Sunday, June 4, 2017

Post Ranch Inn is transporting guests by Helicopter since there are no roads open there on Highway 1 in California

The landslide on Saturday in an area called Mud Creek was the latest disruption to businesses and residents along the route. A project to replace the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge farther north caused a section of Route 1 to be shut.
To cope with that road closure, a resort, the Post Ranch Inn, has transported guests by helicopter, Stan Russell, the executive director of the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce, said on Wednesday. He said it was “business as usual” north of the bridge project, which is expected to be completed by September.
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Landslide Closes Section of Popular Coastal Highway in ...

This makes complete sense because Pfeiffer Bridge is out because it is having to be replaced because of the storms and water moved the pillars on the old bridge and is having to be replaced by a single span bridge because where the pillars were is still moving slowly and so remains unstable now. Then the new slide of 1 million tons at Mud Creek covering about 13 acres of land and going into the sea is another problem south of Pfeiffer bridge quite a ways. So, in total I think there are 4 breaks to the road. Two of them won't be fixed anytime soon.

So, it is unlikely that Highway 1 will open this summer for sure but even the bridge just south of Big Sur isn't likely to reopen until September to December some time. If it is another wet winter the road could be closed in places all the way to next summer because of new slides too.

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