Saturday, June 3, 2017

Back Home from San Jose John Douglas seminar

I was speaking today with my Doctor's physician's Assistant today along with my wife and mentioning how the ex- head of the American Medical Association was now involved with John Douglas and his method of healing. Master John Douglas' method of healing is multi-dimensional in nature.

In the future I think more healers worldwide will use this method. It is difficult for me to describe but the best way I can explain it is engaging angels to help with healing of mankind to make it more and more efficient and streamlined.

This is the basic way I can explain it. Imagine if Angels were time travelers (which they are) so they could go forward in time and see which individuals might bring about the most positive change as well as any children they would have. Then these angels resesarch how to move time and space to cause healings in a chain reaction to create the greatest good for the most amount of people in the most efficient way in the shortest time.

Also, allowing that everything people think about everything and how what they think and feel about everything influences everything and everyone in every way.

By moving all this energy forward the angels and humans together work towards preventing human extinction in any century. By mobilizing through all aspects of time and space (which angels are good at doing in the first place) they tend to prevent the extinction of human beings on earth through efficient use of every moment in healing key people everywhere in a cascading chain reaction eventually reaching out to everyone still alive.

This is all done of course by God's Grace

Imagine angels using Time Travel for Triage.

This would be a good way to understand this.

By God's Grace

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