Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Car is (sort of) a Faraday Cage

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It is a widespread myth that the reason vehicles provide protection from lightning is due to the tires. In actuality, lightning flows around the outside of a car, and the majority of the current flows from the car's metal cage into the ground below. In essence, a car acts like a mobile Faraday cage.Jun 15, 2016

What Happens When Lightning Hits Your Car? | The Weather Channel
This effect also can happen to large planes like jet passenger planes with no ill effects to the electrical
systems on board or not. In smaller planes radios or engines might go out when hit by lightning though. 
So, you might have to glide in to a forced landing suddenly.
Depending upon the size or strength of the bolt of lightning and where it hits on the plane and the size 
and design of the plane it might be okay or not. IN other words, the structure and engine and electrical
integrity might be okay or not depending upon many different factors when a plane is hit by lightning.

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