Friday, June 23, 2017

Terminal Velocity (1994)

  1. For one reason or another I missed this movie when it came out in 1994. So, I watched it today. It's a pretty good movie if you have never seen it by the way starring Natassja Kinski and Charlie Sheen. If you like adventure movies with People jumping out of planes and getting shot at then this is your kind of movie. 

    However, you do have to realize that the Soviet Union had just collapsed and this was a very hopeful time for U.S. and Russian relations. And then Putin came into power 


    Terminal velocity - Wikipedia
    Terminal velocity is the highest velocity attainable by an object as it falls through a fluid (air is the most common example). It occurs when the sum of the drag ...
  2. Terminal Velocity (1994) - IMDb
    With Charlie Sheen, Nastassja Kinski, James Gandolfini, Christopher McDonald. Ditch Brodie is a maverick skydiving instructor. One day, a beautiful girl comes in ... 

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