Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Don't Transfer money over the Internet. Couple lost 200,000 dollars from email supposedly from bank but not

I was listening to NBC NIghtly News tonight Tuesday May 30th 2017. They showed a couple whose bank told them to send 200,000 to close the sale of a home. (that they will never see ever again) because the email was fake from Romania and these folks here in the U.S. will never see this money ever again because the official looking email sent them a bank routing number that wasn't in the U.S.

What is even worse is the people in Romania will never be punished or go to jail either. Because there are no penalties or laws against this there because they are in another country.

Please don't do these kinds of transactions over the Internet. The INTERNET is not safe enough to do this! To not realize this is to be defrauded like these folks potentially of everything!
What would I do?

Likely if I could easily I would take the check of $200,000 to whoever needed to receive it. Electronically (unless the bank does the whole thing itself) is NEVER safe enough to do. If you have to get an airline ticket and go there and hand them the check or cashier's check yourself.

If the bank does it they have the liability of making sure the 200,000 dollars get to where you want to. If you do this from your home computer it is very easy to lose everything on line like these folks did.

So, unless you have 200,000 to blow like this be safe rather than sorry!

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