Monday, June 19, 2017

Every time and space is equally real right now

If I tell you that every person, animal, bird, fish, insect or whatever's personal reality is equally real that it is experiencing right now on earth you can easily say "Yes. Even though I am not personally experiencing every beings personal reality right now on earth I can reasonably say that is true."

Another person might say who is a deep intuitive in a cave somewhere on earth: "I am right now experiencing every reality of every being on earth." And that might be true also right now. Are you following me?

However, another person might say that: "I am experiencing every reality of every being in the universe right now." And that also might be true.

Are you still following me?

And then someone else might say, "I am presently experiencing every reality in every time and space in every known universe right now." And that might also be true.

But, you might say this is impossible.

But, intuitively speaking I must tell you it is not impossible because all these things happen all the time.

It might be intellectually impossible unless you were the most sophisticated computer that will ever be built. But, it is completely possible to do in an entirely intuitive way for any human on earth that wants to do this.

By God's Grace

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