Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Is Climate Change a Real Thing? Of course!

But, what might also be important to say here is that the degradation of the Magnetosphere is also real, the fact that we are also in either a Geomagnetic reversal or excursion is also equally real. Human mutation caused by presently degrading magnetosphere is real which likely is going to get progressively worse for all dna based life on earth. Humans likely are going to have trouble breeding (having babies) within a few hundred years to 1000 years. etc.

All these things are real and ONLY Climate change has been addressed properly and even then people who want to make money on the suffering of others dying are going to pretend that climate science isn't real when it really is.

So, just because Trump stands in the middle of a freeway and says out loud: "Cars and Trucks aren't real and I can cannot die from one" doesn't mean that Trump isn't going to go splat when hit by the first Semi Truck down that freeway that doesn't see him because it is midnight either!

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