Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Are Polar bears ONLY dying from no ice at north pole or also genetic mutations?

I don't have an answer to this question. However, I also know that around the polar circles there is little to no magnetosphere now (somewhere between zero to 5% to 10% of what was normal before 2000 AD.

So, I guess my question might be:

Are polar bears showing evidence of genetic mutation since they are being bombarded by cosmic rays because the Magnetosphere is no longer protecting them inside the Polar Circle?

If this is true, (and if the government will allow this fact out into the news) then it is further evidence that we are in a Geomagnetic reversal or excursion.

Because during either the Magnetosphere degrades and genetic mutations start to happen for about 1000 years (during an excursion) and for around 10,000 years (during a reversal).

More evidence that an excursion or reversal is happening is looking at Magnetic North and South which are no longer reliable for navigation because they are both moving too fast daily, monthly and yearly now for accurate charts to keep up with.

So, this is why GPS stationary satellites were set up for our military for more accurate navigation starting in the 1970s.

These same satellites are one of the inventions that allow cell phones to talk to each other worldwide as well.

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