Thursday, June 1, 2017

The 100th Monkey

This is a true story by the way and I believe it is also true of humans regarding important progress as humans as well as progress for monkeys.

There are islands off of Japan where a particular species of monkey lives (this likely happened sometime between the 1950s and 1970s I believe) but it is still a true story.

The people who are rangers and caretakers of the monkeys often brought sweet potatoes for the monkeys when there wasn't enough food for them to forage for during some times of the year. There was one female who was different from the rest though on one island.

Most monkeys found the sweet potatoes dumped out of sacks or boxes on the shore and because of this the sweet potatoes had sand on them but they ate them anyway. However, People in the boats would often just stay nearby and watch the monkeys eat and how they behaved with the sweet potatoes (like many researchers naturally would and they would take notes).

But, this one female used to go into the surf and wash off her sweet potatoes so she didn't have to eat sand with the sweet potatoes. Other monkeys at first thought this behavior weird and would hurt her for being different the way she ate her sweet potatoes. But, despite what others did to her she persevered and taught her children to wash their sweet potatoes too. At some point other monkeys started washing their food in the ocean too and liked that they didn't have sand in their mouths.

However, when the 100th monkey on this particular island started washing his or her sweet potato in the surf ALL the monkeys on all the many islands these monkeys live on ALL started washing their sweet potatoes too in the surf even though they had NO physical contact with each other.

So, this might mean that species are connected in ways that are beyond sight and beyond sound through some type of telepathy. This is one theory of why this happened.

This is all documented by the way in a book called "The 100th Monkey"

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