Sunday, May 28, 2017

is it better to be a "Natural" or to have a lot of training?

I think it depends upon what you are doing in your life here on earth or anywhere in the Galaxy or universe. For example, my wife is a natural and has a very simple relationship with God and the Universe (even though she greatly respects someone like me with a lot of religious and spiritual training of various kinds in my life).

So, for her, getting three degrees including an Master's degree in Business was important. But, even though I considered college important always I always knew that becoming enlightened (whatever that meant) was the best thing I could do both for myself and all mankind and I knew somehow I would accomplish this feat (even though my definition of what enlightenment is has changed greatly over the years.

For example, as a young man I thought enlightenment was one thing but as an older man now I realize it could be more than a million things to  billions of different people. It could have more variations even than that (which is why when God showed me heavens surrounding earth he pointed out that there were heavens literally for every good and kind religion on earth and some heavens only have one or two people in them because they are so unique. So, this changed how I looked at both heavens and religions after that by realizing all this is very very individualistic for some people.

So, is it better to have a whole lot of training like someone like me or just be a natural like someone like my wife?

I think once again it depends upon upon what you are doing or even what you plan to do in this lifetime or beyond that what actually happens in your life. (which often is different from what you plan to do in life).

For example, "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans".

Learning to be at peace with this is how people figure out ways not to take their own lives, especially during their early 20s.

My most difficult time regarding this was between ages 21 and 23 when the ONLY way I could stay alive was for my parents and any girl I was with who loved me and wanted me to stay alive because she loved me.

So, often learning to deal with: "Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans" is the real thing we need to address to stay alive so we are helpful both to ourselves and all other beings in the universe ongoing.

By God's Grace

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