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Another of the unsolved problems we likely are dealing with here on earth

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

reprint of "Fred's magnetosphere theory"

When I originally developed this theory several years ago now I wondered about the truth of it. However, after studying what happened to the magnetospheres of Mars and Venus that likely had humanoids similar to us living there at one time millions of years ago. (LIkely before 65 million years ago) when an asteroid from Planet that was blown up by nuclear weapons(asteroid belt) came to earth and killed all largest dinosaurs. So, that likely was very convenient for any humanoids that wanted to live here without competing with Tyranosaurus Rex and other large predators. 

So, my thought is presently that when any humanoids develop electricity by breaking magnetic fields on a planet they start to destroy their magnetosphere. So, this likely means that the ONLY safe electrical power would be solar if we want to have a magnetosphere to protect us.  Hydrogen Fusion power might be another possibly safe alternative to breaking magnetic fields to generate electricity. A hydrogen fuel cell also might be another alternative that avoids breaking magnetic fields to generate electricity.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fred's Magnetosphere Theory

Here it is: Fred's Source of Electricity regarding the Magnetosphere of Earth Theory.

When humans generate electricity by breaking magnetic fields anywhere around the world they slowly drain the magnetosphere which protects humans. This causes us slowly more and more harm as more cosmic rays and other particles are allowed to enter earth's atmostphere and reaches humans and all life on the surface of the planet. end of theory.

Since MOST electricity on earth comes now from the largest dynamos in dams and dynamos from nuclear power plants powered by steam to dynamos powered by rivers or gas or natural gas or other forms of petroleum or even the generators and alternators in your cars. The problem is that all break the magnetic fields of magnets to generate electricity.

So, I'm asking all scientists and researchers to disprove my theory! What have you got to lose? If I'm right our survival as humans on the surface of earth might be at stake. If I'm wrong we have one less thing to worry about.

How I came up with this theory: For a long time I have been thinking about the ozone hole and what caused it. None of the explanations I was given seemed exactly right. It always seemed that something was left out of the equation. But with my theory it all begins to make sense to me.

It is my present belief that the plasma streams from the sun are the primary charging force of Earth's magnetosphere. So there is a charging mechanism in place. However, just like fish in the sea there is just so much magnetosphere at any one time and if it is drained too fast like it is being now by just too many magnets fields being broken at the same time around the earth it slowly drains. It is like a dam holding water. There is only so much water in the dam and if the river feeding the dam is less than the water going out the dam eventually becomes empty or at least close to empty.

There is another factor in my theory. I have read that both Venus and Mars have depleted magnetospheres so even Mars is a dangerous place for humans of earth to live even with chambers of compressed oxygen and atmospherics to live in because of constant bombardment from Cosmic Rays and other things which will make humans and other creatures from earth sterile and unable to reproduce.

For example, astronauts are encouraged to have already had all the children they intend to before becoming astronauts because going into space sterilizes people. They can still have sex but will never be able ever to reproduce again.

So, as the magnetosphere decreases from electricity being generated by the breaking of magnetic fields around the world it is very likely that a corresponding decrease in fertility would occur in all living species on earth. This likely would be the first research to conduct in species between 1900 and 2010. If a significant decrease in the fertility of all species has occurred then it is a beginning to understanding that my theory might be correct and have the possibility of being scientifically proven. This might be step one in proving or disproving my theory.

Another caveat: All governments on earth might have a vested interest in disproving my theory whether it is true or not. Because how would you like to tell your people that they can't generate electricity for their cars with generators or alternators. How would you like to tell people that all nuclear power plants and water source generating power plants need to be shut down in order to protect future life on earth?

This would be an impossible situation for most governments if my theory is proved correct.

However, here I would like to give you an alternative. There is still one or more sources of electrical power without breaking the magnetic fields of magnets. The easiest is solar power. So, if for example the surface of all cars and trucks on earth became solar cells, they could generate all power on earth and sell all power they didn't use back into the electrical grids. This is just one of many ways to solve this problem if my theory is proven correct.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Information regarding "Magnetosphere Theory"

Fred's Magnetosphere Theory

If you want to read my "Magnetosphere Theory" click on "Fred's Magnetosphere" above.

Almost one year after I wrote the above article I went on my wife's birthday to a restaurant where we met the head of the Physics Department of a California University. I asked him about my theory. His comment was something like, "Electricity comes and goes back and forth from an electrical generating station. There is no loss of power except the fossil fuels or nuclear energy used to generate the power. Even the light you see in bulbs is from resistance and the same with Electric ovens and not from any inherent loss of power."

However, as an intuitive I still sense there is something missing here. For example, one of the rules of physics is I believe something like, "Energy and mass can change forms but there is no loss or gain of energy during this transference." For example, when when burns wood in a fire, the wood changes from wood cells and fiber into heat, light, and ash but nothing is really gained or lost in the process. Everything has just changed the from it was in into another form of energy or mass.

So, just like this I am suspicious of someone telling me that no energy is lost in the electrical generation process. Yes, it is true that energy circles from the generating station in an infinite loop so to speak. But where does that energy come from in the first place? If you tell me from the fossil fuel that caused the conversion you still haven't answered my question. 

My question is: "Where is the source of the energy of electricity? And what happens when we take enough electrons from atoms to make electricity? And when when we do this enough what happens to the atoms of earth?

At this point everyone gives me a doubletalk of one kind or another and never really answers my question to my satisfaction. What is REALLY going on when electricity is generated from so many places on earth at once?

The only person that I believe for sure might have been able to answer this question was Nicola Tesla who invented Alternating Current in the first place along with Fluorescent lighting. But since he passed away sometime between 1942 and 1945 I believe he can't answer this question either.

It to me is sort of like a lot of people want to drink water so they go to a well but they don't know how the well is fed and don't know the source of the water. 

So, if I ask "What is the source of the water?" Someone might say, "That's not important until it is all gone one day and that day isn't now." Whereas I"m saying, "If you dry up your water source(electrical source) and later find that it basically ended the possibility eventually of life continuing on the face of the earth because the Magnetosphere is so weakened it can no longer protect us just like Mars' magnetosphere can't protect anything living there, then by the time you find out   it will be too late for all of us here and all life will end on Earth."

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