or even TV or media. It's whatever touches you deep enough to affect what you believe.

Science can be your conditioning or belief or religion can be your conditioning. However, understanding this mechanism is why you at core believe whatever you do. Understanding this first is the main reason we have more control of our lives. Because if we don't understand this we often just become prisoners of our conditioning (whatever it is) the rest of our lives.

It is when we begin to become adults enough to start conditioning ourselves that we become capable of enlightenment. when we become our own parents and parent ourselves then enlightenment is possible.

However, it is also true that in rare cases people will naturally become enlightened by their conditioning partly because all conditioning likely is karmic from past lives in the first place.

My point of view is that both science and belief and diet and exercise all contribute to our longevity and happiness as well as having good genes. Also, where we live on earth and how healthy it is to live wherever we do regarding air, water, food and people and environment are also factors in our happiness and longevity.

This is my experience.

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