Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It is presently 123 degrees in Death Valley, California and 117 in Palm Springs

Though it is a pleasant 87 degrees where I am in Mt. Shasta, California it isn't that great in various locations in inland California, Arizona and Nevada today.

right now at 5:14pm Tuesday June 20th 2017:
Sacramento 105
Redding       108
Red Bluff     107
Fresno          107
Bakersfield   108
San Fernando 94
Tucson AZ    110
Yuma    AZ    121

Most of these places it is pretty dry because if it was humid everyone outside would likely already be passed out or dying outside of air conditioning.

The people who died last year in Pakistan and India were in places where these kinds of high temperatures coincided with high humidity on people who had no way to get out of the heat so thousands died or were hospitalized last year there.

More evidence of Global Warming.

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