Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's possible that runways for passenger planes will have to be lengthened because of Global Warming

Though the heat is affecting most likely places like Phoenix and Las Vegas and Palm Springs where there are jet ports for passenger planes right now, as both heat and winds increase around the world from Global Warming and Global Climate change it is likely that Airport Runways in many places will have to be lengthened logically in order to prevent crashes in hotter thinner air. Thinner hot air will not support the weight of jets as well as colder thicker air so landings and takeoffs have to be done faster. But, to do this you need longer and longer runways to make this safe both in takeoffs and also in landings for jets.

Also, as heat and winds increase (especially winds) when planes will even be able to fly might change over time too. Also, plane designs like stronger wings that won't break off in severe wind shear because wind shears likely will increase as winds increase slowly worldwide too.

Likely by the end of this century farming won't be possible in the windier areas of the world because of over 100 mph winds so much of the time there. So, likely farmers will place dirt burms around their fields so crops won't literally be blown away in the winds or dig deeper pits that are flat in order to lessen wind damage from ever increasing winds.

So, over time there likely will be increasing loss of life both human, animal, bird, insect etc including bees from ever increasing winds and heat.

You see, as heat increases in the oceans (but not necessarily in the landed areas which often in winter are actually getting colder from cloud cover, the heat in the ocean creates more evaporation, more precipitation (all forms including snow) more and stronger hurricanes, more tornadoes, more winds in general above 100 miles per hour.

If you have ever been out in over 100 mph winds (I have especially mountain climbing) you cannot stand up often because it tends to be not constant but gusty instead above 100 mph. So, you are constantly falling down trying not to injure yourself.

Also, plants, leaves from trees and branches from trees, signs and anything else small and loose flies through the air like a projectile which can also kill or maim humans, animals, birds, whatever when winds gust above 100 miles per hour as well.

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