Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dean: Trump basically confessed live on air to obstruction of justice

Unlike Nixon, "Trump is surprisingly candid about himself," Dean said. The president's admission that he fired FBI Director James Comey to relieve the pressure of his investigation into Russia and the 2016 election was, to Dean's mind, "basically confessing obstruction of justice."

partial quote from:

John Dean helped bring down Richard Nixon. He thinks Donald Trump is even worse

If you read this whole article it says volumes about what is actually going on here from someone who was President Nixon's legal counsel during Watergate.

The main difference between Nixon and Trump is Nixon was very paranoid like Trump but also had years of political experience including 8 years as Vice President under Eisenhower. Whereas Trump's business experience actually works against him now at every single level to the point where it is very unlikely he will serve out his term because he has already admitted on the air to "obstruction of Justice" in the first place.

It is very likely that Trump will be pardoned by either Pence or Ryan when they become president now. But, it is all the "little people" from Bannon to Pence to everyone who works in the white house that should be very very worried about their futures now and likely be lawyering up even as I write this. Because almost anything could happen to them even though they might have no knowledge at present what they are actually involved in.



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