Saturday, May 27, 2017

I realized I am fasting about 12 hours a day now

That's one way to look at it. However, there is an explanation to this. I take thyroid in the morning but I can't eat for an hour after I take it or it nullifies the thyroid. I learned to take Armour Thyroid in 2006 when my physical trainer, a lady from Germany who had trained there as a physician's assistant realized (like her) that I was hypothyroid (or that I didn't make enough thyroid to balance my hormones because I had the same symptoms she had had before she was diagnosed. So, it is enough to take thyroid at whatever dose you presently need once a day in the morning as long as you don't eat for an hour after you take it.

However, often I stay up late at night either writing or reading or watching TV or whatever and so I often don't sleep until midnight to 2 am. But then if I stay up this late often I will sleep in so this means I don't take my thyroid until 9 am in the morning. But, often even by 10 am I am not hungry still. (mostly I'm never hungry) but then if I don't force myself to eat by noon to 12:30 pm then I go on a low blood sugar cascade which messes up the rest of the day.

So, what this often means is I don't eat from after 8 pm anything until noon or later the next day which means I'm not eating anything for up to 16 hours in any given day which I suppose is a form of fasting. Is this good or bad?

Well. It works for me and everyone is completely different here. I used to fast a lot from 1 to 7 days before I was 40 but found I couldn't do that much after 40 because I started to get these low blood sugar cascades which completely spaced me out if I didn't eat protein at the right times.

another change is realizing lately I have to deal with pre-diabetes. Now, it might be important to know that many people with pre-diabetes NEVER get diabetes because they control this by diet like I do now too. So, what it seems like is if you during the day while you are awake are eating some form of protein at least every 2 hours (and not anything that converts to sugar or is sugar) then you likely are never going to get diabetes even if you are pre-diabetic). But, so far I have had to give up all fruit juices (I love orange juice so this is very difficult for me). But, I now have learned I can eat one fruit a day I just cannot drink fruit juice at all because of the high fructose in it (fructose is fruit sugar).

The other things you can't eat if you are pre-diabetic are Rice and it is better too if you give up all gluten as well (but I haven't yet) because what I learned to replace gluten with was made with rice which converts to a much higher level of sugar than Gluten does. So, I had to start eating gluten again because I likely made myself pre-diabetic eating so many rice products to replace the gluten.

So, like with us all I'm constantly learning how to keep in balance as I age as I'm now 69.

For example, I ran 1 to 5 miles a day from age 12 to around 40 to 42 but then had to stop because my feet started to hurt too much to continue doing this. I went to a podiatrist and she said when she x-rayed my feet that I had hundreds of fractures in my feet that I realized I had gotten jumping off of roofs as a child up to about age 15 which we did for fun then because we could.

But, it had created hundreds of microfractures in my feet as a child doing this so I had to stop running in my 40s because of this.

But, this was how I controlled my weight by extreme exercise and this was when I began to have more health problems that weren't diagnosed until 2006.

So, after 40 it is really an effort to stay healthy and alive and this is why so many die now before they are 30 to 50 years of age because they never learn this soon enough.

You can't just keep doing what you do in your 20s past 40 or 50 or you are dead basically for most people.

So, learn about health or otherwise you will be infirm or dead pretty soon after 40 or 50.

The people who learn about health enough and act on their knowledge are the ones still alive pretty much after 90 and sometimes 100.

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