Monday, May 29, 2017

As the old world order collapses under Trump, Duterte and Brexit millions likely are going to die

We are presently dealing with a world wide panic now caused basically from overpopulation worldwide. This tends to cause the end of human rights especially for poorer people worldwide so we are witnessing a genocide of religion against religion and race against race now of truly epic proportions from this panic.


Because of what we have been seeing in the middle east as far east as Afghanistan and now further east into the Philippines. We are now seeing full blown panic setting in worldwide.

One can blame easily Putin and Assad and Iran for all this panic. One can blame Osama Bin Laden for this panic. But, the real blame if we are to be realistic comes ONLY from world overpopulation which then creates genocides between religions and sects and then moves next to war between the races.

We see it manifest in the U.S. under Trump as White Nationalism against all races that aren't white or aren't perceived to be white. Look at the stabbings in Portland recently to better understand white panicked racism.

In the PHilippines we see their Duterte who is another type of Trump murdering drug addicts who are mainly Muslims in the Philippines. this angers all Muslims there and is causing more problems.

But, the underlying problem of all of this in the end is overpopulation caused primarily by a lack of birth control especially in Muslims and Catholics worldwide. So, wherever you see Muslims and Catholics not practicing birth control you are going to see gangs, a lack of jobs, drug addiction, and then next comes genocide worldwide.

In the United States the genocide is against Blacks and Hispanics in ghettos which you can see all across the U.S. in ghettos everywhere.

So, as Trump destroys our relationships with Europe and other allies from world War II the chaos will spread now where allies from overpopulation go their own ways. This will cause both directly and indirectly more chaos until we have conditions which we are presently approaching pretty quickly now that remind me more of World War II and the Great Depression.

There will not be another World War with armies attacking each other. But, millions will still die worldwide now from starvation, a lack of jobs, a lack of clean water and safe food or any food at all.

There will be genocide between Muslims and Christians. There will be genocide between whites and other races.

But the real causes of all of this is NOT races, and is NOT religions.

The real cause is overpopulation or more succinctly too many people in any given area for the natural systems to support in regard to food, shelter, clean water and jobs.

So, when religions blame each other or races blame each other this is only a scapegoat for the real problem which is local overpopulation where not enough food, clean water and jobs exist for people to survive legally and so have to resort to criminal or terrorist behavior to survive.

Understanding the underlying causes of all this creates wisdom and birth control and human wisdom manifest rather than just human extinction, country by country until there are no more human beings anywhere on earth.

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