Wednesday, June 21, 2017

EU court: Vaccines can be blamed for illness without scientific evidence

 Russia and France don't vaccinate their children because they believe vaccines do more harm than good.

I'm not sure about this but what I do know is I would be dead now if I had been vaccinated as a child likely from my burst appendix if I had been vaccinated. I would have been dead now if I hadn't been a vegetarian until I was 32 when I got a heart virus at age 50. So, I have (with no childhood vaccinations) what is called a 19th Century immune system here in the U.S. which basically means it is much stronger than the average vaccinated person and like someone from the 1800s. My thought is though vaccinations allow more people to live they tend to be less healthy in general than those who never received vaccinations like myself. For example, the hospital couldn't even diagnose my burst appendix because I had none of the symptoms that vaccinated people have for a burst appendix. I had to wait a week with a burst appendix before I was able to convince someone to give me a CT Scan (I didn't even know what a CT Scan was or how it was even done then before the hospital told me if I didn't have an operation right then I would die (because anyone vaccinated should have already been dead with a week old untreated burst appendix. But now I'm realizing I might have lived okay without ANY operation at all just like people did often before vaccinations. But, I had whooping cough, and my son had whooping cough because I didn't have that vaccination and I almost died from that and my son wasn't doing well either at age 2 or 3. So, I made sure both my two biological daughters at least had whooping cough shots so they wouldn't get it too.

My first shot was at age 15 when I was working on a job and an old blind dog bit me. I had to have a Tetanus shot by law where I lived in Glendale California then.

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